Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

and a Cycling New Year

Friday, December 13, 2013

Issues with VA

I knew it would be too good to be true. Changed some of my drug prescriptions to the VA. Three of mine are expensive - help the finances to pay VA co-pay of $8 a month per prescription. 

Got ding letter yesterday that my account is past due. I had sent payment for one fill a month or more ago. Another payment for second fill (most of which I did not need but they sent anyway) in the last week. None is showing on my credit card. I was told it take 6-10 weeks for the VA to post money sent by credit card! Meanwhile - sending ding letters.

I also found I have additional VA clinic charges -- guess they were charging for clinic visits. No body told me about that - nor did they say that it is not covered on my Medicare or MediGap! I have not received any bill from the VA for the clinic visits.  At this time I was getting frustrated and having problems concentrating on the phone.  The rep that answered the VA photo call, said something like it could be several months for the visits to be billed.  Hell, the only reason I need to visit the clinic is they require regular visits to be able to dispense my medications.

What a bunch of BS. And, at this time, I can't change my Medicare coverage as its past the enrollment period.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

This past week, I made the annual trek to SE Wisconsin for Thanksgiving.  This year, Thanksgiving Day also was my mother's birthday.

Weather was decent (just s bit chilly) for the 500 mile drive.  I did not bother bringing any bicycle(s) with me on the trip.  After arrival, Aunt Audrey joined us for a bowl of chili.

Thanksgiving was the Hartman Clan feast at my Goddaughter's (and cousin) house.  As usual, most are too much.  The football pools were running - but it seems that no one was paying close attention - specially since out Packers got trounced in the early game.

Played photographer for my Aunt Audrey - wanted photos of her and her grandkids.  Took the opportunity shooting other family photos.  Sorry Dave & Sue - you were busy in the kitchen.

Time was taken out of the afternoon festivities to celebrate my mom's 89th birthday.  Aunt Audrey and I are starting planning a 90th birthday party

Off the Sheridan Lanes for the Bob Hartman Memorial Bowl-a-rama.  Over the last few years, the bowling has been left to the younger set.  All had a good time.  One of my cousins got a big surprise when her best high school friend in California showed up here in Wisconsin for a visit.

Leftovers and pie ended the evening.  By the time we went back to my mom's apartment, I had a good headache from the noise.  All I wanted to do was chill out with quiet time.

Had a light breakfast with Mom and Aud before heading back home.  The upper photo is my Aunt Audrey and the grandchildren.  The lower is of my mom and me before I headed back home.