Thursday, April 29, 2010

Full Moon Ride

The gnarly burn seems to be getting better. It will be a while - still areas of dead skin needs to be removed.

The hardtail has a bike rack. Yeah, something wrong about a mountain bike with a bike rack. Oh well, it takes stuff off of my back. Yesterday, I took my tools, etc out of the hydration pack and arranged all in the bag for the rack. Charged up the headlight, ready for a bike ride.

Windy evening, so Blaine recommended that we ride the Wabash Trace because of the sheltering trees. Randy arrived on his bike. Zack (and Night Train) brought up the rear (soon passing us).

Rode up to Margaritaville. Stopped for a rest, took group photos, and 3 of us headed back to the shop. Yes, the even got me in one of the photos.

Felt good to be back on the bike. Glad I was only planning to ride the 15 miles. Tired when I got home, but could not sleep.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gnarly Burn

Over the weekend, the situation with my radiation burn got worse. Getting drainage through the dressing. Called the Advanced Wound Cernter and ended up with an afternoon appointment.

When opened up, the nurse said with was getting "gnarly". Much of the area is 2nd or 3rd degree burn. They were happy I came in, instead of waiting until my Thursday appointment.

Cleaned the area, broke a blister, and re-dressed the wound. THAT was not fun! Hurt damned bad.

Now daily cleaning and change dressing. Can't start any other treatment (like hyperbaric) until chemo is done. My chemo drug does not like hyperbaric oxygen.

Dropped the hardtail at the bike shop to get a rack installed. Full Moon Ride Wednesday night, hope I am healthy enough to ride.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Radiation Burn

Been off the bikes for a few days, not because of the weather. I have a nasty radiation burn from the treatments. Treating the burn at the Jenny Edmundson Advanced Wound Center.

They covered the burn with dressings. At this time they are "kind-of" staying put. Taking some pain killers. That was originally to help sleep, but also need it once in a while during the day.

No photo for this post. Difficult to take a photo of the burn, and you don't want to see it, anyway!

Looks like I will have to ditch the hydration pack for a while - too irritating for the burn on my back. To carry emergency tool kit, will have to ride the hybrid (which has a rack) or perhaps put a rack on the hardtail.

Oh, my doctor at the wound center is a cyclist. We're everywhere!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shortened Ride

Yesterday was another beautiful day for riding. Went back to bed after morning chat. So was well rested and anxious to ride. Since I left a message for a possible riding friend, I could not change my plans.

Getting at the bike shop, killed some time, and finally time to ride. Heading towards Lake Manawa, but my heart monitor was not working right. Back to the bike shop. Just not getting good reading. Blaine grabbed one off the shelf to check. That worked great, so took it.

Construction along the Lake Manawa Trail - at Mosquito Creek. Pouring concrete over the area that was dug up for installing the culverts. Gonna be much nicer when that's done.

When I got on Indian Creek, I was just too tired and sore (legs from riding, back on treatments) to make a full loop, which was my intention. Shortened my ride by riding up to S. 16th, over to Harry Langdon, through the Mall, and back to the bike shop.

Today is a day off the bike.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Ride

WOW, it was a great day to be on the bike. Think it was about 66-67 degrees, filtered sunshine, light breeze.

Stopped at Xtreme Wheels. Bill and Zack were busy selling bikes. So, after a quick "Hi" I was on the trail toward the Trails Center. My ride of choice for the ride - the Trek 7200FX.

At the West end of E. S. Omaha Bridge Road there is construction along Mosquito Creek. The paved trail was "clear" on a Sunday. Looks like on weekends we would need to use the rock bypass.

I took a couple photos of that project, and just got back on the bike when I noticed the pavement was gone under the I-29 bridges. Stopping, I saw draining culverts had been inserted. This will be GREAT since the rain from the bridge and embankment runs down across the trail, brings mud. (The white rock left-center of the photo).

When I got to the Highway 92 bridge over Indian Creek, I saw the same drainage work. Thanks, Council Bluffs!

Stopped in at the Western Historic Trails Center and visited. A quick ride on over to I-80 and then back to the bike shop.

Nice, leisurely ride. Ended up logging 21.35 miles at 11.34 mph.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Radiation Treatments are DONE!

