Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Photos, Frustration, and Paperwork

Monday, my real estate agent took me to the house.  Agenda was to check out a few items about the house, take photos for my use, and identify what I might want in the house.  That went well.  Got some good photos to post online and send prints to relatives that do not have internet.

Next was how to pay earnest money for the purchase.  Problems because I had lost my checkbook.  All were a pain - I called the title company representative saying I would be bringing cash the next day.  That day, I had problems.  They did not want to accept cash.  Guess the title company representative was not able to act on my phone call the previous day.  Did get the situation partially rectified.  Left me in a foul mood.

Started packing the room to get on the road home Thursday.  Met cousin Don for dinner and pints (my treat).  A couple pints of Alaskan Amber Ale and a enchilada dinner did wonders for my mood.

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