Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Ride

WOW, it was a great day to be on the bike. Think it was about 66-67 degrees, filtered sunshine, light breeze.

Stopped at Xtreme Wheels. Bill and Zack were busy selling bikes. So, after a quick "Hi" I was on the trail toward the Trails Center. My ride of choice for the ride - the Trek 7200FX.

At the West end of E. S. Omaha Bridge Road there is construction along Mosquito Creek. The paved trail was "clear" on a Sunday. Looks like on weekends we would need to use the rock bypass.

I took a couple photos of that project, and just got back on the bike when I noticed the pavement was gone under the I-29 bridges. Stopping, I saw draining culverts had been inserted. This will be GREAT since the rain from the bridge and embankment runs down across the trail, brings mud. (The white rock left-center of the photo).

When I got to the Highway 92 bridge over Indian Creek, I saw the same drainage work. Thanks, Council Bluffs!

Stopped in at the Western Historic Trails Center and visited. A quick ride on over to I-80 and then back to the bike shop.

Nice, leisurely ride. Ended up logging 21.35 miles at 11.34 mph.

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