Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ready to Head Back to Iowa

Sat most if the day Tuesday waiting for the office furniture delivery.  Opened the box of the file cabinet.  Decide it was too much to start on with my pending return to Iowa.

Had a relaxing evening with 2 pints of amber ale, a chili cheese dog, and fries.  Was a beautiful evening to "dine" alfresco on the brewhouse patio!

Getting into the mood for heading to Iowa, I spent the day Wednesday packing a couple things I need for the drive back.  Worked on my list of things i want to pack out of Iowa house.

The week at the new house in Rio Rancho was very beneficial.  It helped me finalize what things I wanted to move and others I will leave for sale in Iowa.  Late lunch at the Flying Star Cafe.  There was supposedly High Desert ARC members there for lunch/coffee.  Did not see any .  Had a good (but expensive) burger, fries, and soda.

Ready for a early (hopefully) start tomorrow on the road.,, Reservations back in Dodge City tomorrow night.

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