Friday, September 30, 2016

Changed Residency

Once we (HDARC) finished removing us from the balloon fiesta grounds, I was able to continue doing what I had planned to do.  First it was up to Bernallilo to get my new New Mexico driver's license.  Just needed the eye test, and was able to get my new license with motorcycle endorsement. While there, I was also allowed to register for vote in New Mexico.  the problem was I could not to change the car title at this office.  I had to drive down into Albuquerque to accomplish that. 

This was done ant it was about 2pm.  With my day, I decided to treat myself to a brew, burger, & fries at Spinns (see photo).  the had the Bosque Amber Ale - think it was the first time I had that beer. Exhausted when I got back to the house so headed to bed for a nap.

Still have to exchange plate(s) on the car, but I can now call me a resident of New Mexico.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Balloon Fiesta SNAFU

When I got to ham radio club Thursday breakfast/coffee, the group was-a twitter, having to go to the Balloon Fiesta grounds to remove (and supposedly re-assemble) the booth.  I  have heard different problems with what we had set up from the tent was not pretty (is soiled), the test was  blocking a large tent door, we were set up where the fiesta wants to park emergency vehicles. 

Anyway, a few of us went out and disassembled the tent and stored in into the club trailer.  The Fiesta folks were supposed to have a replacement tent for us to use all set up for us in a different location.  Alas. there was no tent for us as far as we could see.  Our chairman called the person we coordinated with from the fiesta.  When we were done packing up, she had not gotten back to us as to what we were to do.  So we exited the park with our equipment until and if we get word where we can operator and take part of the fiesta.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fall Colors - Enchanted Circle

TV here in the Albuquerque area has been touting the Fall colors,  In the N. New Mexico mountains. the colors were forecast to be peak about the first of October.  Since I would be busy volunteering at the HDARC tent ant Balloon Fiesta, I decided to make a drive today.

Got an early start, was past Santa Fe when the sky started showing some light.  Wanted some breakfast, but saw nothing comcenient until I got to the outskirts of Taos.  Filled up gas in the car.  Next door I saw El Taosena Restaurant.

When on the road, I like to eat at local establishments.  The problem is you may not what you are getting.  There were a lot of cars out front of El Taosena, usually a good sign.  Had a waffle and sausage pattie.  Did not want to trust my stomach on any Mexican dish lest the food come right through me while on the road.  Not impressed, food was just warm.  Was finished with my food before I got a second cup of coffee.

On up the road.  Drive the Enchanted Circle in  clockwise direction.  This was an error, Much of the drive, I was driving into the sun.  The forest in this part of New Mexico is mostly conifersm with a splattering of poplars. Disappointing for someone that has experience the colors of New England hardwoods.

It was a beautiful day for the drive.  Was a little chilly when I stopped for breakfast, but quickly warmed up as the sun rose.  Did not stop on the drive, except to take photos.  No reason to stop and shop for keepsakes, not room in the new house.

When I got to Espanola on the way back home, I needed to use the facilities.  Took the time to pick up a snack, Powerade, and ice cream bar.  Was home in Rio Rancho about 2pm.  Grabbed my cameras out of the car, into the house, took off my boots and jeans, crashed on the bed.

I brought several cameras with me.  The only two I used were the Canon 60D with Tamron 18-200 mm lens and the Canon Rebel T1i with canon 75-300 mm (1.6 cf).  the 60D was set up for shooting bracketed exposures for my HDR software.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Special Event Station W5B

High Desert Amateur Radio Club will be operating Special Events Station W5B during the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.  The Fiesta opens on Saturday, October 1st and runs through Sunday, October 9th.

At this time, we are planning to operate 40 M or 20 M SSB band conditions permitting.  I understand the first weekend is also the California QSO Party, so we may have some competition on the bands.

If bands are terrible (as they have been) you may find us on 20 M digital JT65.

