Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Albuquerque Sigma Chi Luncheon

Today, I was able to attend the Albuquerque Sigma Chi Alumni luncheon.  Their monthly meeting and luncheon was held at the Cooperage on Lomas near Louisiana. I counted 33 mothers in attendance.  While most are from Beta Xi Chapter at UNM, there were a few of us "foreigners".

While it was my first time attending this luncheon, I think they get much larger attendance than we did in Omaha.  Today's lunch was a special lunch tribute to the classes of the 60s and 70s.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Lunch at Local Brewhouse

There were only 3 of us today for the Old Geezers lunch.  Met at The Local Brewhouse on Unser in Rio Rancho.  This establishment is just a moile from my house.  When I first moved here, I stopped a couple toi\imes, but their sevice was "iffy".

I am happy to say they have been gotten their stuff together...I had their Southern BBQ Burger.  Burger with an onion ring, cheese, and bacon. As a side, I had creamy cole slaw.  Beverage was 2 pints of The Local Brewhouse Amber Ale.

It was a pleasent lunch with just Bill, Larry, and I, though I was hoping a larger attendance.  The group desided we would come back again.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

HDARC Field trip

Ed (KC2LM), Larry ((NY5L), Larry (NM5LS) and Tom (WA9LKD) headed out to Volcanoes area of Petroglyphs National Monument for field operations after club breakfast.  Opperations were set up under the shelter.

Antenna was a dipole (inverted "V").  Rig was one of the club's traveling set-ups.  Power was from a battery pack (had a second pack to extend operations). Contacts were made using digital mode FT8. I headed home a little after noon (digital noice was about to give me a headache).

I have mountain biked in this area.  With the shelter and vault toilet facilities, it was a good place for field operations   The club is planning to make more of these excursion.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Geezerers Lunch

Today's "Old Geerer's Lunch" had us back at Starr Brothers on San Antonio just East of I-25 in Albuquerque.  Today, I opted for a couple pints of their Scottish Ale and their Cubano sandwich.  With all the craft beer I have consumed the last week, I could have salad as the side (much lighter with the vinaigrette dressing). Was a decent change from burgers.

Next Wednesday's lunch will be a mile from my house at The Local Brewhouse on Unser.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Quiet House Again

I got one of my friends to check out one of my kilts.  He had sad he was sure mine were to big for him.  LOL - my size 42 kilts are perfect for him.  Lets see if he ever ordered one.

My guests got packed up and on the road about noon.  I was tired, so most of the afternoon, I napped. Tomorrow I will strip the bed and do that laundry.

Later in the afternoon, I grabbed a couple craft beers from the fridge.  They were there for over a year,  Still tasted good.  The beer was the Tap Room Amber Ale brewed in Rochester, NY.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Trip to the Jemez Mountains

My friends from Hobbs are visiting. Saturday evening we met cousin Don and ha dinner at Billy's Long Bar. I devoured my service of the Enchilada Plate washed down with 3 pints of Kilt Lifter.

Sunday, I decided to take Pete and Jim on a tour of the Jemez Mountains.  A little late start but on the road about 11:30.  Traffic was bad at some places.  There was  Arts & Crafts show.  Cars all parked along the road at the Soda Dam. By the time we got to Rts 4 and 126, we were looking to get of the road for a little and have some lunch.

Note to self - do not play tour guide in the mountains on a holiday weekend.

The store there did not have much, but next door was the Nomad Mountain Pizza establishment.  The pizza was "OK".  But something like $3 for a bottle of soda bottled in Durango was a bit steep.  To add to our negative recommendation was the service,  They said they had call-in orders that had them backed up.  The place was not that busy (it was about 1:15 in the afternoon) but it took about an hour before our pizza was delivered to the table.

When I got dressed in the morning, I decided I was going to wear my black "Free Yourself from Pants Prison" T-shirt from Damn Near Kilt 'Em and my black & McLeod plaid kilt. That took me out in public more than the last outing when I was just driving.  And it is a more dressy kilt for a Sunday Drive compared to my camo kilt that last day I wore one while traveling.It was a beautiful day and I did not feel embarrassed wearing my kilt.

I wanted to get a photo of me in my kilt and Jim to send to a couple of our online friends.  Where we were getting to get the photo, another customer came out of the door, and complimenting my for my kilt and wearing it.  His Dad wore a kilt for his wedding.  Gave me a push to wear my kilts more often.

We continued to Valles Caldera, past Los Alamos and Bandalier National Monument.  I noticed a new. large visitor's center for the Monument in White Rock.  The other new change is that private vehicles were not allowed - you board a shuttle bus from White Rock.

From there, it was time to head back to Rio Rancho.  Still had over an hour drive yet to get back.  Took the bypass around Santa Fe.  Pulled into the driveway about 5pm.

The dogs were very happy to see us, but a bit upset that we had left them in the sun porch!  After a bit of a rest and review of the trip, it was time for dinner.  Since we had a late lunch, we were not looking for a big dinner.  We opted for the "Local Brewhouse" just a mile from my house.  Had an enjoyable burger on the deck watching the sun sets on the Sandias.  Jim and I had local beer and Peter had a margarita.

Visited and did some online chatting until I was exhausted and headed to bed.  Very relaxing, interesting day for my second full-day outing in one of my kilts.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Steel Benders Geezer Lunch

Biggest attendance of the Wednesday "Geezers" lunch. Seven of us at Steel Benders. Unfortunately, they did not have their amber ale available. Had 2 pints of their lager, as a substitute.

For something different for lunch, I had their pulled-pork sandwich with salad as the side (instead of the normal fries).