Friday, January 18, 2019

New (2017) blog photo

Relaxing with a brew and burger in Ely, NV  -- June 24,  2017

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Hiking Boots

I have been preparing from my planned trip to Death Valley and other destinations for a Winter trip.

Over the last few weeks, I had a doctor appointment to discuss problems with my left knee.  X-Rays confirmed the problem  .we (Doctor and I) decided on a series of 3 injections of a gel into my knee.  Even with the first injection, my knee improved.

Looking forward to being able to walk better, I stopped by Boot Barn for a new pair of good hiking boots (photo).  They are water-resistant boots with a good walking tread.  Like many of my boots, where the foot length was 12, I have a wide foot - so end up with a pair of size 13 boots.

Now, I am hoping that I can make the trip, but things look less likely.  The government partial shutdown (including the National Parks) will cause me to cancel my trip.  A majority of the US Population wants the government back up.  Unfortunately, the leader of the Senate fuses to allow a vote.

Snowy Winter

This is the snowiest Winter since I have moved to New Mexico!  The week around New Years, we were hit with 3 storms.  The New Day storm was the strongest, dropping about 5" of snow at my area.  Since the road crews here are not equipped to handle this amount of snow, the city and the area was into a standstill.

Major streets are plowed.  Feader and residential streets were not plowed.

There was still some snow on the ground almost 2 weeks later when another short gave us a dusting, (photo here).  Each storm left the scene of a Winter Wonderland here in Rio Rancho.

Of course, the mountains in the area have received ample snow for snow sports.  There was a big problem here in the Sandias, the road to the ski slope was closed, so the opening was delayed until the facility could recruit and get workers to the slope!  Yes, ski season opening was delayed by heavy snow!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Geezerz Luncheons on Hold

It's been over a month since out last "Old Geezerz" brew house luncheons.  I have been missing the gatherings and having a pint or two of crafts beers.  Cousin Don and I continues meeting about every other Saturday for food, brews, and conversation.

I hade to get out (between out snow storms) to have a sandiwch and a pint of craft been fro lunch,  I decided on the Blue Grasshopper in Rio Rancho.   The streets forming the back way from my house will start reconstruction Monday the 14th.  Add that to major work on Southern, it's going to be difficult to get to that part of town until road construction are completed.

Since I had just recently had a frozen pizza for lunch, I tried their beer brat with chips (photo). Washed it down with the Scotia Scotch Ale.

Looking forward to the weekly brew house luncheons.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

New's Year Day Storm

The snow started a bit after midnight New's Year Eve.  The wind kicked up for the day.  Traffic was to a stand-still on the Interstates --- 25 and 40.  At least New Mexico from Socorro to the Colorado border was shut down.

The mountains got up two 2 ft of snow.  Here in my backyard in Rio Rancho, I measured about 5 inches of snow.

While there has been forcast for more snow today, there has not been any more accumilation.  Lot's of cancellations and late started today.  I had a doctor's appointment for 9:15 which needs to be resceduled because of snow delay until 10am start.