Thursday, August 2, 2007

4000 miles

Some time over the last week, I surpassed the 4000 mile mark since I started riding 25 months ago. The old Trek made 400 miles - now at a new home, the Trek 7200 FX at over 1600, and over 2000 (in less than 16 months) the Trek 4300. While totaling miles, now over 1100 miles so far this year.

Made the Tuesday Evening Ride from Xtreme Wheels. Just 2 of us recreational riders. The 13+ mph pace was what I needed after pushing it on the Sunday Morning ride and my first ride at Tranquility Park.

The weather forecast has been threatening rain and needed to get in some dirt time. Went to Manawa for some mountain bike riding. I was surprised by the broken branches, dead falls, and debris over the trail. I will send a note to the Lake Manawa Trail Leader - see how I can help to clear the trail (need a chain saw - I don't have an operating gas powered saw).

This morning, I heard from Dennis that Indian Creek Trail is bisected by road work on 92. Need to check what that will do to our Sunday Ride. Reroute or move to the Wabash Trace.

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