Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tram Flight

Worked with my loan officer.  He got the mortgage papers ready for me and e-mailed me the link to review the application and electronically sign them.  Thaw was accomplished.

Since I was basically packed and the afternoon free, I decided to play tourist and ride (fly) the tram up to Sandia Peak.  Was a beautiful day for the "flight".  Brought my jacket because I knew it would be chilly on top of the mountain.

Took photos on the way up the mountain.  Shot some HDR photos on top of the mountain.  Since I had not eaten, I opted to have a late lunch in the restaurant on the top of the mountain.  Was a bit pricey but the food and scenery were great.  More photos on the way down the mountain.  Another time taking the tram flight, I need to remember to bring my polarizing filter (to cut glare and reflection from the windows).

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