Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ready to Head Back to Iowa

Sat most if the day Tuesday waiting for the office furniture delivery.  Opened the box of the file cabinet.  Decide it was too much to start on with my pending return to Iowa.

Had a relaxing evening with 2 pints of amber ale, a chili cheese dog, and fries.  Was a beautiful evening to "dine" alfresco on the brewhouse patio!

Getting into the mood for heading to Iowa, I spent the day Wednesday packing a couple things I need for the drive back.  Worked on my list of things i want to pack out of Iowa house.

The week at the new house in Rio Rancho was very beneficial.  It helped me finalize what things I wanted to move and others I will leave for sale in Iowa.  Late lunch at the Flying Star Cafe.  There was supposedly High Desert ARC members there for lunch/coffee.  Did not see any .  Had a good (but expensive) burger, fries, and soda.

Ready for a early (hopefully) start tomorrow on the road.,, Reservations back in Dodge City tomorrow night.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Skipping the Festivals

I decided it was better to settle into the new house rather than running out to Santa Fe for the Bike & Brew fest.  I also skipped the Celtic Festival at the Balloon Festival Park.  I had a big burger and a pint of Amber Ale at a local establishment "The Local Brewhouse".

Spent the weekend settling into the new house and picking up a few more supplies (lamps), new TV for the living room, vacuum, et al.

Arranging the bedroom, I saw that I really wanted a second night stand.  Called the salesman at the furniture store.  Ended up picking it up and setting in the bedroom.

Bought a desk and file cabinet for the living room.  This would mostly used with the laptop and All-in-One printer.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Closing and Sleeping in the New House

Closing was not without problems and conserns.  Late last Friday I received a message that the closing numbers were wrong and I would need more money.  The bank loan officer said I would be able to write a personal check for the difference.  When I got to the title company, the closing agent showed me a DIFFERENT amount.  Thankfully, my real estate agent and the bank load officer arrived and we could discuss this problem.

Apparently, the discrepancies were errors that the bank made problems, crediting costs to my account where they should have been credited the seller's account.  We were able to close.  Unfortunately, the seller was not closing until that afternoon in Arizona.  That delayed recording of the sale until the next day.

My cousin and I celebrated the closing with a meal and brews at Billy's Long Bar.

Bought bedding, phone connections, some food, and other supplies for the new house.  Moved to the Rio Rancho Comfort Inn using points for a free night room.

Friday, my furniture arrived.  Washed the bedding and made the bed.  Ready to spend the first night sleeping in the new house.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Final Inspection Before Closing

Early start out of Dodge City.  Took US 56 to Tucumcari.  In the area of the Oklahoma/Texas state line, I saw this unusual structure along the highway.  Almost looks like some type of antenna.

Took a couple other photos on the drive.  Early arrival in Albuquerque.  Settled into the motel and contacted my cousin.

Monday, I did some errands in the area in preparations for the move.  Met the real estate agent for the final inspection of the new house before closing on Wednesday.

Did some furniture shopping.  Ended up ordering a bedroom set, sofa, and entertainment center.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

House Closing Trip

As usual, I was out of the house early this morning for my drive to Albuquerque.  Reason for this trip is closing on the new house.

Chilly morning.  Was in the upper 30s as the sun came uo.  Nothing exciting on the first day drive.  Got a little tired in Kansas and pulled in at a rest area for rest and walk around. 

Early arrival in Dodge City.  Checked into my hotel room and crashed into bed.  Ended up with about a 3 hour nap.  There is a sports bar & gtill across the street from my hotel.  Walked over for a pint of Amber Bock, bacon cheeseburger, with chips.  Great beer and food.  Long time since I have been serve a burger with such a large, think slice of onion!  Check out Bad Habit Sports Bar & Grill on W. Wyatt Earp Blvd

Filled my water cup at the hotel when back.  Think i am sated and in for the night.  Another day on the road (probably early start) to Albuquerque.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Bike & Brew Festival AND Big Mountain Enduro

The weekend of May 19022 will be a big one for bicycle enthusiasts.  There will be the 3rd annual Outside Santa Fe Bike & Brew Festival.  Add in the season opening of the Big Mountain Enduro race series. 

I have been able to attend part of both of the first 3 festivals.  In 2014, I tried riding a couple of the group rides, but the 10 miles and the altitude, were just too much for me.  Had a nice time at the opener with the brew and hand-made bike show.

Last year, it was cold and rainy.  Braved the rain to attend the brew tasting & bike show, but skipped most of the other events - played "tourist" instead. 

I have been debating if I should attend this year's festival or go to the Celtic Festival in Albuquerque.  If any of my Omaha friends are racing in Santa Fe, I would probable opt to the bike & brew festival.

Mortgage Approved

Got the word yesterday that my mortgage for the new house in Rio Rancho has been approved.  Now, if I could just get the energy to finish packing the Iowa belongings.  Lots of space yet in the POD.

Will be bringing 2 of my bikes with me on the trip to closing (road bike & hard tail).  Internet & phone are ready to be installed on the 19th.

Buying some furniture (bedroom set, sofa, etc) while down there.  Over the weekend there is either Bike & Brew festival in Santa Fe or Celtic festival in Albuquerque to attend.