Saturday, September 29, 2007

Relaxing singletrack ride

Wind was starting to kick up this morning. Decided to take a relaxing dirt ride at Manawa. Met Ryon and his sons, asked me about the Manawa trail. Gave them a tour of some of the trails - Both Sidewinders and Wood Chopper. After that, I headed out for my normal route. Construction equipment were removed what I was riding there.

Talked with one of the workers. One area of the trail is soft/muddy from the construction. They will be back in 2 weeks for more work. In the mean time, ride around the taped off area.

After my ride, I headed to the UP Museum to check out the Photo Contest. I don't know how to figure out what they want. True, art is subjective. but I don't know why some of the winners even placed! Some sure don't seen to depict their subject matter. Others look like they were categorized wrong. There were several much better photos ( in my opinion) than the "Best in Show".

I will have to take a hard look whether I want to enter next year.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Success on Wood Chopper

Usual Friday Night Ride at Manawa.

Not riding that well on warm-up. Heading up the East side the trail is blocked by construction equipment. (See photo) I was able to ride through the area, blazing a reroute.

When we started group ride, I lead the group to the West side. This evening it was the first time I was able to ride the blue section of Wood Chopper without stopping to get through those 2 tight trees. Success! Now, if I can now ride the reroute at Wood Chopper exit and climb the ditch...

It is getting dark very for our ride. Within the next couple weeks will have to stop the rides or ride with lights.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Frustrating Computer Problem

It has been a while since I rode the "Trace". Don't think that I had ridden to Malvern this season! Beautiful day for a bike ride. Sunny, 80, some wind.

I needed the ride. Had been getting frustrated with my computer network. It was just not working right, specially since installing the router and satellite modem. I finally found a solution. The network here is a peer-peer network (as opposed to Server-client network). The configuration file on my XP Pro computer showed the mode to be peer-peer. BUT, the mode needs to be "mixed", "unknown" or other - specifically NOT peer-peer. Once I changed the registry - problem solved. Go figure. You gotta "love" Microsoft.

BTW - Today topped over 1400 miles for the year.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Smokin' Ride

I was the only one on the "slower" ride on our Tuesday Evening Ride. When I started off, I found I could/wanted/needed a ride that pushes me. Around ISD I was smokin' (for me and on my mountain bike) at 18-20 mph.

Made my personal best time for shop and around Manawa. Pushed most of the ride - heart rate at 130-150. A real workout. Felt great after the day off yesterday.

Info: B-day Ride

Some information about my planned 60th birthday ride...

Saturday, Oct 13th. Start to assemble about 1pm - Lake Manawa Mountain Bike Trail

Figure we should be able to start riding by 1:30. Now, I can only ride about an hour and quarter to hour and half. That is enough for my legs, etc. Others may want to ride longer.

I will fire up a grill (working on that). Planning to pick up burgers and buns. Bring what else you want to eat/drink.

In the next couple days I will contact the Park about reserving a shelter. If the trails are not rideable, we can take a ride on the paved trail around CB. Lets hope for good weather and trail conditions.

Rumor has it another of our riding friends will be celebrating his birthday a day after mine. (He IS a few years younger than me.)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Driving my bike

"Mastering Mountain Bike Skills" talks about becoming one with your bike. Now I have not "mastered" mountain bike skills, but I can feel that I am beginning to "driving" my bike rather than being a passenger.

Let me say it this way -- I was feeling that a ride was my bike and the trail, me taking a ride. Now I am feeling more that it is me and the trail - the bike is just a conveyance. I hope this makes sense!

I feel that riding/driving is becoming easier - in that not taking so much concentration - more intuitive. Now I navigate the trail without looking at each and every root, stone, turn. I look up the trail and drive the bike.

As I am getting better at riding the trails, maybe I can concentrate learning how to negotiate logs, rocks, bridges, etc.

OK, enough philosophy.

The photo is on Fast Track - my favorite trail at Manawa. I like the way the vines hang over the trail -- looks what I would imagine as Fodor's Middle Earth forest.

Made a 23+ mile ride Wednesday. With being off the bike so much the last 2 weeks, I was starting to hurt at about 18 miles. Slowed down the pace and finished the ride as a recovery ride.

Thursday I was debating Taco Ride or TNR. Once I heard that Rusty wanted to ride at Swanson before he moves, I decided to do the THR and take some photos for the T.H.O.R. web site. Legs were a little sore/tired so only ride about 4 miles.

Friday Evening Xtreme Wheel ride - short ride as it was getting dark while finishing 1 lap.

Beautiful weather today. Had a great ride at Manawa. This ride caused me to talk about driving my bike.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Manawa 12 Hour

Little cool this morning (37 when I headed out). After breakfast, I went to Lake Manawa Mountain Bike trail. Visited, shot some pics of the race, ate some "THORBurgers".

I did not stay for the whole race. Went home for a little and picked up mattes for the Bluffs Arts Council Photo Contest.

The sky started spitting some rain, just enough to settle the dust. As it was nearing sunset, I decided to head home - was getting tired. Ended up processing the pics I took.

9/17 - My race photos are on my web site.

Friday Night Ride?

hmmm, where was everyone last night? I guess if Blueif is out of town no one else rides?

Anyway, I had a great ride. Weather (a little breeze but who cares in the woods) was great and the trail condition in prime shape. I logged 10 miles.

The folks of MidWest Cycling Community were out marking & taping the course for today's 12 hour race. There were a couple other rides on the trail. A good ride.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sex is over rated

It has been a week and half since I rode my bicycles. Basically 2 weeks since a singletrack ride. "Why?" you ask. I was on a trip and could not bring a bike. URGH. Yes, I was suffering from withdrawal.

This afternoon, I got out to the Lake Manawa MtB trail. Damn, it sure felt good to have that metal between my legs. I have been saying that riding sweet singletrack is almost as good as sex. Well, today, I decided sex is over rated. Nothing made me happier than heading out on sidewinder.

I was able to ride about 9 miles and a little over an hour before it was time to do trail work. I tried ride holding on a lopper. Success! I felt good about that accomplishment. Rode another 50 minutes and 5 miles while lopping.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

60th Birthday Ride?

On October 15th I will turn 60. Now, I can't just let that go by. How about a bike ride/mountain bike ride?

One thought is to ride a Lake Manawa then have some grub at one of the shelters. Thinking of Saturday or Sunday early afternoon.

Another idea is a pavement ride (on CB bike path) Monday evening (bring your lights) and end at Cellar 19.

Ideas, comments?

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Xtreme Wheels Century

No, I did not ride the 100+ miles today. But I was up bright and early to take some photos. A good turn out, great weather. Hope every had a good ride.

After the Century Ride start, I took my normal Sunday Morning Ride with Dennis. Was a gorgeous day - Was in the mid 70s and no the light wind. We got stuck by a train - waiting about 20 minutes. Made it was a long ride. The rest kind of rejuvenated me.

After the ride, I headed home to process the photos. Left a CD at the bike shop.

Backing up a couple days, we had a good Friday Night Ride at Lake Manawa. The trail was in mostly dry (just some slick/soft/muddy spots). The sunset is starting to cutting into our riding time.