Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Ruidoso Area Pages

My website pages for the tour in the Ruidoso, NM Area are posted.  The pages include photos of the Cloudcroft Trestle and vicinity, Lincoln, NM,  Fort Stanton, Smokey Bear Historic Park, White Oaks, NM and Valley of Fired Recreation Area.

This photo is of the Catholic Chapel at Fort Stanton.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Heading Home

Did not sleep well Monday night.  That's typical when I am driving.  Packed the room and had a bowl of cereal.  Checked out of the room and headed toward home.

First stop was to check out the "ghost" town of White Oaks.  The bar in town is only open Fridays through Sunday.  Took a couple photos of the old buildings.  Amazing there is a large, 2-story school house out here in nowhere.

From there,I checked out Valley of Fires Recreational Area.  Very different to the VOF near Las Vegas, this valley gets its name from the volcanic activity in the area.  My Seniors Pass was only good for half price entrance.  Bought a ghost towns book at the visitor's center and visited with the attendant.  There was not much to do see there than the lava field and many places to park RVs or have a picnic.

Was time to high-tail it home.  Took US 380 to I-25 on up to Rio Rancho.  Home a little after 1 pm.  Grabbed the mail and processed the day's photos.  Exhausted, so napped. Unpacking the car and starting laundry can wait until tomorro

Monday, November 27, 2017

Ruidoso Area

Had a quick breakfast of cereal and coffee, I was on the road to tour the area.  My goal was to check out the historic town of Lincoln, NM,  Fort Stanton Historic Site, and Smokey Bear State Park.

I did not spend much time in Lincoln.  It was a matter of shooting some photos of the old buildings.  The town of Lincoln plays major roll in the history of New Mexico. Notable names like Sheriff Pat Garrett and "Billy the Kid" were prominent players.

Most of the rest of the morning was spent at Fort Stanton.  The fort was built at a military fort.  It has also served at prison of war facility, military hospital, and tuberculous hospital.  It 2004 interesting parties started efforts to preserve the fort.  The state and federal government got involved in 2008.  Eventually, the fort became Fort Stanton History Site.

Fort Stanton is very much a work in progress.  When you enter the visitor's center, you are give some information of the fort history and information of what buildings are open.  The folks at Fort Stanton are working hard to open more buildings.

From Fort Stanton, it was on over to Smokey Bear Historical Park in Capitan, NM.   This is a state facility, at the time, entrance fee is $2.00. There is a path showing the plants in the New Mexico climate zones.  Featured at a corner o =f the the park is Smokey Bear burial site.  The museum illustrated when happens to the land after a forest fire and the people that fight these fires.

Last night when heading out to dinner, I saw a interesting store - "Boots & Jeans" - my kind of store.  Ended up spending too much money - buying a pair of boots, jeans, a couple shirts, and a belt.

Dinner was at Rio Grande Grill & Tap Room.  Had a cheeseburger, fries, and a pint of Pecan Amber Ale.

Spent the rest of the evening packing back into the car and watching TV.

Sunday, November 26, 2017


Sunday, it was time for me to get back on the road heading home.  I made plans to spend some time playing "Tourist" in Lincoln County on the way home.

Wanted to see the mountain railroad trestle near Cloudcroft.  The trestle is just West of the town. Cloudcroft was in interesting mountain town,  Looking forward to visiting the town again to spend some time.

After taking photos in town and of the trestle, I drove down the mountain almost into Alamogordo.  Back tracked back to Cloudcroft and North up to Ruidoso.  Checked into the Quality Inn, processed photos, and headed out to K-Bob's for dinner.  Opted for the Bacon cheeseburger, fries, and a pint of Bosque Scottish Ale.

Friday, November 24, 2017


 Yesterday, I left Roswell late - heading to Hobbs.  Visit with my hosts and a late Thanksgiving dinner..

Spent a relaxing day in Hobbs, NM.  Was thinking of playing, instead did a quick tourist trip to Monument, NM and looked at the Geronimo monument.  The local citizenry needs to spend to money to refurbish the monument.

There was a work-ware store closing in Hobbs.  Stobbed by there and pick up another pair of boots

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Found S95 Camera

Back the end of October, l lost my Canon S95 "point & shoot" camera.  Was sure I left it on the roof of the car after departing from breakfast.  With a pending trip to Las Vegas for the West Coast Pipe Snow, I bought a replacement camera.

Thanksgiving morning, reloading the car in Roswell, NM, I found the camera.  It had fallen between the driver's side seat and  car frame. 

Sure happy to find the camera.  While my replacement camera is nice (larger pixel count) I have been having problems with the touch screen. 

Thanksgiving Trip

For many years, I drove from SW Iowa to SE Wisconsin for Thanksgiving.  With my move to New Mexico, I have not been interested in paying the cost and dealing with the crowds to fly for the holiday, much less drive in questionable weather condition.
last year I was invited to celebrate with my cousin and his friends. This year for Thanksgiving, I am taking the opportunity to visit on-line friends and play tourist.

Packed up the car heading toward SE New Mexico.  First destination being Roswell, planning to visit the UFO museum.  On the way, I found another boring long stretch of highway - that being the 140 miles on US 285 between Clines Corner to Roswell, NM. 

Along the highway I drove through the almost ghost town of  Encino.  The only other was the railroad town of Vaugh.  About the only other "scenery" along the highway were two cowboys (one pictured here) guarding the highway.  Guess I really am in cowboy country.

I arrived Roswell 12:45 and packed at the UFO Museum lot.  Walking to the door, I learned the museum had closed at noon for the Thanksgiving holiday.  The last time I was in Roswell, I was too late in the day (after 5pm) tour.  So, being 0 for 2, I am thinking the museum must be not worth the effort.

Checked into my hotel (early).  Settled into the room and checked my e-mail a social media website.  Was thinking of showering and heading out for dinner, but was not hungry, so just chilled out in the room.  No big hurry to get on the road in the morning - it's only 2 hours to Hobbs and I am expected a little after noon.