Monday, August 26, 2019

Selected a New Car

Well, I decided. Out early this morning for car shopping.  First planned stop was Precision Honda, Rio Rancho.  Started looking at new, 2019 CR-V.  With the different option packages, I was looking at the EX model.  Just not sure the cost at basically $30k.
Asked the salesman about used cars.  Also told him I was also planning to look at a Subaru Outback.  Alas, the dealer here had both.  I was able to sit in and look at the Outback.  Contemplating the used car, I was this was more in my budget.  There was a low mileage 2019 CR-V (used as a dealer loaner), but was the LT version missing some featured I want.  The low mileage EX models.  Settled on a little more car than I was planning on, but could not pass the deal.
Buying a 2015 Honda CR-V EX-L with 9812 original miles. Always serviced at the dealership. Per-approved for the loan with my bank and paperwork for insurance ready. Finally a late lunch at Chili's Guess I have had a busy and productive day.
Not totally excited about the color, but could not pass up the vehicle with its options, mileage, and price.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

First Day Car Shopping

Spent Sunday looking at and considering a new vehicle. Looking at Crossover/SUV for all-wheel-drive and higher clearance for driving back roads. Drove a 2019 blazer and a 2019 Equinox. Can't see the extra $8000 for the Blazer. Even the Equinox will see me back with about 30K when all is said and done.
Planning to check out Subaru tomorrow. They have low mile used Outbacks (demos?),  Cousin Sue Walker and fraternity brother Dale Trone recommended the Honda CR-V.
Just while my Chevy Impala is in good mechanical condition, has been totaled by insurance for hail damage. The Chevy dealer said the would only offer me $250 for the Impala

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Dinner at Billy's

Home from dinner and beers at Billy's Long Bar with cousin Don Gillmore. I had the open-faced chile cheeseburger with rice and beans.  I an still getting used to eating so many things with chile on, I usually order the green chile on the side, so I can portion the amount of chile. It had been a while since I had it. Had 3 pints of Kilt Lifter to wash down the food. Relaxed on the patio before heading home.
Started looking at perhaps a new vehicle. Something with higher clearance for New Mexico back roads.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Two More Pair of Boots

Yup, 2 more pair of boots! Black, zip-side harness boots and light blue w/ brown/grey lower cowboy boots. 
The harness boots were purchased near Boot Barn at Cottonwood Mall.  Was looking at another pair, but could net get a clerk to help me (boot hooks, Etc).
Light blue uppers boots were bought at the Boot Barn on San Mateo.
Yes, you could say I have a boot fetish.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

The Story of fascism in euroupe

Watch this PBS program - we are on the path to this led by the GOTP and Trump.  We MUST defeat him in 2020.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

We Didn't Belong

WOW. Guess it was perfect weather for me editing my memoirs chapter about my time in Vietnam. It brought out the good and bad feelings and memories. Almost 50 years since I landed "in-country" my feelings are still there, maybe even stronger.

In Vietnam, I was a Chaplain Assistant with the 199th Light Infantry Brigade. I was trained as a Chaplain Assistant with MOS 71M20. Our job was being a jack-of-all-trades for the Chaplain. We were his driver, acolyte, clerk, jeep mechanic, handyman and bodyguard, among other things.
Being with the 199th LIB, we were on the TOE of Brigade HHC. This should classify us as REMFs – the rear support personnel. The thing is, we spent most of our time out at the Fire Support Bases with the infantry battalions.

Recently I’ve been in contact with another Chaplain Assistant that was with the 199th at the same time. It was surprising to hear how much of our thoughts, feelings and experiences were the same. I began to wonder why.

We got back to Brigade Main Base for 2 nights a week, when our Chaplain was on duty there. During that time we spent a lot of time visiting the wounded at the 2 evac hospitals. We saw very little of our fellow Chaplain Assistants – except during these visits to BMB – and then only those that happened to be in at the same time. We were never at BMB long enough to develop any friendships with the support personnel. We didn’t really “belong” to this group – we were field guys.

Back to the FSB. We lived with the grunts, rat patrol, snipers, and recon. Our closest friends were 11B, 11E, etc. For some strange reason these guys adopted us. But we never felt we really “belonged” to their group. We lived with them, drank with them, partied with them. We laughed and cried with them. We were invited to their stand down parties. But we could not “belong” because we didn’t share the field/combat experience.

Some of us ended up going out with the troops one way or another. My Chaplain wasn’t happy when he found out I went with the rat patrol when they escorted the infantry for troop insertion. Recon was willing to take me along on a short patrol – but the Chaplain put a stop to that. Others were able to spend more time in the boonies – yet we still didn’t feel that we “belonged”.

We visited the sick and wounded. We set up the Field Cross for memorial services.  We suffered survivor guilt to varying degrees. And mostly we kept it all to ourselves. After all, it was our job to assist the Chaplain helping the troops. Hell, I don’t think our Chaplains had any idea what we were feeling.

I moved on to HHB II Field Force Vietnam Artillery in the fall of 1970. IIFFV was a REMF group, but my roots were in the field. I wore my boonie hat with pride. Ball caps were required at IIFFV unless you came from a field unit. So, while I made some good friends, I still didn’t really “belong”.

When we got back to the “world”, it was difficult for all Vietnam Vets. The country did not accept and understand us. We no longer “belonged” to their social group.

Each of us handled this in our own way. I finished my college degree and used work to suppress the thoughts for over 30 years. Now, with retirement, the war in Iraq and some other catalysts I probably don’t recognize, the feelings have come to the front. And I still don’t feel that I really “belong”.

SP5 Tom “Preach” Winfield
71M20 Vietnam

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Dinner Party on the Sun Porch

 Friends from Hobbs (Peter & Jim) are celebrating Peters 75th birthday. Cousin Don was invited and attended. All I had to do was provide the location. Salad, Garlic Bread, Lasagna, apple cake w/ ice cream was served.

During dinner we were treated to a nice, gentle rain. I heard the Albuquerque got about 0.7 inches of rain!  That's a lot for this area.  The rain cooled off the temperature - enough that I grabbed a sweatshirt.