Friday, May 20, 2016

Closing and Sleeping in the New House

Closing was not without problems and conserns.  Late last Friday I received a message that the closing numbers were wrong and I would need more money.  The bank loan officer said I would be able to write a personal check for the difference.  When I got to the title company, the closing agent showed me a DIFFERENT amount.  Thankfully, my real estate agent and the bank load officer arrived and we could discuss this problem.

Apparently, the discrepancies were errors that the bank made problems, crediting costs to my account where they should have been credited the seller's account.  We were able to close.  Unfortunately, the seller was not closing until that afternoon in Arizona.  That delayed recording of the sale until the next day.

My cousin and I celebrated the closing with a meal and brews at Billy's Long Bar.

Bought bedding, phone connections, some food, and other supplies for the new house.  Moved to the Rio Rancho Comfort Inn using points for a free night room.

Friday, my furniture arrived.  Washed the bedding and made the bed.  Ready to spend the first night sleeping in the new house.

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