Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mortgage Frustration

I am getting frustrated with the paperwork and problems getting my mortgage in New Mexico.  I had a mortgage banker that I liked working with,   For some reason, he is no longer with the bank.  The repacement and the others in the office are having problems accessing all of the files that I sent to the original mortgage office. 

Now, it has been unending requests for re-sending files.  That, and answering more question - all which I answered when I initially met with Lou (back in March). 

Meanwhile, the home inspection was accomplished yesterday.  There are some minor (GFCI outlets, etc) and major (furnace and water heater are old and should be replaced). 

All of this does not help me get motivated to pack boxes and tubs, then get them into the PODS. 

Monday, April 11, 2016


I got on the road back to Iowa very early Thursday morning. My route took me up I-24 to Springer, NM.  From there, it was US 56 to the Dodge City, KS area.  Crashed that night at the Rodeway Inn. 

Another early start, taking the diagonal toward Salinas.  Next up to York, NE, and finally I-80 to Council Bluffs.  Stommed in at the bike shop to pick up the two bikes which were prepping for the move.  Post office for mail, and finally back home.

The moving PODS was delivered today.  Now, the real work can begin.

Packing is going slow.  Masking a mess in the house pulling out stuff I want to pack to move.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tram Flight

Worked with my loan officer.  He got the mortgage papers ready for me and e-mailed me the link to review the application and electronically sign them.  Thaw was accomplished.

Since I was basically packed and the afternoon free, I decided to play tourist and ride (fly) the tram up to Sandia Peak.  Was a beautiful day for the "flight".  Brought my jacket because I knew it would be chilly on top of the mountain.

Took photos on the way up the mountain.  Shot some HDR photos on top of the mountain.  Since I had not eaten, I opted to have a late lunch in the restaurant on the top of the mountain.  Was a bit pricey but the food and scenery were great.  More photos on the way down the mountain.  Another time taking the tram flight, I need to remember to bring my polarizing filter (to cut glare and reflection from the windows).

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Photos, Frustration, and Paperwork

Monday, my real estate agent took me to the house.  Agenda was to check out a few items about the house, take photos for my use, and identify what I might want in the house.  That went well.  Got some good photos to post online and send prints to relatives that do not have internet.

Next was how to pay earnest money for the purchase.  Problems because I had lost my checkbook.  All were a pain - I called the title company representative saying I would be bringing cash the next day.  That day, I had problems.  They did not want to accept cash.  Guess the title company representative was not able to act on my phone call the previous day.  Did get the situation partially rectified.  Left me in a foul mood.

Started packing the room to get on the road home Thursday.  Met cousin Don for dinner and pints (my treat).  A couple pints of Alaskan Amber Ale and a enchilada dinner did wonders for my mood.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Bosque and Brat

Had problems sleeping last night.  Went to the breakfast room and had some cereal, coffee, and apple juice.  Bach to bed and nap.  About noon, it was time for me to grab my cycling kit and prepare for a bike ride.

This would be my first ride if the year and it was 5000 foot altitude.  Was not sure how far I could/should ride.  I knew the best place to ride was the Bosque from the Montano trailhead.

Ended up with just over 4.5 miles.  Did not want to over-do this first ride.  Treated myself to a pint of amber ale, a brat, and fries at Spinn's (about 2 blocks from the trailhead).  My the time I was back at the room, unloaded the bike, and shed the cycling kit, I was exhausted.

Back to preparations for moving tomorrow - visit insurance agent to give him information about the difference property.  Selled of Wyoming Autumn property has until 5pm Monday to respond to my offer.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Wyoming Autumn

I searched for more houses on the real estate web site.  Found a couple others that I would like to see.  Saturday, we made another drive to Rio Rancho to look at houses.

This was the best house we saw.  Three bedroon, 2 bath custom house.  Open floor plan with kitchen, breakfast bar, dining area, and living room.  There is a nice wood-burning fireplace and a sun room.  Landscaping is xeriscape.  Finished and heated garage (even with a shower in the garage!).

The house is in the same subdivision with the Stagecoach and Arizona Sunset houses.  Less than 2 mile bike ride to services, food, etc.  Back at the real estate office, we wrote an offer for the property.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Frustrating Week

I did not get a warm, fuzzy feeling that would get a contract in the Stagecoach house. Looking at the disclosure statement, we found out that the water piping was polybutylene .  There was a class-action suit against the manufacture of the pipe. The time for remedy has expired.  So, the piping should have been replaced.  Got an oral estimate from a plumber.

After the offer expired, my agent sent me some other properties to consider.  We still had hopes that the concerns of Stagecoach house offer could be rectified.  We went on 2 paths.

There was a house in the same subdivision, about a mile away.  The house pictured above was the best of the houses we looked at.  Open floor plan and cathedral ceiling in the "great room".  Front yard was pretty bland.  Small covered patio and part of the back yard was just dirt (fine, disty dirt).

I went back to the Caldwell-Banker Legacy web site and found a couple other possibles.  By Friday evening, I was getting very depressed.  Sunday should have been the day I was planning to head back home to Iowa.  But, I did not have a contract for purchase a house.