Friday, June 23, 2017


Attended the 199th LIB Reunion banquet.  The hall was bitter cold - I was not comfortable.  When I got my food and sat back down, I was shivering.

Good turn-out.  I estimate over 200.  Will write more later.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Recovery Day

Slept in a bit, getting a good night's sleep.  Was thinking of having a breakfast.  When to the hospitality room and had a donut and cup of coffee.  That seemed to satisfy my hunger.  Bisited in the room for a while.

About noon, I headed to the room and car to exchange luggage.  Needed to get a bag of clean clothes. Also took a nice nap before thinking of a early dinner.

Checking out the offerings at the hotel(s) I settled on the Brew Brothers Microbrewery.  Had a 22oz glass of their "Redhead Amber Ale" and their BBQ Bacon Burger w/ fries.  The amber ale was a little hoppy for me, but tolerable. .The burger was great - just enough sweet BBQ sauce to flavor the sandwich, while not overbearing.

The best part of the meal was the price.  I happened in there during "happy hour".  My burger & fires was only $5 and the big beer was also $5.  The hotel gave us reunion attendees $10 per day chits for food and drinks. So, dinner cost me $2.50 with tax and tip!

Short visit a couple other vets in the hospitality room (3/7th guys).  Pill time and call it a day.

Monday, June 19, 2017

199th LIB Reunion

Short drive Monday from S. Lake Tahoe to Reno.  Checked into the hotel, thankfully may room was available even though it was wat before check-in time.  Went to the 199th hospitality room and picked up my registration packet.

This was the first problem I had with my registration.  My name was spelled correctly on the registration envelop,but both the last name a location was wrong.  Got that corrected.

Settling into my room.  I could not log onto the hotel wi-fi,  Kept giving me an error message.  Had problems understanding the IT person (eventually asked for a person without the heavy accent). As it turned out, someone had spelled my name wrong! Guess they do not check my ID and credit card at check-in.  On top it all, when I turn on my TV, they have my name wrong.  URGH,

Back to the hospitality room for the memorial and opening session...The session was supposed to last 45 minutes, but the Chaplain was too long-winded.  Besides, I did not understand what he we trying to preach about as it did not make sense for me.  Ended up with pizza party hosted by the reunion. 

Brodie State Park

Just a few mile from Lee Vining was the road to Brodie, CA.  The ghost town of Brodie.  The dry climate has helped the preservation of the structure in this town.  The state has turned in into a state park.

It was very interesting to see this old town in the mountains of California.  Walked part way in town, until my legs were telling me to turn back because I still have to walk back to the parking lot.  Did take s rest and visited for a California local before the return walk.

Drove the mountain roads to South Lake Tahoe.  Too early to find and check into my room.  drove the roads around the lake.  Took at some photos on the California side of the lake.  Back in S. Lake Tahoe, it was time to find my room and settle in for the night.  By the time I got into my room, I was too tired to think about finding food.   Processed the day's photos and crashed into bed.

On to Reno and my Army Reunion...

Lake View Lodge

 While it was an expensive room for my budget) it was a nice, large room

Sandwich , salad, & brew at the Epic Cafe.  Just what I needed to end the day in Lee Vining, CA.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Mono Lake

Had a full breakfast (eggs, sausage, hash browns, toast & coffee between trips to the car reloading from the room.  Was going to have a dinner last night, but just too tired from the boring drive.

The drive today wasn't much better until I get closer to the mountains and Mono Lake.  Checked out the view at the first view area along Rt 120.  Not to see there.

A little further down Rt 120, I found the South Tufa area of the lake.  Was ready to pay the $3 fee, when they asked if I had any of several card (like my National Park Seniors Pass).  Was a bit of a hike to view the formations.I grabbed my walking stick and headed down toward the lake.  Exhausted by the time I was back to the car.  Glad I also was wearing my knee braces.

Room was not ready, yet.  Treated myself on to a ice cream (soft-serve) cone.  Also drove a little further North from the village of Lee Vining to see if there were any other formations I could see and photograph.  Thought of driving over Tioga to Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite, but the pass was closed because of the high snow pack received this year..

Got to my room.  It's the last down the end of the hotel, closet to the cafe.  That worked well for me.  Settled into the room and walked pver to the cafe.  Had a bottle of local brew, Black Forest ham sandwich with Caesar Salad.

Friday, June 16, 2017

The Extraterrestrial Highway

I had some cereal and coffee at the hotel, packed up the room, and headed down the road toward Nevada.  In Nevada, I bypasses Las Vegas by taking Rt US 89 (Great Basin Highway) and the Extraterrestrial Highway.

 When I turned off the Great Basin highway into the "ET" highway, there was a sign warning the next services were 149 miles in Tonapah!  There was nothing much to see along the 100 miles of the "ET" highway. The was one little village, a ghost town Joshua Trees and scrub bush.

Checked into my room at the Tonapah Station (urgh - confusion with the room,keys, etc) and steps to get up to the room.  Processed photos from the drive. Thought about some dinner, ended up sleeping until 9pm.  Might as well call in a night and get a good breakfast in the morning.