I am scheduled to work the station/booth/display mornings on Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.   If you are at the balloon fiesta, stop by and visit.  You will find us in the NE corner of the grounds near gates 31 and 32.  If you have your license, you may be able to operate the station.  For my friends in Iowa/Nebraska, look for us on the air.

Photo:  Ed (KC2LM), looks on as Club President Jerry (K6LIE) and Dave (N0LVA) check out the antenna.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

New Mexico State Fair and Wrangler PRCA Rodeo

My cousin Don and I attended the New Mexico State Fair on fair military day.  As veterans, it cost us just $2 each admission to the fair.  This helped take out the sting out of the $20 parking.  I had splurged on the parking to I did not have to walk so far from the car to the fair entrance and back after the rodeo.

We watched a couple dogs jumping from a "dock" ala Dave Letterman.  I had not eaten because of fasting for a physical exam earlier in the day.  Stopped to "feast" on fair food.  On down Main Street and looked at some of the exhibits of Native American and Hispanic handiwork.

By this time, my left knee was giving me problems,  After rest, we headed toward the Tingley Coliseum to wait for the rodeo.

The was a tribute to military and veterans.  There was a special tribute to us Viet Nam Veterans, recognizing the name calling and worse we were subjected to when we got home.

The rodeo was a typical PRCA rodeo.  We determined that the cattle won the rodeo.  Seemed many of the cowboys were not in their groove. Check my photography blog for information of my photo shoot.  I learned lots and ended up taking over 150 photos at the fair.

The rodeo was over about 9 pm.  Don and I took out time exiting the coliseum and walking to the car.  I dropped Don near his home and headed toward Rio Rancho.  Stopped by The Local Brewhouse for a pint of amber ale before heading home and bed,

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

New Mexico 165

I was debate what to do for Labor Day.  It had been some time since I was on the road to take photos.  Decided to drive the "back road' up to Sandia Peak.

Checked the cameras (60D, T1i, & S95 - Canon) and loaded them into the car.  Stopped into Weck's for breakfast.  I have discovered Weck's "Nana's Value meals".  Smaller meal and good priced.  Had french toast, sausage, and coffee.

From Bernalillo, I crossed I-25 and headed up NM 165.  As I drove through the town of Placitas, I though "another day I will have to take time to scope out this town".  I saw several cyclist climbing the mountain.  Too much for me!

From the photo taken as I climbed out of the valley (see above), I was excpecting the top of the summit would be in the clouds.

At the edge of Placitas, the road pavement ends.  I was taking my time, enjoying the beautiful  day and scenery.  Soon, the road got very rough. At time, I was unable to make more than 5 mph.  The road winds up the Northeast side of Sandia Mountain. As climbing, the road was getting narrower and the brush/trees closer to the road.

I took my time. Stopped many time to shoot photos.  At one time, a cyclist on a cross bike rolled up the road past me as I was stopped to get a shot.

Being the monsoon season, the wild flowers were abundant along the road.  A couple times, the cyclist and I leap-frogged passing each other on the road. At one point, the road came clost to the edge of the mountain and we were rewarded with a view of the valley.  Took the time to get a photo of the cyclist and get his e-mail so that I could send him the photo,  He was visiting from Dallas.

At the end of the gravel, I turned up the mountain to Sandia Peak.  As expected, the peak was socked in with the clouds.  As I headed down the mountain, the cyclist friend and others were continuing climbing to the peak.

Down the mountain, I learned the mountain road I was driving is called "Balsam Glade Scenic Byway". I headed south on NM14 to I-40.  On west to Under and North to Rio Rancho and home. Photos from the drive can be seen on my web site.

Since I had started at dawn, I was back at the house before noon.  Processed my photos and took a nap.  I was getting thirsty so dressed again and headed out to the local VFW post for a pint or two of Amber Ale.  The beer is good and inexpensive ($2.50) but don't think I will spending a lot of time there for a beer.  Being a private club, the smoke was terrible.  On the packed bar, I was sitting with a guy smoking a cigar, which he had a habit of aiming right at me,