Monday, April 8, 2013

Swanson River City Shoot Out

A long weekend of mountain bike racing was capped off by Swanson River City Shootout.  The photo to the right is the first of the lead-out group of the day.- Marathon.  These racers rode laps over the course for more than 4 hours!

The weather started cool and threatening some rain.  By the start of the first race, it was comfortable for racing.  The sun cam out and the air warmed up causes me to shed my sweatshirt.  By the second race was lining up for the start, it was down-right balmy.  Thermometer in the car showed 77 when I headed home.  Back to the race...

The first race of the day was for the Marathon riders, Juniors, and Category 3.  Cat 3 and Juniors races one lap around the course.  I hope that I caught ever racer on the course for a photo.  I stayed for the first awards podium call.

Was down to the starting line for the second race of the day - Category 1 and Category 2.  At the short track race Saturday, I scoped out shooting places not too far from the start line.  That lowered my walking time.  Shot photos of all of the Cat 2 and Cat 1 racers as they raced their first lap.

By this time, my body had enough.  Sucked on a shot blok and slowly walked up to the registration area.  Said my good-bye's and headed home.  I knew I would miss the kids race and second podium call, but I just could not do any more.

A shout out for Nebraska Lottery for their support of the Psycowpath Mountain Bike Series.  Another shout out for Edge Physical Therapy for providing the food at the race. Race results will be available on the Psycowpath web site.

Now, for my shameless plug - my photos of Swanson River City Shoot Out are available on my race and events web site:

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