Friday, April 1, 2016

Frustrating Week

I did not get a warm, fuzzy feeling that would get a contract in the Stagecoach house. Looking at the disclosure statement, we found out that the water piping was polybutylene .  There was a class-action suit against the manufacture of the pipe. The time for remedy has expired.  So, the piping should have been replaced.  Got an oral estimate from a plumber.

After the offer expired, my agent sent me some other properties to consider.  We still had hopes that the concerns of Stagecoach house offer could be rectified.  We went on 2 paths.

There was a house in the same subdivision, about a mile away.  The house pictured above was the best of the houses we looked at.  Open floor plan and cathedral ceiling in the "great room".  Front yard was pretty bland.  Small covered patio and part of the back yard was just dirt (fine, disty dirt).

I went back to the Caldwell-Banker Legacy web site and found a couple other possibles.  By Friday evening, I was getting very depressed.  Sunday should have been the day I was planning to head back home to Iowa.  But, I did not have a contract for purchase a house.

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