Friday, May 31, 2013

Hayward, Wisconsin

Was a long day on the road today.  Did not getting much sleep last night, so ended up very tired this evening.

Weather was decent most of the drive.  Started getting some strong winds from the South in southern Minnesota.  Speed really slowed once i got off the Interstate.  Picked up tourist booklets/brochures when I crossed into Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Checked in my motel - Riverside Motel - in Hayward.  Previous times, i had been staying at the Super 8, but that has cnaged hands.  So, figured I might as well check a local motel, specially as its less expensive!  (about $20 a night cheaper).  Nice, large, old motel room.  Has a microwave, mini-fridge, and coffee pot!  And, of course, free Wi-Fi.

Napped for a little then headed up to OO Trailhead for registration.  Got that business done, visited with Hansi (IMBA region director).  Too tired to ride this afternoon - would likely end ho crashing - so left the bikes at the motel.  Knew I was too tired to hang around for the meet and greet this evening, so headed back to the motel.

Storm clouds were gathering over Hayward Lake.  Today's photo was taken from the patio of the motel.  Soone, it was raining.  Time for me to get some dinner.

Was looking forward to eating at the Angry Minnow.  They support the festival and has had some good food.  This evening, I was disappointed.  Three years ago, I had a great pork tenderloin and fries.  Two years ago, they had good burgers and the tenderloin sandwich was thicker and smaller (not as good).

This evening, I saw that they have very trimmed the menu.  Three fancy burger, avacado, or sunny-side egg, or some other concoction.  I opted with the plain cheddar burger (1/4 #) with fries.  The only offer burgers cooked medium.  A order of fries is size of 2-3 normal orders - and cost $3.00!  Not impressed and let the server that I was disappointed with the changes.  Next time, I will pass on food at the Angry Minnow.

Bed time.  I am exhausted and have a little headache. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mountain Bike Festivals - 2013

Been a frustrating week (10 days) since my biopsy.  MRI and PET scan last Friday.  Got some info from my oncologist's nurse.  Scans look good and I could make plans for my mountain bike festival trip.

This weekend, I will be attending Festival of the Trails in Hayward/Cable, Wisconsin.  This will be the 3rd time attending this festival.

The next weekend is the Cuyuna Lakes Montain Bike fest in Crosby, MN.   (Sorry, Cuyuna, but your web site does not have an image I can hijack for the blog).  I have been attending this function for 3 three years since the trail; system opened.

Since its about 500 miles from my home to Hayward and same for Crosby, does not make any sense to drive home for the 3-4 days between.  Instead, I will be riding my bikes and play tourist in the Duluth/Superior area.  Bringing the full suspension mountain bike and the hybrid.  Think I can do some tourist activities by bike in Duluth.

See you on the trails...

Friday, May 17, 2013


Been in the hospital this week for a biopsy on a mass in my left lung.  I won't bore you the details of why a week in the hospital for a needle biopsy.

Got preliminary result this afternoon - lung cancer.  This is now the 4th different cancer I have gotten. 

This mass was not showing 6 months ago, so hoping we can catch it in time.  Waiting for the full biopsy results and see if additional tests are needed.  Then we will see what my doctors and I can work up as treatment. 

Thanks, Wayne D for making the "Army Strong" coment on my facebook page.  That's the inspiration for the "photo" with this posting.

Monday, May 13, 2013

A Busy Sunday

Normal Sunday morning coffee at Panera with John & Dennis.  Nothing big shaking.  Did talk a little with John about his live streaming work Saturday.

While there, got a call from high school friend. he and his wife was in town (knew they might try to stop by).  Met them at Village Inn for pie and coffee.  Nice visit.

Relaxed a little at home. but by noon, the weather was just too nice to say inside.  Knowing the I will be in the hospital for sever days this week, I loaded the hybrid on the car rack and drove to the Wabash Trace trailhead. 

Was debating of ride there or take the hardtail to Silver City to ride The Trace.  Buth knowing the fridge is pretty bare, wanted to have a steakburger at Freddies after the ride.  So, it was a ride to and around Lake Manawa.

Beautiful day for a bike ride and lots of folks on the trails.  Low 60s, sunny, and a very light breeze from the NW.  The broken trail surface reported on the 7th, has been replaced (See photo).  While the construction tape was not stretched over the trail, the concrete was looking a little damp,, yet.  I opted to walk around the trail section - don't want to leave tire tracks in concrete!

