Sunday, December 13, 2009

First Snow Ride of the Season

Well, yesterday I tried to.

The intention was to ride the snow in the dirt at Lake Manawa. The snow was just too deep. I could not get moving to keep my balance. The depth of the snow and the snow packing under the tires was just too much. So, I moved over to the parking lot by the nature trail.

While I was unloading the bike, a couple came by with their dog, making a comment that I would need snow tired. I told them the bike had studded tires. They had not heard of studded bicycle tires.

Anyway, I headed West along the Lake Manawa trail to Indian Creek. The Lake Manawa trail was plowed. Instead of just turning back, I rode Indian Creek to Hwy 92. That trail was not plowed, but the trail was wind swept. just a coule places I had to push trhough drifts.

The Hwy 92 bridge over Indian Creek was a mess. All of the snow from the plows was piled up over the trail. Brought the bike over to the hyway and rode there until I could duck down into Manawa streets.

Little raw and cold when riding along the lake into the wind. But, made it and got in a 7 mile ride.

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