Tuesday, April 16, 2013

GoPro Hero2

Since I started cycling, I have been looking for a video camera to record some of the trails I ride.  I tried mounting a regular video camera - its to heavy and the mount would move.  Tried using my Canon Point&Shoot camera.  I was met with limited success.

Most successful have been the "lipstick" cameras.  I have had 2 - a "Tony Hawk" camera and one from Oregon Scientific.  Had the best luck with the Tony Hawk camera.  The video file size was good for posting on my web site.  My problems was getting the camera aimed, the battery life, and memory card limitations.

I started to concentrating on my still shots.  My Canon PowerShot S95 will record both JPG and RAW.  It also does bracketed exposures (I am a believer in HDR Photography). 

Over the last could years, more and more of my singletrack cycling friends have purchased GoPro Hero POV (Point of view) cameras.  This Spring, a friend of mine was looking to sell a GoPro Hero2 that he had as a demo camera.  We agreed on purchase of the camera and included mounts.

I have added the back screen and a handlebar mount.  Topped off my purchase with a hard case by UKPro for the camera.  Now, just need some riding weather to check out the camera and start honing my skills are a cycling videographer.

GoPro cameras and mounts are available as several "big box" and local stores.  I purchase my UKPro case from Breeze Cycle in Omaha.  The photo above is on my GoPro in the UKPro hard case.

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