Monday, April 15, 2013

Bike on the Intrepid Trail

This weather has really getting me down.  Most of my friends are feeling the same.  Last week I took the hardtail to the bike shop to get the tires and pedals changed - studs and flats for knobbies and clipless.  Thought MAYBE the weather is waiting me to signal Winter really was over. 

Alas, the weather is very slow in changing.  This week we are getting cool temperatures, overcast skies, and wind.  Rain is in the forecast for later in the week.  Even some predictions of snow!

Thought maybe a photo and thoughts of warmer temperatures, sunshine, and awesome scenery would brighten my spirits.  This photo was taken on my birthday.  The bike is my Trek Fuel EX7.  My "buddy" on the handle bar is "Fest-er" from the MidWest Mountain Bike Festive.  I was riding the Intrepid Trail at Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah.  Was topping a great day in the red rock country near Moab.

OH, to be there today!

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