Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Heading Home

After a light breakfast at the hotel, I finished packing the car.  Headed North from Tucson on highway 77.  Was planning to stopping by in Globe, but before I knew it, I was through the edge of town.

I had driven North from Globe and to the Salt River Canyon.  Just befire the canyon, I noticed abandonded buidinf - sign say Seneca.  Did a drive-through the area, down to the lake.  Took some photos.

Back on the highway, stopped along the road shooting photos of the canyon.  Will add some of these photos to the website page from a previous through the canyon.

Stopped in Slow Low to use the restroom and pick up maps & information.  I went up to St. Johns, gassed up and got some snacks before heading East via the road through Ramah.  Caught in rushhour getting home - about 5pm.  Was exhausted.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Air, Space, & Missiles

Time to check out some newer technology.  Headed out to the Pima Air & Space Museum.  Spent the extra money to ride the tram.  Was sure my legs and knee would not want to do all the walking.  Interesting tour - lots of aircraft.

Back at the room, I decided there was time to see if I could do a tour of a missile silo.  Googled for information - it's about 30 minutes South of Tuscon.  Plenty of time.  Had wanted to tour one of these sites - there's one in South Dakota, though a different missile.

Back at the room, started processing photos.  Went again to Brother John's for dinner - Monday special was a burger, fries and a pint of local been.  Packed up the room for departure in the morning.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Movies & Cacti

Seems that a Sunday would be a good day to check out Old Tuscon - a worked movie studio.  To get there, had to drive through the Tuscon Mountain Park.  Stopped at a parking area to take some photos.  Lot's of Saguaro and other cacti on the hills.

 Best know (by me) for the TV program "High Chaparral".  I am understanding that John Wayne starred on a lot of movies at the set.  Stopped in at the hotel/theater and picked up a soda and large pretzel.  Walked around and shot photos. 

Was happy to see that the is not charge for the train ride.  Bib the qhole loop and took some photos.  After more walking around, wanted to check out the High Chaparrel set.  Used the train back to the entrance/exit (a station in that area).   After 3 hours, I was ready to depart. 

Since I was in that part of town, went to the West section of Saguaro National Park.  Drove the gravel park road, shooting photos. 

Decided to eat dinner again at Brother John's.  Problem was their computers were down and had to get served at the bar.  Service at the bar was terrible. The bar tenders were both staying at the far end of the bar, basically ignored at my end of the bar.  Same amber beer. Tried the pulled pork sandwich.  Was not warm, not hot (temperature-wise).  Disappointed, early into bed.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

On to Tuscon

Packed up the Tombstone room and headed toward Tuscon.  Took the scenic route.  Ran across the old ghost town of Fairbank.  Took time to shoot a few photos.

Found Saguaro National Park East section.  Drove the scenic loop road.  Stopped along the road and turn-offs to take photos.  Very overcast day - not the greatest for taking photos, but the temperature is comfortable.  In the Visitor's Center, did some shopping.

On into Tuscon and find my lodging.  Used rewards points to sta at the Quality Inn, Downtown.  Room was not ready yet for me.  Headed out for a late lunch at Brother John's.  Good pint of local amber ale, burger, and side salad.

Settled into my room and started processing photos from the day.

Tombstone Tourist

Was out of the room about 8 AM.  Drove down to the town of Bigbee.  Old Bisbee is an interesting little town in the mountains, just North of the border with Mexico.  Stores where not open, yet.

From there, back to Tombstone to check out the cemetary at Boot Hill.  Amazing the number of graves marked "Unknown".  A few have lots of information, and some had interesting sayings. 

On back on Allen Street.  Did the self-guided tour of the Bird Cage Theater...Then lunch time.  At at the Longhorn on Allen St.  Had their chicken tenders with slaw, fries, and coffee.  Too much food, left most of the fries.

Last on the agenda for the day was picking up my copy of the souvenir coppy of the Tombstone Epitaph.  Back in the room, spend the rest of the day professing photos.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Moving Day

After breakfast at the ranch, I finished packing bag for moving into town (Tombstone} for two nights.  It has been may years since that I was so sad to leave the location.  The people at the Tombstone Monument Guest Ranch really make you comfortable, like that family.

Heading to retreive the car, stopped on the street and visited with a guest from New Zealand.  He and his wife are visitng the area during a 10 day trip to US.  Found out his heritage is also Danish!  Nice chat.  Gave hime a copy of my calendar.

