Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Short, Warm Ride

With the cold Spring we have had, I was surprised yesterday when I started to prepare for a bicycle ride.  Noon, it was already warm and muggy.  Filtered sunshine and almost no wind.  Still wanted to ride, so grabbed the road bike and loaded it on the car rack.

In the morning, I was still tired from the ride Saturday, so slept in.  Kitting up for my ride, i realized that I had not eaten, so grabbed an apple to eat on the drive to the trailhead.

Aired up the tires and lubed the chain on the bike.  Already, I could feel the humidity (though it was only in the low 70s.  Headed out of the Lake Manawa Trail.  Took it easy, but still feeling pretty good - a decent speed up Mosquito Creek.

A little over 2 miles into my ride, I saw "Tom" (a wildlife photographer - "birder" friend) on the trail.  Stopped to visit with him.  After all, I was not in any hurry.  Drank some water before heading on down the trail.  I started realizing that this was not going to be a good ride!  Was happy to get to the Indian Creek Bridge for rest and consume fluids.  It was obvious, it was time to turn back to the car.

By the time I got back to where Tom was photographing a nest of owls in a tree across the road, I was a little light headed.  Stopped long enough to take a couple photos of Tom, drank some water, and popped a Shot Blok in my mouth.  On down the trail to car.

A mile from the car, I had to stop to drink the rest of my Gatorade and almost the rest of my water.  Slow ride with the wind (what little there was).  Seemed it took all my energy just to load the bike and exchange shoes.  Glad I still had some of my ice water in the cup in the car.

After resting a bit, I warmed up a pizza from the freezer.  Drank lots of water and washed doen the pizza with PowerAde Zero.  Processed the couple photos (that's my wildlife photographer friend Tom) and crashed into bed.

Don't want to duplicate that ride!  It was about the worse I have ever felt finishing a ride. 

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