Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shortened Ride

Yesterday was another beautiful day for riding. Went back to bed after morning chat. So was well rested and anxious to ride. Since I left a message for a possible riding friend, I could not change my plans.

Getting at the bike shop, killed some time, and finally time to ride. Heading towards Lake Manawa, but my heart monitor was not working right. Back to the bike shop. Just not getting good reading. Blaine grabbed one off the shelf to check. That worked great, so took it.

Construction along the Lake Manawa Trail - at Mosquito Creek. Pouring concrete over the area that was dug up for installing the culverts. Gonna be much nicer when that's done.

When I got on Indian Creek, I was just too tired and sore (legs from riding, back on treatments) to make a full loop, which was my intention. Shortened my ride by riding up to S. 16th, over to Harry Langdon, through the Mall, and back to the bike shop.

Today is a day off the bike.

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