Took off a couple days from bike riding during the week. Needed some time off, and weather was threatening.

Friday, however, was another thing. This was the day of my last radiation treatment. Ending the over 7 weeks of trips to the Med Center - 37 treatments. After my treatment, ointment applied, nurse checked the biopsy area, signing "release" papers - it was time to ring the bell as I headed out of the clinic.

On the way home, I stopped by the bike shot for a quick visit. Then home. Rested and out to Lake Manawa for a bike ride. Taking a bike ride in the dirt sounded like a GREAT way to celebrate.

While there is no "loop" that can be ridden (other than the western side short loop), I was able to get all the way back to Long's Landing and clocked just over 5 miles.

Felt good to be back!

Manawa Trail Work

Tuesday afternoon was trail work at Lake Manawa. There was an additional trail evening Sunday, but i was just too tired from the weekend.

Most of the trails are rideable. Just, can't ride a nice loop. There's always a ditch that is mud or still filled with water. The goal of the trail work was to clean up debris from the flood and look at rerouting some problem areas.

Here, Troy and Cody check out a reroute after the log crossing along the river.

There is a reroute in Fast Track - bypasses the eternal wet area. On the same trail there is an optional trail. That has also been done in Tony's Playground. All of these have been raked. The Fast Track reroute has taken hold.

Steve pushed me to sit down for a break. He took a photo of me sitting on a log, but is out of focus.

Here's the trails we cleared (River Front Real Estate, Fast Track, and Tony's Playground.

Trail workers were Steve, Troy, Dale, and myself. Cody was busy checking out the trail and having some fun.

Monday, April 12, 2010

When work is done

Sunday was time for fun and relaxation.

I started at Panera to post the photos I took during the trail class and workshop. (Oh yeah, and the BBQ). Then it was meet up for the bike ride with IMBA Trail Care Crew.

This is the FUN part of trail work - the BBQ and bike ride. We had a pretty good turn-out for a Sunday morning ride at Swanson Park. It was the most climbing I have done this year. With in my condition, I was only able to ride about 2.5 miles in the woods.

After a couple laps at Swanson, some went to Jewell. It was enough for me, so headed to Iowa. Stopped at Xtreme Wheels to drop off Psycowpath race posters. Most of the afternoon was spend napping or chatting on the computer.

Adams Park Trail Day

Saturday was every busy day. I started with a full breakfast at Hy-Vee.

Off to Adams Park in N. Omaha for the trail building class. The instructors were Steve and Morgan Lommele one of the Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crews. I attended a similar class a couple years ago in Rapid City. So, my function was to shoot photos.

There were over 30 to attend the lecture section of the class. More came in the afternoon, swelling the number up to about 40. During the afternoon hands on session, the crew built about 1000 ft of new singletrack. A great accomplishment.

After a break, some assembled at Roxy and Ryan's for a BBQ.

Checking out Manawa

Nothing going on today needing my attention with the Adams Park work. After treatment, stopped for some shopping. Then attended my fraternity alumni luncheon. Brought my bike (Fuel EX7) on the car and my change of clothes for a ride.

Windy day for a bike ride. Decided it was a good afternoon to see how things are going at Lake Manawa.

Well, the river level is down. But still lots of standing water in the trail area. West Sidewinder is bone dry. Word is Longs Loop is rideable. Woodchopper is under water yet (see Photo). Ended up putting on only 3 miles surveying the situation.

Trail work planned Sunday and Tuesday. I was not making the Sunday work day, too much activity from the weekend.

Treatments and Adams Park Meeting

Thursday was the half day of treatments and doctors. Well, it was supposed to be.

Went to radiation. The computer did not registered that i had checked in. So the therapist and I were waiting for me at different areas. Part of my treatment schedule is blood draw on Wednesday so they are available for Thursday Chemo. Late start on radiation. Then quick chat with the doctor. That is going well, other than the burn I am getting.

Checked in for chemo, eventually vitals and to the treatment room. Finally, the nurse came in, said has to call my doctor because one of the blood counts is low. They are too low for treatment, so went home without chemo treatment. Hmmmm, you think they could have told me later yesterday or earlier this morning?

