Monday, August 27, 2007

Two rides in one day!

This morning the weather was saying HOT and humid today. Decided to ride early at Manawa. Got in over an hour of riding - part of my singletrack fix.

Started getting used to Zack's bike - still noticed that it is "skittish", tending to over steer. I have been told that it is in the geometry and will be different next year. Still good ride

The usual spots are slick/wet/muddy. Some dead falls will need to be cleared before the Metro Challenge.

It cooled off at the house, taking the opportunity to process and post the photos from yesterday's "Remembering Tony" ride. Check out the T.H.O.R. web site.

After a nap, it seems that my battery was recharged. I had wanted to ride at Tranquility to check out Zack's bike with climbing. So, I trundle over to the Bike Master's Cycling Club ride.

Climbing at Tranquility was where I noticed the most "skittish" handling. I had to work at staying in the track at the very slow speeds. After an hour of riding, I had enough riding for one day. Mostly my mind was getting tired. I was making more mistakes. Time to call it a day.

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The Hi Fi, Hi Fi 29er, or the new Fuel EX is the way to go...the 69 doesn't compare and the Race Day platform has always been flexy/twitchy!