Sunday, December 20, 2009

Playing with PhotoShop

I have been in the hospital since Tuesday. Nothing major - biopsy and colonoscopy. Just that being on coumadin, it take 2+ days in the hospital before and procedures and 3+ after.

Anyway - so I have been playing with the filter effects with PhotoShop and Microsoft Picture It! Really like the glowing edges filter.

Downloaded filters from Filter Forge and The Plugin Site. Its amazing the artistic effects with PhotoShop filters.

I was able to get the hospital to bring a stationary bike into my room. Been getting some time on the bike - just not like riding outside. Still have to finish my Christmas cards. Other projects had with me in the room - so lots of stuff to do. But really want to be back home. Hopefully tomorrow.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

First Snow Ride of the Season

Well, yesterday I tried to.

The intention was to ride the snow in the dirt at Lake Manawa. The snow was just too deep. I could not get moving to keep my balance. The depth of the snow and the snow packing under the tires was just too much. So, I moved over to the parking lot by the nature trail.

While I was unloading the bike, a couple came by with their dog, making a comment that I would need snow tired. I told them the bike had studded tires. They had not heard of studded bicycle tires.

Anyway, I headed West along the Lake Manawa trail to Indian Creek. The Lake Manawa trail was plowed. Instead of just turning back, I rode Indian Creek to Hwy 92. That trail was not plowed, but the trail was wind swept. just a coule places I had to push trhough drifts.

The Hwy 92 bridge over Indian Creek was a mess. All of the snow from the plows was piled up over the trail. Brought the bike over to the hyway and rode there until I could duck down into Manawa streets.

Little raw and cold when riding along the lake into the wind. But, made it and got in a 7 mile ride.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Was a Snowy Week

Last weekend we got some snow - just a couple inches. Then Tuesday the big storm hit. About noon, I got home for breakfast and errands. The roads were getting bad. The Omaha/Council Bluffs area received about 8-10 inches of snow.

Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning the winds kicked in, redistributing the snow. There was basically no one moving. It appeared a couple of high clearance vehicles made it through on the road. The end of my driveway was blocked with a big drift.

Wednesday, the sky started to clear and I ventured out to survey the situation. Brought out the newer D-SLR camera and took a couple photos of the snow and drifts.

In the afternoon, the wind was abating so it was time to start clearing the driveway. I was planning to take my time - shovel a little, back inside for rest, then back out to shovel. The neighbor lady was out blowing their drive. She came over across the road and asked if I needed help. Since she had a snow blower and I had a snow shovel, I accepted her offer. I did a little shoveling, she ran the snow blower. I took a little break to grab the camera to take a couple shots.

Thursday morning was computer coffee at Panera Bread. When I got out, I could see that the road had not plowed yet - but it appeared lots of vehicles have gotten through to the south. Made it out, just barely, as the road was only "passable" with the drifts.

Today (Friday) I stopped at the bike show, mostly to see what the city trails look like. The Valley View trail has not been plowed. (In contrast, I had heard that some/most of the Omaha trails have been plowed). Looks like no riding on the paved trails yet.

Tomorrow I will check out at Lake Manawa - paved trail and perhaps the dirt trails. Getting cabin fever and withdrawal. My last ride was last Friday night for the Full Moon Ride.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Familiar Trails

The last couple days were awesome, weather-wise. Monday I rode the hybrid for a pavement ride. Just wanting some miles, again.

Yesterday it was back in the dirt at Lake Manawa. I had not ridden my hardtail (Trek4300) for a couple weeks, brought it for the ride. Besides, the trail bike (Fuel EX7) was along for the trip to Wisconsin. Didn't want the hardtail think I didn't like to ride it!

Perfect wind direction - WSW. Was into the wind on the way over to Manawa. Rode the west side first. The peeps have been busy building the log fence again. Have to talk about that in the next time we do a trail day here. I do not like the "fence". It is "confining". Have problems riding that section.

I had heard that there is a tree down at Manawa - Tony's Playground. It is a good sized tree - one that can't just be moved - will need to be cut. Across the trail in 2 section just at the exit of Tony's Playground.

Was good to be back on familiar dirt again. Couple days off, now. Then Full Moon Ride Friday night at Lake Manawa. Charge up those lights!