Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Big Dam Bridge

Cool day today, and a little windy. But today is my last day to ride in Little Rock, so I headed out for a ride. I had the wind in my face heading out.

Was not sure how far I would make. Ended riding to the Big Dam Bridge. Stopped for a rest. Started riding up the bridge (thinking maybe I would ride to the middle). I turned back - was not sure I had the legs to ride up the bridge and still ride back to the house. Decided to fore go riding the bridge and headed back. After all, I still have to climb the Main St. Bridge.

Flew back on the trail. Sure was nice having the wind to my back.

Weather was perfect on the way back. Sure was happy I made the ride.


POLOSCAB said...

Hope your having a blast. Most of the snow is gone here, just a little rain today.
We may be able to do a walk through at Riverside soon. Talk to you soon.

naugabike said...

It sure was nice to be back on singletrack.. Would have liked to ride more, but did not to wear out my welcome.

I can't wait for Spring and the trails have dried off!

Low Carb Lady said...

I finally made it to the BDB yesterday. It was quite a treat.