Tuesday, September 6, 2016

New Mexico 165

I was debate what to do for Labor Day.  It had been some time since I was on the road to take photos.  Decided to drive the "back road' up to Sandia Peak.

Checked the cameras (60D, T1i, & S95 - Canon) and loaded them into the car.  Stopped into Weck's for breakfast.  I have discovered Weck's "Nana's Value meals".  Smaller meal and good priced.  Had french toast, sausage, and coffee.

From Bernalillo, I crossed I-25 and headed up NM 165.  As I drove through the town of Placitas, I though "another day I will have to take time to scope out this town".  I saw several cyclist climbing the mountain.  Too much for me!

From the photo taken as I climbed out of the valley (see above), I was excpecting the top of the summit would be in the clouds.

At the edge of Placitas, the road pavement ends.  I was taking my time, enjoying the beautiful  day and scenery.  Soon, the road got very rough. At time, I was unable to make more than 5 mph.  The road winds up the Northeast side of Sandia Mountain. As climbing, the road was getting narrower and the brush/trees closer to the road.

I took my time. Stopped many time to shoot photos.  At one time, a cyclist on a cross bike rolled up the road past me as I was stopped to get a shot.

Being the monsoon season, the wild flowers were abundant along the road.  A couple times, the cyclist and I leap-frogged passing each other on the road. At one point, the road came clost to the edge of the mountain and we were rewarded with a view of the valley.  Took the time to get a photo of the cyclist and get his e-mail so that I could send him the photo,  He was visiting from Dallas.

At the end of the gravel, I turned up the mountain to Sandia Peak.  As expected, the peak was socked in with the clouds.  As I headed down the mountain, the cyclist friend and others were continuing climbing to the peak.

Down the mountain, I learned the mountain road I was driving is called "Balsam Glade Scenic Byway". I headed south on NM14 to I-40.  On west to Under and North to Rio Rancho and home. Photos from the drive can be seen on my web site.  http://www.tomwinfield.com/new-mexico/nm165.html

Since I had started at dawn, I was back at the house before noon.  Processed my photos and took a nap.  I was getting thirsty so dressed again and headed out to the local VFW post for a pint or two of Amber Ale.  The beer is good and inexpensive ($2.50) but don't think I will spending a lot of time there for a beer.  Being a private club, the smoke was terrible.  On the packed bar, I was sitting with a guy smoking a cigar, which he had a habit of aiming right at me, 

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