Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Big Dam Bridge

Cool day today, and a little windy. But today is my last day to ride in Little Rock, so I headed out for a ride. I had the wind in my face heading out.

Was not sure how far I would make. Ended riding to the Big Dam Bridge. Stopped for a rest. Started riding up the bridge (thinking maybe I would ride to the middle). I turned back - was not sure I had the legs to ride up the bridge and still ride back to the house. Decided to fore go riding the bridge and headed back. After all, I still have to climb the Main St. Bridge.

Flew back on the trail. Sure was nice having the wind to my back.

Weather was perfect on the way back. Sure was happy I made the ride.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Boyle Park, Little Rock

Turned out to be a really nice day - mid 60s and sunny. Decided on a singletrack ride.

Headed to the easier section of the Boyle Park singletrack. After making a first short loop, noticed another trail branching off the loop. Found a much longer loop. This section has some real climbs.

Rode most of the paved trails as a cool-down. It was really nice to ride singletrack in shorts!

Weather forecast is rain tonight and windy tomorrow.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Little Rock

Hey, I am still around. Not much to blog about the last 3 weeks. Cold, nasty weather. So, I decided on a rode trip to Little Rock.

Made a quick ride in town to check equipment, then headed to the N. Little Rock River Trail. Rode to Burns Park. Coming back was in the wind. Riding over the Main St. bridge almost did me in, heart rate way up, riding at 5mph. Fast recovery.

Damn, it felt good to be back on the bike!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Black Hills Fat Tire Festival

Information about the Black Hills Fat Tire Festival (BHFTF) is out on their web site - Last year was the first year for this festival.

Even though the rocks and the altitude stopped me from ride much single track, I had a great time. I rode the river trail (paved) to and from some of the activities. This year activities expand to include a film festival, 2 day ride on the Mickelson Trail Tide, and additional races.

Last year all functions were available for one pass price. This year, activities will be ala carte.

Looking for something to do Memorial Day Weekend? Want to spend it with other mountain bikers? Check out the Black Hills Fat Tire Festival.