Thursday, August 30, 2007

A GREAT day to be Alive!

WOW - clear, calm, cool day - specially after the heat we have had. My mountain bike is still in the show (waiting parts) so I loaded up the hybrid for a ride. Talked with Dennis and we decided to ride from the Mall to the Trail Center.

Our middle of the day ride was under cloudless skies and upper 70's. About 5 miles into the ride I had to choke back tears of joy - I was sooooo happy to ride, to ride to live, to be alive.

The ride really energized me. I have been walking on air. The ride felt almost as good as sex.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

XC State Championship Photos

My photos (some 320 of them) are posted on my web site. Enjoy.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Two rides in one day!

This morning the weather was saying HOT and humid today. Decided to ride early at Manawa. Got in over an hour of riding - part of my singletrack fix.

Started getting used to Zack's bike - still noticed that it is "skittish", tending to over steer. I have been told that it is in the geometry and will be different next year. Still good ride

The usual spots are slick/wet/muddy. Some dead falls will need to be cleared before the Metro Challenge.

It cooled off at the house, taking the opportunity to process and post the photos from yesterday's "Remembering Tony" ride. Check out the T.H.O.R. web site.

After a nap, it seems that my battery was recharged. I had wanted to ride at Tranquility to check out Zack's bike with climbing. So, I trundle over to the Bike Master's Cycling Club ride.

Climbing at Tranquility was where I noticed the most "skittish" handling. I had to work at staying in the track at the very slow speeds. After an hour of riding, I had enough riding for one day. Mostly my mind was getting tired. I was making more mistakes. Time to call it a day.

"Remembering Tony"

I never met Tony - wish I had. From what his friends say, he was a great guy.

Yesterday, about 20 mountain bikers gathered at Lake Manawa and rode to Lewis & Clark. My apologies, but wires got crossed regarding the route, so I missed seeing the group at LNC, and their visit to Tony's Bench.

More friends arrived after the ride for a picnic. Today or tomorrow I will get the photos on the T.H.O.R. web site.

For now - it looks like a good morning to ride, too hot to ride this afternoon.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

And They're Off

Luckily, today dawned clear and dry. Perfect weather for a race (upper 70s to lower 80s). After breakfast, I gathered up my camera equipment, stopped at Xtreme Wheels to demo a bike, and headed to Swanson Park.

The Nebraska State NORBA championship race was held this afternoon. That was the last of the Psycowpath 07 races - and I got shots at each one. Looks like I took some 1775 photos, which are on my web site (today's race probably will be posted Thursday).

With all the rain the last week, it was touch and go it the trail would be dry enough for the race. Thanks to Martin, Christine, et al, the course was in great shape.

One of the racers told me that my photos have been getting better -- happy to hear that. I know they are appreciated. After retouching today's photos, I have one remaining item to work on - that's making DVD(s) of the photos from the Banquet.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Enough of this #$%@# rain. We really don't need any more for weeks. Let the place dry for a while - PLEASE!

This weather is really getting me down. Tomorrow it will be a week since I was able to get out on singletrack. (I can't count the short ride when the seat clamp broke). MBTOmaha TNR did not happen at Swanson. Xtreme Wheels Friday Ride is canceled. Saturday's Psycowpath Race is in Jeopardy.


A small consolation, lots of others on the blogs are feeling it, too.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

To the Bike Shop

The weather was cool this morning - surprised! Headed out to Manawa to checkout the trail conditions after the work and take a ride.

Not too much debris on West Sidewinder. Rode to the East side - saw the erosion repairs the Rox and Josh made. Then I started over to ride Fast Track (my back way - to skip River Front Real Estate). At the dip, the saddle fastening bolt broke. Time to head back to the bike show.

This is the second time that has happened - told Zack the first time that if it happened again - it would be time to install a stronger seat post. (Guess just price I pay for my weight).

When I got home, mowed some of the lawn - another way of getting my exercise (but not as much fun as riding!). About noon - the rains came - AGAIN.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Manawa Trail Work

This evening I helped trail work. The work day was scheduled last week, in preparation for the Memorial Ride Sunday. I started manning a weed whacker. Made it through "No Second Chance". The heat and humidity in the woods was stifling. No air moving. Called it quits after a little over an hour.

The storm last night really wreaked havoc on the trees. In addition to myriad of branches, I came across one large tree down.

Would have liked to work more, but the heat had taken out it of me (though I was feeling better out in the air).

Figured the trail be too wet to ride, but walking back to work, I found it ridable - and saw some riders (Hi Rich). How, if the weather can reroute some of this rain forecast for this week...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday Morning Ride

I was planning to ride yesterday, but did not feel like riding - so came home after Ham Radio breakfast.

No way missing the weekly Sunday Morning Ride. The morning was clearer than it has been - we even saw downtown Omaha from Indian Creek Trail - rather then the haze accustomed to! Neither Dennis nor I were riding as our best. My legs were getting "heavy" within the first 5-7 miles. After walking things out a little I was ready to go again.

