Friday, December 11, 2009

Was a Snowy Week

Last weekend we got some snow - just a couple inches. Then Tuesday the big storm hit. About noon, I got home for breakfast and errands. The roads were getting bad. The Omaha/Council Bluffs area received about 8-10 inches of snow.

Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning the winds kicked in, redistributing the snow. There was basically no one moving. It appeared a couple of high clearance vehicles made it through on the road. The end of my driveway was blocked with a big drift.

Wednesday, the sky started to clear and I ventured out to survey the situation. Brought out the newer D-SLR camera and took a couple photos of the snow and drifts.

In the afternoon, the wind was abating so it was time to start clearing the driveway. I was planning to take my time - shovel a little, back inside for rest, then back out to shovel. The neighbor lady was out blowing their drive. She came over across the road and asked if I needed help. Since she had a snow blower and I had a snow shovel, I accepted her offer. I did a little shoveling, she ran the snow blower. I took a little break to grab the camera to take a couple shots.

Thursday morning was computer coffee at Panera Bread. When I got out, I could see that the road had not plowed yet - but it appeared lots of vehicles have gotten through to the south. Made it out, just barely, as the road was only "passable" with the drifts.

Today (Friday) I stopped at the bike show, mostly to see what the city trails look like. The Valley View trail has not been plowed. (In contrast, I had heard that some/most of the Omaha trails have been plowed). Looks like no riding on the paved trails yet.

Tomorrow I will check out at Lake Manawa - paved trail and perhaps the dirt trails. Getting cabin fever and withdrawal. My last ride was last Friday night for the Full Moon Ride.

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