Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ponca's Revenge

After my ham radio breakfast, I headed to Ponca State Park to watch and photograph the mountain bike race. The morning started overcast and 73 deg -- sure looked like nice riding weather. In the afternoon the sun came out and up went the temperature.

Now I have to process them (after the ones from Badlands & Black Hills, Little Rock's Big Dam Bridge, and my Army reunion).

Here's the Men's 4 Hr winners and Women's 4 Hr winners.

Friday Night MtB Ride

It sure was good to see Lake Manawa trails ridable again. Couple re-routes - cut out a couple of the dips (and they were soooo fun).

Wore my new chest protector. Took some getting used to -- but within an hour of riding, I hardly noticed it.

I could notice that I was riding better since my trip to Florida - perhaps it was the new trails or negotiating the rocks in Little Rock. The 3 of us had a good ride - until it was cut short with the rain.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Home Again

Got home last night. Stopped by the bike shop and grocery store on the way.

Last night it really felt good to be back in my own bed.

Today picked up my new chest protector. Ready for the mountain bike ride Friday!

Monday, June 18, 2007


Decided not to ride this morning - probably should have, but was not up to it. Ready to head to home. Screwed around driving through Florida & Georgia. The night found me in Kentucky - near Ft. Campbell. Hmmm - where I was for basic training - almost 40 years ago.

Hope to be home tomorrow night.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Heading Home

Well, it was a GREAT reunion. Good to see all the guys and wives, welcome to the first timers. Lots of wet eyes with the "good-byes".

I would not resist making at least one more ride on the Santos trail system. After checking in a hotel in Ocala, lunch, and a nap - I was ready to go. Explored some more trails. Really likes Twister.

Now - I will see how I feel and what the weather looks like -- perhaps a morning ride before heading back on the road.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Disney World area is not very bicycle friendly. In spite of that, I saw cyclists on the streets and took 2 good rides. With all the tourists, you REALLY watch everyone.

Tuesday I toured the Kennedy Space Center. Took 23 mile ride Wednesday. Thursday it was out to Epcot. Needed a day off - so did nothing special Friday. Another ride day - 22 miles. Felt good to be back on the bike.

Been busy taking photos of the reunion. Here's a sunrise shot.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


WOW - really nice trail system. Rode for nearly 2 hours yesterday morning. Sure was relaxing. Rode both yellow and some blue trails. The whole trail system is awesome.

I see why it is rated EPIC. Nice "skills" area. Saw some of the free ride area from the Dog Bone trail. Planning to be back on my way home.

Watch for more photos on the way back and on the web site when I get home.

Now visiting the "Mouse". Not much riding arouind here. Will have to get out someplace tomorrow.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Out of Little Rock

Last night I got a nice mountain bike ride in Boyle Park. Will add to my web site with photos and trail info.

This morning I rode with 700 of my closest cycling friends in the CARTI Charity Ride - great ride.

In Jackson, MS en route to Ocala, FL.

Friday, June 8, 2007


This morning I went out to prep the bike before my ride. Found a broken spoke. Now I have to wait until a local shop opens, hope they can get me in to0 the repairs.

I should have checked the bike AFTER the last ride, instead just before today's ride.

Rain on the way so not sure if I will be able to ride today. Charity Ride tomorrow.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Epic Ride Day

After 2 days out of the saddle, I needed a ride. The place to ride (on pavement) is the River Trail. Anyway, I had to see and ride over the "Big Dam Bridge". Climbing the approach got my heart rate going.

After that, it was a relaxing ride on the N. Little Rock trails.

Stopped at some bike shops - finally found on that could tell me about mountain bike rides. Luckily, there was a C.A.R.P. ride on the Camp Robinson trails. The ride was lightly attended (It was a funeral to one of their riders). The trails area not well marked, and I was left to ride by myself. Otherwise, I had a good ride. The trails are rocky - I was able to adapt and build some rock riding ability and lots of climbing. Think I rode very well under the circumstances. After I get home there will be some helmet cam clips on my web site.

Today gonna scope out some other riding places.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Photo Posting

OK, the photos from Kanesville Krusher are on the NaugaBike web site. Select the Kanesville Krusher link or the other races I have shot.

Also, the photos I took at the Black Hills Fat Tire Festival are at:


Great Day

What a good day. Started out with a ride before breakfast (did 14 miles). Talked cycling with the ham radio guys, then headed to Lewis & Clark to take in the race. Weather held on until the awards.

Used the flash for most of my pictures. The trail at L&C is all in the shade. Urgh - the flash could not re-charge between shots. Still got some more good pictures.

Ready to post the pictures --- tried to do this at Hy-Vee --- but looks like the port is blocked. Means a trip over to Panera.

Today I'm planning to stop by The Bike Way - checkout riding armor.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Feeling Better

Nice Friday evening ride from the shop, to Dumfries and back. I am feeling better - got my ride. Ready to tackle tomorrow. Getting back in the saddle felt almost as good as....

Thanks for the ride Randy & Blaine

Enough rain!!!

What's with all this rain?! I was hoping the trip to Rapid City would break the streak of wet weather --- no such luck. At least we had good riding weather for the Festival.

I'm already getting withdrawal - not getting in my saddle time.