Saturday, August 4, 2007

Friday Night Ride

I started mowing the lawn yesterday. Bought a new mower - the last was on its last legs. Weather pretty good - not too hot and we did not have the humidity earlier.

OK, what does that have to biking -- usually after mowing the lawn, I am too tired to ride. But, I really wanted to get out in the dirt. Forgot my heart monitor (should keep 1 in the car all the time) so when back for it. I could have ridden without it - I ride easier without it. I was glad that I got it -- I pushed a couple times (got my heart rate up to 140) and had a good ride. My riding is getting smoother, cleaner lines.

Last night was the largest group for the Ride -- great to meet the others - welcome. Look forward to the ride next Friday.


BLUEIF said...

Thanks for the ride and the pics. You looked so happy at the end of the ride last night. HUGE grin!


I can't wait till you get your Top Fuel 69er or Hi Fi 29er...then you will be unstoppable!

Thanks again for your trail expertise, trail work and photography!!!