Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Familiar Trails

The last couple days were awesome, weather-wise. Monday I rode the hybrid for a pavement ride. Just wanting some miles, again.

Yesterday it was back in the dirt at Lake Manawa. I had not ridden my hardtail (Trek4300) for a couple weeks, brought it for the ride. Besides, the trail bike (Fuel EX7) was along for the trip to Wisconsin. Didn't want the hardtail think I didn't like to ride it!

Perfect wind direction - WSW. Was into the wind on the way over to Manawa. Rode the west side first. The peeps have been busy building the log fence again. Have to talk about that in the next time we do a trail day here. I do not like the "fence". It is "confining". Have problems riding that section.

I had heard that there is a tree down at Manawa - Tony's Playground. It is a good sized tree - one that can't just be moved - will need to be cut. Across the trail in 2 section just at the exit of Tony's Playground.

Was good to be back on familiar dirt again. Couple days off, now. Then Full Moon Ride Friday night at Lake Manawa. Charge up those lights!

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