Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

This past week, I made the annual trek to SE Wisconsin for Thanksgiving.  This year, Thanksgiving Day also was my mother's birthday.

Weather was decent (just s bit chilly) for the 500 mile drive.  I did not bother bringing any bicycle(s) with me on the trip.  After arrival, Aunt Audrey joined us for a bowl of chili.

Thanksgiving was the Hartman Clan feast at my Goddaughter's (and cousin) house.  As usual, most are too much.  The football pools were running - but it seems that no one was paying close attention - specially since out Packers got trounced in the early game.

Played photographer for my Aunt Audrey - wanted photos of her and her grandkids.  Took the opportunity shooting other family photos.  Sorry Dave & Sue - you were busy in the kitchen.

Time was taken out of the afternoon festivities to celebrate my mom's 89th birthday.  Aunt Audrey and I are starting planning a 90th birthday party

Off the Sheridan Lanes for the Bob Hartman Memorial Bowl-a-rama.  Over the last few years, the bowling has been left to the younger set.  All had a good time.  One of my cousins got a big surprise when her best high school friend in California showed up here in Wisconsin for a visit.

Leftovers and pie ended the evening.  By the time we went back to my mom's apartment, I had a good headache from the noise.  All I wanted to do was chill out with quiet time.

Had a light breakfast with Mom and Aud before heading back home.  The upper photo is my Aunt Audrey and the grandchildren.  The lower is of my mom and me before I headed back home.

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