Wednesday, August 22, 2007

To the Bike Shop

The weather was cool this morning - surprised! Headed out to Manawa to checkout the trail conditions after the work and take a ride.

Not too much debris on West Sidewinder. Rode to the East side - saw the erosion repairs the Rox and Josh made. Then I started over to ride Fast Track (my back way - to skip River Front Real Estate). At the dip, the saddle fastening bolt broke. Time to head back to the bike show.

This is the second time that has happened - told Zack the first time that if it happened again - it would be time to install a stronger seat post. (Guess just price I pay for my weight).

When I got home, mowed some of the lawn - another way of getting my exercise (but not as much fun as riding!). About noon - the rains came - AGAIN.

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