While riding, another friend called me and wanted to stop by.  End of the ride, loaded the bike on the car rack and headed to Freddies for a late lunch.  After food, stopped at the Trails Center for a short visit.  Wanted to see if they had "Adventures in SouthWest Iowa".  The cover of Summer 2013 issue is a photo I took on The Trace.

Chuck stopped by for a short visit.  By this time, I was exhausted.  Early to bed.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Platte River Battle Royale

Racers are off with a Le Mans style start at Platte River Battle Royale and Nebraska State Mountain Bike Championship..  The race is a part of the Psycowpath Mountain Bike race series.

Race weather was near perfect with clear, sunny skies and temperature near 60 degrees.  A cool wind was blowing from the NW at up to 25 mph.  Thankfully, most of the course is in the woods which provided some shelter from the wind.

Today's photo is of the start of the Category 2 race.

Photos I have taken of the race are posted on my Race & Events photography web site.

Photos posted on the web site are proofs for ordering purposes.  When photo files are orders, I will process the original camera RAW file and touch-up in Photoshop Elements before sending the file to the customer.  Enjoy.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Relaxing Bicycle Ride

Today I had the kind of bicycle ride that I really enjoy.  The temperature was in the low 70s with a light breeze from the SSW as I headed out the door for my ride. 

Parked at the Wabash Trace Trailhead, planning to ride over to Lake Manawa.  Had printed a couple photos of "Tom", the wildlife photographer (see I have met several times on the Lake Manawa Trail.  Hoped to see him on the trail today.  Met him about 2.5 miles into my ride at the junction with the tail to the campground.

Short visit (might have missed him had he not stopped to visit with a recumbent rides I see regularly on the trail) and gave him the plain paper prints.

Continued my ride to the Indian Creek Bridge.  Lots of folks out on the trails this afternoon.  Talked briefly with other riders at the bridge as i drank some water and decide to ride on around the lake.

Stopped at Wright Road, planning to turn on the read flasher to ride through Lake Manawa streets.  No luck.  Changed batteries and still no luck.  Have to try other batteries for the light is dead.  This caused me to change plans to ride the bike trail instead of the streets.

Veteran's Memorial Trail pavement has some damage along East Lake Manawa Drive (just before the pumping station - about mile 4.6).  For some time there has been damaged pavement replaced with gravel, but today I saw broken up concrete and have to walk the bike through the section.  (see today's photo)

Riding North on Lake Manawa Trail along Mosquito Creek, I saw Zach (Xtreme Wheels)  at the railroad underpass.  Short detour where he and his friend John were stopping for refreshments.  Nice visit there and finally headed back to the car. 

Topped off the afternoon with a double steakburger and fries at Freddies.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Four Wleels or Two

Last weekend, I received the June issue of Bicycling magazine. I took issue with the Bike Snob's column "Four Wheels or Two". Basically, he claims that if you are a recreational rider, "there's no reason you shouldn't be able to step outside, clip in and stay clipped in until you get home".

I sent the following letter to "Bicycling" magazine:

Four Wheels or Two

The Bike Snob is true to his name in his column. I am not a racer. but a recreational cyclist. In this area, there are a lot of us. Many of us are older and riding for our health. For safety, we prefer riding bicycle paths.

In my case, I live out in the country. It is 2 hilly miles on gravel to get to pavement. Then, the paved 2-lane highway is dangerous with just gravel shoulders and heavy traffic. Not a place for a 65 year old recreational rider with a mechanical heart valve.

I would like to ride to my ride, but it is just not feasible. We want to get out for some exercise and fresh air for a relaxing 10-20 mile bike ride. The only "training" we are doing is training for life. Get over yourself and enjoy the ride.

Tom Winfield

Snow! @#$%^

Winter roared back with a vengeance.  While it was 85 and sunny Sunday, Wednesday temperatures were dropping all day with rain.  This set the stage for cold air from the North blowing in snow.  Yes, SNOW on May 2nd. 

The photo here was taken when I headed in to the car to start it up this morning before coffee run.  There was about 2" of snow on the windshield.  The gravel road was covered with ice and slush.

Temperature is supposed to top off today in the 30s. Warming up for the next week, but also forecast for rain into next week.  Sure not looking like much bike riding soon.