Tuesday, October 22, 2013

2014 Calendar

Doing final proofing of the 2014 Bicycle Trails Calendar.  The files will be sent to the printer later this week.

Calendar pages measure 9" X 12" and includes January 2015.  All photos were taken while riding my bicycles. Post processing was done using HRD Darkroon 2 Pro and Photoshop Elements.

If you are interested in a copy of the calendar -I will have them available for sales at $15 (add $1.05 Iowa tax if applicable).  Mail orders, please add $3 shipping.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bring Your Own Kid Mountain Biking Day

The annual Trails Have Our Respect (THOR) event was held at Omaha's Tranquility Park on Sunday, October 13th. The function was originally scheduled for Saturday, October 5th, in conjunction with the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day.

THOR's trail leaders rescheduled the event because of poor trail conditions (soft, muddy trails). This worked well, because the weather was perfect for fun on bicycles.

THOR's President Roxzanne Feagan reported there were 28 kids, ranging 3 to 10 years of age that participated. An estimated 20 adults were there for the function.

There was a little of everything to keep everyone busy. There were groups rides on the Tranquility Park trails. THOR's “Grill-master” David Packard and his crew fed the hungry kids. It was back for another group ride followed with riding skills events. The event was topped off with smor's.

All of my photos from the event can be viewed at:  http://win-photo.photoreflect.com.  Please note - for any orders, i will start from the camera RAW and reprocess the files (doing touch-up) before sending the file.

A great time was had by all.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Mouse-proofing the Furnace Pipes

The mice have been being very expensive.  Last year, furnace repairs caused by mice cost me about $800.  It seems they are crawling into the combustion air pipes for the furnace.

The furnace technician said they were probably climbing up the satellite cable, to the insulation on the discharge, and finally into the pipe.  I had the satellite for 3-4 years, and finally had problems caused by mice?  I did not buy it.

The furnace ran without problems all last winter.  Turning it on this fall, had problems again.  The furnace technician found a dead mouse in the induction blower.  He removed the mouse and deemed the furnace good-to-go.  He suggested a screen over the cold air combustion air intake pipe.

I had already scheduled the satellite installer to upgrade of the system.  When I ordered the upgrade, I told the satellite company that the feed line would need to be rerouted during the upgrade.  The installer (different company) did not know anything about rerouting cables.  He did a minor reroute, to get it further away from the combustion air intake.

A day or two after the furnace repairs, I had a problem.  Furnace did not come on.  It got a little cool in the evening, but not too bad.  Things seemed to correct themselves as it worked fine (of course, we had warmer weather so not sure if it really was working right).  

Saturday, I friend provided some 1/4" mesh screen for me to use to "cover" the air piping.  It was cold, windy Saturday and Sunday was wet and cold.  So, did not get to covering the pipe openings.  This morning, I cut the screen/mesh and fashioned the air combustion air pipe covers.  Got them installed this morning.

Yesterday morning, I woke up with a cold house.  Not too cold that I could not shower and go to coffee, first.  Back home, I checked what I could (including the thermostat) and decided I needed to call the HVAC company.  Being the first real cold morning, they had a waiting list for their technician.

A couple hours after I called for repairs, the furnace decided to run again.  So, I cancelled the serivce call - not excited about the cost of a Sunday service call should the problem be my (and the varmit's) fault. This morning, the furnace once again did not run.  Called for repair technician.  Earliest  they can get to me is 4-6 this afternoon.  Glad things are warming up a little today or it would be damned cold in the house today.

***** UPDATE *****

The furnace technician was here.  He found the inducer blower was filled with water!!!  When he inspected the blower, he found that one hole in the blower housing was not drilled out - one of the water drains. My version of the furnace needs the hole drilled out, other version  need if plugged.  So a year ago, when the blower installed, the technician did not properly install the blower - did not drill out the drain.

Since I have a life-time warranty on the furnace -- no charge for today's service call.  Heat back in the house.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

15,000 Miles!

The weather has been windy, and have not been able to hit the 15k miles mark.  Yesterday, the temperature was awesome, the air was dry, but windy from the South.  Met a couple new friends there were thinking of riding fron Silver City to Malvern.  Just what I needed.

My log had been showing I needed 9 miles to break 15,000 miles since I started riding in July 2015.  Met my two new friends at Silver City.  They both ride Terra Trikes.  I rode my hardtail mountain bike (Trek 4300). 

When we started out, I could feel that I would have to take it easy.  Think i did not have enough, right food this morning to undertake the ride.  But, headed out anyway.  Stopped a couple times on the way to Silver Creek Bridge.  We stopped to visit for a while at the bridge.  Headed on South a little further to 305th St.

At this time, I knew i had had enough.  Would be rough enough getting back to the car.  Seemed that even the tail wind did not help me.  I was exhausted when I got back to the car.

Could hardly walk when I got home and unloaded the bike.  Too tired to think about processing photos or write this blog posting.  Restless night in bed. 

But, I made my goal - 15,000 miles.