Friday, September 30, 2016

Changed Residency

Once we (HDARC) finished removing us from the balloon fiesta grounds, I was able to continue doing what I had planned to do.  First it was up to Bernallilo to get my new New Mexico driver's license.  Just needed the eye test, and was able to get my new license with motorcycle endorsement. While there, I was also allowed to register for vote in New Mexico.  the problem was I could not to change the car title at this office.  I had to drive down into Albuquerque to accomplish that. 

This was done ant it was about 2pm.  With my day, I decided to treat myself to a brew, burger, & fries at Spinns (see photo).  the had the Bosque Amber Ale - think it was the first time I had that beer. Exhausted when I got back to the house so headed to bed for a nap.

Still have to exchange plate(s) on the car, but I can now call me a resident of New Mexico.

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