Still made the ride at an average of 12.5 mph. And, went over 1200 miles for the year.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Where was everyone?

This afternoon I HAD to get my fix of singletrack. No word from anyone else riding the Friday Ride - headed to Manawa to check out the trails.

The day was cloudy, not good drying condition. The grass was still damp at 6pm! Sidewinders are in pretty good shape. Other trails have some areas greasy with spots of mud. I was able to skirt those areas without damaging the trail.

The weather is not promising - more rain in the forecast. Looks like more time on the pavement.


Yesterday I was debating - Taco ride, Mtb Bike ride, stay home. I opted the mountain bike Thursday Night Ride. It was a nice evening (compared) - in the 80s and light breeze. With the rain earlier, the ride was moved to the Keystone Trail.

Now I knew I would not keep up with the others, so headed out with them, then rode at my pace from Culvers up to Cass St and return. Ended up with 19.5 miles in about 1.5 hours. The otheres arrived back about 10 minutes after I did - good timing.

Dinner at Li'l Burro in Bellevue after the ride. It was a good night - though a little late before I got home.

Today - lets see what happens. Blaine is not riding this evening. Sent a shop blog comment -- "Anyone else riding - weather permitting?" Sure hope since I need some singletrack. I heard that Tranquility is in good shape. --- hmmmm

Thursday, August 16, 2007

More Rain?

Finally I got out to ride yesterday. The weather has been miserable - hazy, hot, & humid. I rode from Wabash Trace trailhead to Indian Creek. Took the opportunity to check out the trail condition at Lake Manawa MtB. Rode West Sidewinder (usually the first to dry). Trail was mostly dry - needs another couple days of drying before the other trails are dry.

Now, that means it will be just about right for Friday Night Ride --- but there is rain coming (forecast) today -- URGH.

Looks like still more riding on pavement, dodging the storms, weathering the heat.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Not Good Riding Weather

Did not get out much to ride the last week. Last Sunday we cut short our Sunday Morning Ride - just too hot. Most of the week it was hot, humid and rainy.

I DID go out and ride Friday morning - Nice, cool morning but quickly warmed up. I woofed down so food (mostly some cookies) and headed out to rode. Mistake! I did not let the food digest before I rode. On the way home a tossed my cookies (literally). Urgh. Hope there was a good turn out for the Friday MtB Ride.

Early start on Saturday. Drove to Stanton, NE for the Maskenthine XC Classic mountain bike race. I brought the bike hoping to ride a little to check out this new singletrack trail. But, by the time I arrived and checked in with the host club, it was time to get ready to take photos. And it was just TOO hot to ride later. Got up to about 99 that day. Hoping to get the photos processed an on my web site Thursday.

This morning I prepared for our Sunday Morning Ride. Dennis wimped out on me because of the heat and humidity. No word from John. So, I headed to Manawa to ride some singletrack. The trail is mostly dry with a few sticky spots and a couple greasy areas. Found on dead fall over the trail in Wood Chopper - reported it to our trail leader. Forgot my camera so no pics today.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Manawa Trail Work

Whew - Yesterday was a hot and humid day. Steve, Martin & I tackled the job to remove some dead falls. Steve & Martin manned the chain saws. I moved the debris.

The only riding I did was to/from the work area.

See how it feels this morning for the Sunday Morning Ride.

In other news -- I check the Dirt Rag Magazine blog for my "What's Your Mission" entree. (

It is posted, so figured I can post to my web site. You can see my entree at:

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Friday Night Ride

I started mowing the lawn yesterday. Bought a new mower - the last was on its last legs. Weather pretty good - not too hot and we did not have the humidity earlier.

OK, what does that have to biking -- usually after mowing the lawn, I am too tired to ride. But, I really wanted to get out in the dirt. Forgot my heart monitor (should keep 1 in the car all the time) so when back for it. I could have ridden without it - I ride easier without it. I was glad that I got it -- I pushed a couple times (got my heart rate up to 140) and had a good ride. My riding is getting smoother, cleaner lines.

Last night was the largest group for the Ride -- great to meet the others - welcome. Look forward to the ride next Friday.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

4000 miles

Some time over the last week, I surpassed the 4000 mile mark since I started riding 25 months ago. The old Trek made 400 miles - now at a new home, the Trek 7200 FX at over 1600, and over 2000 (in less than 16 months) the Trek 4300. While totaling miles, now over 1100 miles so far this year.

Made the Tuesday Evening Ride from Xtreme Wheels. Just 2 of us recreational riders. The 13+ mph pace was what I needed after pushing it on the Sunday Morning ride and my first ride at Tranquility Park.

The weather forecast has been threatening rain and needed to get in some dirt time. Went to Manawa for some mountain bike riding. I was surprised by the broken branches, dead falls, and debris over the trail. I will send a note to the Lake Manawa Trail Leader - see how I can help to clear the trail (need a chain saw - I don't have an operating gas powered saw).

This morning, I heard from Dennis that Indian Creek Trail is bisected by road work on 92. Need to check what that will do to our Sunday Ride. Reroute or move to the Wabash Trace.