Tuesday, October 4, 2016

W5B SetUp Redux

Core group of High Desert ARC members returned to Balloon Fiesta Park to (again) set up the Amateur Radio Special Events Station W5B. The station should be on the air starting Tuesday morning.
Confusion between the club and the fiesta organizers cause the club tear down and pack up the station last Thursday. I will leave powers-to-bee in the club to iron out all of this confusion and consideration for 2017.
In this photo. club members Merle, Larry, and Dave are checking out the antenna installation.
My first shift (with the new schedule) is Wednesday morning,  I am to be at the park at Oh-Dark-30 (about 4:30 am).  At that time, we pull the electronics out of the trailer and connect cables, plug in the power and hopefully be on the air. 
We will have literature about amateur radio and the High Desert ARC.  Once again, we are near Gate 3 in the NE corner of Balloon Fiesta Park.

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