Sunday, April 7, 2013

Psycowpath Mountain Bike Series is Off with a Weekend of Racing

Saturday morning, the Psycowpath Mountain Bike Series started the 2013 season with Jewell Jam - a time trial helt at Jewell Park in Bellevue, NE.  Jewell Jam was the first race of a two stage race.  The second stage was the Swanson Short Track Race.

Swanson Short Track was held Saturday afternoon at Swanson Park, also in Bellevue, NE.  The course of the Short Track Race was reported to be 0.9 mile in length.  This made for a full day of racing!

The photo here, is of Junior (13-15) category racer Jack Ferguson of The Bike Way Racing Team.  Jack was the first racer on the course.

Race results are available on the Psycowpath web site.

I attempted to to catch a photo of each racer during both Jewell Jam and Swanson Short Track.  Race photos are available a  As usual, photos posted on the web site are "proofs".  When a order comeoms if for a photo file, I will retrieve the original camera raw file for processing.  The processed files will be e-mails to the customer.

Screwed up the focus on many of the photos at Jewell.  I had the telephoto zoom lens set on "anual" focus to shoot Eagles at Lake Manawa.   Wondered why I was having problems getting a focus lock with the camera.  Realized the problem and corrected the error for Swanson Short Track.

Please note that I did NOT stay for the last race of the day - Category 1  Short Track.  It was just too much in one day.  As it was, I had to suck/chew on a Shot Blok on the walk up tp the start line to ward of a bonk.

Photos of today's Swanson River City Shootout should be posted tomorrow.

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