Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sex is over rated

It has been a week and half since I rode my bicycles. Basically 2 weeks since a singletrack ride. "Why?" you ask. I was on a trip and could not bring a bike. URGH. Yes, I was suffering from withdrawal.

This afternoon, I got out to the Lake Manawa MtB trail. Damn, it sure felt good to have that metal between my legs. I have been saying that riding sweet singletrack is almost as good as sex. Well, today, I decided sex is over rated. Nothing made me happier than heading out on sidewinder.

I was able to ride about 9 miles and a little over an hour before it was time to do trail work. I tried ride holding on a lopper. Success! I felt good about that accomplishment. Rode another 50 minutes and 5 miles while lopping.

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