Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Boring (?) Interstate Drive

I had problems sleeping last night.  Napped for a few hours, woke up, and could not get back to sleep.  I spend most if the night selecting and posting photos to Guru Shots contests.

Early loading the car and having some food and coffee before getting on the road,  Just a little tinge of ligh on the sky when I hit the road at 6:30am.  It was a cold morning - glad I gassed up the evening before.

A couple times it was rough. Not sleeping was getting to me - seemed the lack of sleep was pushing.  Mt first stop from Georgetowm, CO was the Information Rest Area some 40 miles into Utah. 

  Gassed up in Green River - the most expensive gas so far for the trip ($2.279).  Got some caffeine and back on the road.  Not looking forward to the drive across Utah.  Was thinking there was nothing to see and photograph along this section of I-70.

The road surprised me.  These section of the interstate at the San Rafael Reef was very interesting.  There were many opportunities to stop at view areas to shoot photos.

Found my hotel room in Cedar City, UT.  Brought some stuff in for the night.  Booted the laptop, and checked e-mail and facebook.  Spent some time processing photos.  Was getting hungry, so stopped in the hotel office asking a recommendation for food.  It was not easy to find local fare including a pint.  I opted to just food and water at the All American Diner a couple blocks up Main Street from my room. 

Had the chopped steak with mashed potatoes and cole slaw.  grabbed a couple other items from the car. Back at the room I finished processed my photos and crashed into bed for a nap.

Today's photo was taken at a view area along I-70.  I shows the landscape at the San Rafael Reef.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Going West

I was a little later getting on the road than I wanted this morning. I was about 5:20 when I left the house.  Stopped to gas up the car and headed West on I-80.  Stopped in Kearney for breakfast.

Knew I had time to check out the new (about 5 years ago) Golden Spike Tower in North Platte.  Paid the admission and rode the elevator up to the open air observation deck.  Great views of the diesel shop and classification yard.  On up to the indoor viewing area.  Visited with the volunteer and one other.   Was going to take the back road to US 30 but crossing gates were down.  Cam back into town, gassed the car, and headed on West.

I was about 30 degrees and clear when I left home.  Once the sun came up, the temperature quickly rode.  It was about 60 in North Platte,  In the upper 60s most of the way from I-80 to Denver.  Thermometer in the car read 72 when driving through Denver.  It was still 50 about 4:30 when i got to Georgetown.  Great driving weather (though as the sun went over to the West, i was getting some "fog" inside the windshield.  I need to clean that!

I-76 from I-80 to Denver has to be the most boring section of highway.  I got to Denver before rush-hour.  Not too long after merging onto I-70, the were a big backup in the East-bound lanes.  This was still inside the Denver area.  Happy I was not heading that way.  Started climbing the mountain towards my hotel in Georgetown,  Another East-bound tie-up on I-70.  This one was for an accident. 

Checked into the Super 8 in Georgetown.  Made sure the room was acceptable and drove over to the Visitor's Center to pick up a Colorado map.  Needed to get off the road for a little and decide eating, so booted up the laptop,  Processed photos from Bailey Yard.  Google mapped a place to eat.

Was planning to eat at the Alpine Restaurant and bar in Georgetown.  No interest in driving down to Idaho Springs.  I found the place, but the restaurant is closed on Tuesdays!  There was a little bar, and a pizza/diner place.  Opted for the diner.

While I was temped ordering a small pizza, I felt it would be too much food for this evening,  Ordered the 1/4 # cheeseburger with kettle chips.  Was a good little burger and just enough for the evening.  If you get through Georgetown, stop by the Mountain Buzz Cafe & Pizzeria on Argentine St.  This small business would appreciate the business. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Laptop Batteries - Not Equal

Here's a precaution if you are out buying a replacement laptop battery.  I decide it was time to replace the battery on om HP DV6-2190US laptop.  Checked on line the availability of the battery with the local Interstate Battery store.  They had them (both the standard and the high capacity batteries).