When I got into town, it was too early to check into my motel.  Went to the noon reenactment of the "Gunfight at the OK Corral".  From there, heaaded down the street to Big Nose Kate's for lunch.  Met ham radio friend Terry Zipes and his wife.  Had a bacon sheeseburger, fries, and a 22 oz mug ot Kilt
Lifter.   Then checked into my motel.  Settled into the room and processed photos.

A Recovery Day

Yesterday evening, I set up for a Utility Vehicle ride of the ranch are and an afernoon 1 hour group trail ride.  When I got up, (remember, I did not sleep well), I stopped by the desk and asked then to cancel my plans for doing the afternoon trail ride.  I was just too tired.

The ranch owner took me an hour-long tour of the area.  It was a wild ride (I had been warned during playing poker last night).

Most of the afternoon, I rested and napped in the room.  Did process the photos from my morning ride.  Eventually, found myself on a stool in the saloon for a couple pints of beer and an order of cheese curds.  Entertainment in the saloon was a guitar picker and singer. Early to bed this evening. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2019


After breakfast, it was time for my first ever horseback ride.  The wrangler and her helpers got me settled into the saddle on "Doc".  Here's the money shot of Doc and me.

After about 1/2 hour, I was ready to call it enough for a first ride.  Went to the room to post the photo.  In the afternoon, I again rode Doc - this time for a hour-long riding lesson.

After the lesson, I was feeling a little more comfortable riding.  Learned more of the way to guide the horse, getting him to go where I wanted him to go.

After a shower and changing into my evening wear, I settled into a stool on the bar in the saloon.  Was a little hungry.  Had some bar-food washed down with pints of Kilt Lifter.  Later, we moved into the card room to learn how to play Texas Hold-um.

Tired. I headed to my room about 10pm.  Had an order of deep-fried cheese curds and some fries as food.  Foir pints of beet, and a couple hours of practice poker..  Unfortunately, I was so wired, I had problems getting to sleep.  It was an awesome day.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Chiricahua National Monument

Was a foggy morning when I stuck my head out of the room and walked over the breakfast room.  By the time I was back at the room, the fog had lifted.  Loaded back into the car and headed to Chiricahua National Monument,

Wanted to look what is left of Fort Bowie.  Drove the dirt road, but not ready to walk the dirt trail 200 ft to see the site.  On to Chiricahua.

Checked into the Visitor's Center.  Picked up information, a book, and misc "stuff".  Drove the road to it's end, stopping for photos..  Was a cold, windy morning up at the end of the road.

Had time, so headed towards Bisbee, AZ.  Unfortunately, it was pouring rain when I got there, so just drove through town and headed to Tombstone.  Late lunch at Doc Holiday's Saloon in Tombstone ("dined" on Tombstone pizza). Washed down my meal with 2 pints of 8's and Ace's local craft beer.

Took a couple photos of Allen St. in Tombstone and headed to check into the Tombstone Monument Guest Ranch.  Settled into my "Grand Hotel" room.  There was problems with my heat in the room which was eventually sorted out. 

Sunday, February 3, 2019

On the Road Again

My planned trip to Death Valley starting late January had to be cancelled because of the "Orange One's" dumb government shutdown.   I planned a different Winter trip - Destinations Tombstone & Tuscon, AZ.

Day one on the trip got me to Lordsburg, NM.  On the was, I stopped by Chloride, NM.  Met Donald Edmonds (I have read his book about growing up on a farm in Wisconsin).  Gave his daughter 5 copies of my 2019 calendar as a donation to the museum and store.  Picked up 2 more books about the area,, one also authored my Edmonds.

Stopped by the General Store and Cafe in Hillsboro.  Dropped off 2 of my calendars - the inside of the store in a page of my calendar.  Shot some photos in the real ghost town of Lake Village.  It was raining when I arrived in Lordsburg and checked into my room.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Late Lunch @ BJ's

Getting ready for my cowboy trip to Arizona (including staying at a dude ranch - planning to learn to ride a horse). Picked up a duffle bag and OTC socks. Took a break from packing with a lunch - ham & cheese sandwich, fries, and a pint of Irish Red Ale at the local BJ's brewhouse. Just about ready to start packing the car. Dinner with Cousin Don tomorrow afternoon, then on the road Sunday morning.
Decisions, Decisions - which boots to pack...