Saturday, May 25, 2019

Introduction to County Hunting

In the United States. there are 3077 jurisdictions (counties, parishes, districts). CQ Magazine offers an award for making 2-way amateur radio contacts with stations in those jurisdictions. The award is the United States All Counties Award (USA CA).
I, (WA9LKD), holds USA-CA #946. At the June meeting 0f the High Desert Amateur Radio Club, I will present a talk on “Introduction to County Hunting”. Topics will include requirements for the award, MARAC (Mobile Amateur Radio Awards Club), County Hunting Nets, where to find additional information, and hints on how to start on county hunting.
Warning- county hunting can be addictive.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Taco Cabana - a Bust

Yesterday, decided to check out some of the local "Fast Food". Went to the Taco Cabana at Westside & Unser. Ordered their beef enchilada plate with green chile on the side. I was not excited about the taste. Even with the chile, it was rather bland.

Food was just "warm".  The tortillas were basically cold (though wrapped in foil). Chalk up for experience - food was not tasty and poor presentation