Later in the day, It was time for the meeting at Adams Park. The meeting is where THOR (our trails group), Activate Omaha, The Omaha Parks Dept, and National Parks Service advised the community what is happening in their park. The partnership brought in the Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew.

In the photo above, Trail Care Crew members Steve and Morgan Lommele and discussing the efforts with Adams Park Community Center Director Orentheian Everett.

Need to catch up

WOW, where did the week go?

Monday marked 2 weeks of radiation treatments to go. Some recovery time from the Sunday bike ride.

Was going to wait until later in the week to ride again but Tuesday it was just tooooo nice. Upper 60s when I got home from the Med Center. Changed clothes, grabbed the hybrid for a bike ride.

Wind from the WSW. Headed from the bike shop toward the trail center. From there, on up to the Bob Bridge.

The river has receded back into its banks. The new park between the levee and the river is still very wet. The same for the construction area West of the levee. At least the gravel detour just at I-480 is drier and ridable!

From there, it "coasting? with the wind toward Big Lake. Wanted to ride op to Big Lake to see how construction was taking shape. The North lake actually looks like a lake, now! And, the new "boardwalk" is completed and open.

Good job Council Bluffs. Looking good!

From Big Lake, completed my "tour de bluffs" (first for the season) down N. 8th, and through town. On up Harry Langdon, Woodbury, and to the Mall. Back at the Xtreme Wheels, visited for a while.

Off the bike Wednesday - needing a good rest!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Ride

Just had to get out to ride this afternoon. The forecast was for cloudy, with promises of sunny later. By noon I was chomping at the bit and by 1 on the way to the Wabash Trace Trailhead. At that time, it was in the upper 50s and cloudy.

Brought the hybrid to get in some miles. Headed out for Lake Manawa (no climbing for me today). Stopped at the river side boat ramp (mountain bike trails) area to check how the water was receding. The verdict - slow but surely. Caught a shot of the sign advertising Lake Manawa Clean-up Day.

Was debating riding over to the Bob Bridge, but that was a bit longer than I wanted to ride today. Instead, went up the Indian Creek Trail to the Veteran's Memorial Trail. Rode there to the new bridge. The new bridge will include a bicycle/pedestrian path. Another way to get across the Missouri via human power.

Back the same way. Shot some photos of the new bridge decking over Indian Creek. Lots of folks out for a Easter Stroll or Sunday afternoon ride. Max (of Xtreme Century fame) was out with 2 riding friends. A group of BBC (?) riders crossed Indian Creek as I was taking photos.

As I was riding the Lake Manawa Trail back to the car, the sun came out. Better late than never. Stall was a good 19 mile ride (OK, only 18.7 miles @ 11.94 mph but who keeps track?!)

Jewell Park Time Trial

Yesterday was a great day for a race. Some 115 racers hit the trails at Jewell Park, Bellevue, Nebraska. Different from mountain bike races I have attended, this was in the Time Trial format.

Was not sure how it would work for shooting the race. No mass start. Was the first time I had been at Jewell Park. I found a great vantage point were I could get up to 3 views as the racers come through the course.

My photos are at:

Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Detour, Mana-Swamp Update

Dropped the car at Lyle's for a wheel sensor problem. Killed time at Xtreme Wheels until time to take a bike ride. Still had the hardtail at the shop, so just changed clothes and hopped on the bike.

Rode past the Wabash Trace Trailhead over toward Mosquito Creek. At the end of E. South Omaha Bridge Road I encountered some new construction. Appears they are creating a gravel detour - see photo.

Wind was from the NNE. "Flew" down the Lake Manawa Trail along the creek. Rode on over to the mountain bike trail area. Sections of the trails there are still under water.

However, West Sidewinder was high and dry. Took a spin on that trail. Encountered a couple branches over the trail that will need to be cleared. Trail surface of this trail is dry and dusty.

It will probably be at least a week until the river subsides. Then still longer until the trail dries out and can be ridden.

From the MtB trails, rode around Lake Manawa, up Indian Creek to S. 16th. (The bridge over Indian Creek is still closed for redecking - at least during the day.) At that time, received the call that my car was ready. Continued the ride into town to Lyle's.

A good 15 miles ride in 80 degree temps. Great way to end March.