Monday, January 16, 2017

16" boots

While I was packing up the Iowa house, I did not think I would want/need any of my high boots.  I had a pair of Red Wing 16" boots that was not fitting right these days (I was much heavier than when I bought them).  Not thinking about of the boots that I bought from Nature, I decided I did not need/desire the tall boots.

Now that I have been losing weight - about 40 pounds so far - I was looking for 16" high boots.  I started looking at boots on-line.  Red Wing no longer makes the 16" lineman's boots.  There were others out the retailing over $400.  I was able to find Carolina Boot Co 16" boots for $209 (shipping included).  I bit the bullet and ordered the boots (size 12W).  Those boots arrived this afternoon.

Took time to pre-lace the bottom eyelets and tried on the right boot (was rough to get it on - because of my high inset - but fits good once on).

Later this evening or tomorrow I will lace up both boots to wear them a little - break them in. 

Update:  Was able to get both boots on.  Little problems getting them on because of my high instep.  Once I got them on, they are comfortable to wear.  Think I just need to wear them to stretched them - or may have to check out places to stretch the instep area.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Sandwich at Local Brewhouse

I seemed to have a little cabin fever and decided to check out "The Local Brewhouse" for early Friday evening dinner.  It was a pretty busy place, more than I had seen other times.  Most of the bar stools were occupied.  I decided to sit at a table in the main part of the facility.

The place had only been open for about a year, it was good to see that they are making a good of it here. They do a good job on most of the food (I like their burgers and Philly Cheese-steak).  They usually end up having too many fries with the sandwich.  My favorite beer there is the "Local" Amber Ale. 

I like the food at this place.  Its about a mile from the house.  Not too far from the local VFW post.  The VFW post has $2.50 pints of Alaskan Amber Ale, but the post canteen allows smoking (being a private club). It's too smoky for me.

First Measurable Snow

It was almost a whole week into the new year before we had the first measure-able snowfall here in Albuquerque/Rio Rancho.  Over Thursday night, the temperature dropped as precipitation fell in New Mexico.  We were right at the freeze line.

When I got up on Friday morning, there was about an inch of snow on the ground, under a thin layer of ice.  Conditions were dicey enough school was called off in Rio Rancho.  I stayed inside except for a walk to the street to snap several photos.

As typical, the sun was out and the streets were clear by noon (except where in the shadows). This was in spite of temperature barely reached freezing that day.  Was a beneficial snow - areas in the mountains got some good snows for the ski slopes. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


HaHa -- Went to The Local Brewhouse (less than a mile from home) for dinner this evening. Sat at the bar. I was identified as "Table - COWBOY" wearing my boots, 501's, western shirt, and cowboy hat.

OH, I had a pint of amber ale, Philly steak, & fries.

Monday, December 26, 2016


Didn't do much during Christmas Day.  Mostly played n the computer.  Dressed up for dinner (cowboy shirt, belt, Levis), hiking boots)   Weather had been threatening, but most of the day was beautiful, just a little cool.

Photo here is Sandia Peak from Westside Rd, Rio Rancho.

Relaxing and enjoyable Christmas dinner with cousin Don and friends Paul, Margie, and Jay.  Paul & Margie have the rental property where I spend the month last Winter and friends with Dom.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Eve Visitors

Christmas Eve afternoon, I was working in the house (OK, I was playing on the computer) when the door bell rang.  Looking out the hall window, the over-the-street couple were at the door.  I was dressed in a t-shirt, new camo kilt, and socks.  No time to change clothes, so I entered them dressed in the kilt.

No comment made about my dress by any of us. Showed them the house.  They were dressed in their GB Packers gear (cheeseheads are everywhere).  I don’t feel so conscious wearing the kilt.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Electronics Bench

The hobby room (just thought of the name of the room) is taking shape in the New Mexico house.  I got the electronics work bench and shelving assembles and staged into the room.

I am looking forwarding the learning and experimenting with my electronics.  Want to play with, learn, and build devices using Raspberry Pi. Arduino, Microchip, and discreet components.

When I went to work with General Motors, I had to shelve my electronics design interest.  With retirement, health issues under control, and moving into my New Mexico residence, I have been able to finally experiment and rekindle my interest in electronic design.

There is a little more work than needs to be done in this room.  Then, I need to change emphasis to my ham radio hobby - getting antennas up and the station on the air.