Sunday, April 3, 2016

Bosque and Brat

Had problems sleeping last night.  Went to the breakfast room and had some cereal, coffee, and apple juice.  Bach to bed and nap.  About noon, it was time for me to grab my cycling kit and prepare for a bike ride.

This would be my first ride if the year and it was 5000 foot altitude.  Was not sure how far I could/should ride.  I knew the best place to ride was the Bosque from the Montano trailhead.

Ended up with just over 4.5 miles.  Did not want to over-do this first ride.  Treated myself to a pint of amber ale, a brat, and fries at Spinn's (about 2 blocks from the trailhead).  My the time I was back at the room, unloaded the bike, and shed the cycling kit, I was exhausted.

Back to preparations for moving tomorrow - visit insurance agent to give him information about the difference property.  Selled of Wyoming Autumn property has until 5pm Monday to respond to my offer.

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