Since I was out doing errands anyway, drove to town and bought a battery.  Had the laptop with me, just had removed the battery to replace it.  When I got home, I plugged in the laptop, connecting to the charger.  I wanted a full charge on the new battery.

Several days when I went to use the laptop, the machine did not boot.  Would not power up!  Plugged it in and ran OK.  Search the troubleshoot information.  The power like on the laptop was blinking - indicates a bad or no battery.

Called the local Interested battery store.  They reported that this is not uncommon.  Re-manufactured batteries may or may not run in my HP Laptop.  Made another trip to town for refund to exchange the battery.  Brought the laptop into the store to explain my problem.  The store clerk grabbed a different battery off the shelf - it works.

So, the bottom line - just because your laptop needs replacement, bring the machine with you and make sure the battery runs the laptop.  All replacement batteries are not equal!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

First Ride of the Year

Most of the winter has been cold and blustery.  November was unusually cold.  December had some decent days, but very windy.  Early January was bitter cold.  So, late last week, we were eager to have some warmer weather.

Friday started the warm-up.  Early in the day was windy.  By the time I realized the wind had died down, it was too late to load the bike and head to town.  Saturday was expected windy, and it lived up to expectations with winds in the 35mph area.

So, when Sunday forecast was for 50s and and clam to light winds - it was time to get the bike out.  Loaded the hybrid on the car rack and drove to the Wabash Trace Trailhead, planning to ride towards Lake Manawa.  Signs said the trail was closed for construction at I-29.  Rode over to the construction area to see what's going on.

Looks like they are making a big interchange at I-29 and US 275/Hwy 92.  Another cyclist there said widening I-29 here to 6 lanes.  I can't figure out what all the bridges are going. 

There were mode signs indicating the trail is closed until April 1, 2015.  With no workers present and the beautiful day, many cyclists (me included) ignored the signs are rode through the area.  Rode as far as the Lake Manawa Nature Trail parking lot. 

Figured that ny the time I got back, it would be a good ride for the first ride of the year.  Ended up with 5.2 miles.  Forecast is for another good day for riding tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New T-Shirt

New T-shirt arrived this week.  Can show where I spent 13 1/2 months of my life.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

90th Birthday Party

Saturday was the big day.  I hosted a party celebrating my mom's 90th birthday.  The festivities were held at the Parkway Chateau, near Kenosha, WI.  Thanks to my Aunt Audrey and Cousin Sue for doing the legwork for the party.  . 

.My mom has a large group of mall walkers.  We also had many members of the family and assorted friends of my mom.  Weather was perfect - in the upper 40s and sunny.  We were expecting 70-80 guests but planned for 100.  Mom counted in her guest book and came up with 103. 

Greeting folks, visiting friends and relatives,  and shooting photos, I barely had time to eat.  By the end of the 3 hour party, I had a good head ache and exhausted.  It was only a couple blocks to my hotel.  I crashed into bed.

Later in the evening, I started processing photos from the party.  Sunday morning I met mom and a couple relatives for breakfast.  Then it was off to mom's apartment to look at the photos and order picture she wanted.  Selected the photos and went to Walgreens to print them.

Missed a couple of the photos getting them sorting for printing.  Will have to send them to mom l;ater this week.  Early Monday I was on the road back home.  Uneventful drive.  Facebook photos are up.  Still working on the photo web site. link to the web site page is:

Thanksgiving 2014

Had some nasty driving conditions during my trip to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving.  Started light fog and damp roads at 37 deg.  The temperature kept dropping.  Hit snow during rush hour in Des Moines Wednesday.  A little snow flurring at about 200 miles.  Rest of the route was just overcast and chilly.

I was staying in a hotel instead of sleeping on my mom's sofa.  No way I could do that for 4-5 nights.  Anyway, I picked up my mom for Thanksgiving.  Had a nice dinner and went to the bowling alley for the annual outing.

Black Friday I slept in and made a quick trip to the outlet mall to pick up some Levis. While out, I drove by my old grammar school building.  Wanted a photo for my memoirs.   Later in the afternoon, I joined my Aunt Audry and Mom for a birthday dinner.  Called it a day.