Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Ride of the Year

Today, I just HAD to end the year with a singletrack ride. Headed over to Manawa and ride the trails I rode yesterday. Rode better today than yesterday. Thanks again RF and Martin to deflate my tires.

Weather was upper 20s, sunny, and with some wind. By the time I had finished riding, I was quite warm - wearing too many layers. Tomorrow, I will probably need it.

Here's shots of the same place on Fast Track - December vs September

Sunday, December 30, 2007

First snow singletrack ride

This morning I decided to join (late) the group riding in the snow at Lake Manawa. This was the first time I rode singletrack in the snow. I had been seeing all of the posts on MBTOmaha, had to get out and try it.

It was like learning to ride all over again. My balance and coordination seemed to be all screwed up. I took my time, but made a very short lap.

Meeting the group, Ryan and Martin let a bunch of the air out of my tires. Guess "soft" means "almost flat"! It did make a big difference.

Maybe I will ride again tomorrow - before the big thaw forecast later in the week.

New Year Day ride (in the snow) at Manawa - 2pm. Thanks for calling the ride, Martin. See you Tuesday.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Iowa Caucus

It is just 6 days to the Iowa Caucus. This entry is aimed at my fellow Iowa residents.

Normally I would not express political issues in my bicycling blog, but this is a pivotal campaign. It has been MANY years since there is no sitting President or Vice-President running. Our "First-In-The Nation" caucuses start the process to elect our next president.

With all of the issues facing our country, it is imperative that Iowans get out to the caucuses. Even if you are an independent, I understand you can register a party affiliation at the caucus.

Caucuses start at 6:30pm, January 3rd. You must be in the caucus location before 7:00pm - that's when the doors are locked.

Get out and exercise your right.

If you are interested, I am a Precinct Captain for John Edwards for President 08.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

41 Degrees and dropping

I had to get out and ride today. The temperature when I started was 41, sky cloudy, and very light wind. Good time to check my gear for another 5 degrees colder. Rode for about an hour, felt great.

Since I was riding on the paved trails in Lake Manawa, I rode over to the mountain bike trails. Did not even have to try riding - they are very soft. Looks like we are now into the freeze/thaw cycle for the season.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Back in the Saddle, in the Dirt

Sure missed riding - but the weather did not cooperate for riding in Wisconsin. On top of that, I caught a head cold on the trip.

Tuesday I just had to get out for spinning session at Xtreme Wheels. Not sure if it helped. I cold was bad Wednesday, but I felt better about exercising.

Today the late morning was a sunny and with light breeze, changing to "windy". As I headed out to ride at Manawa, the clouds came in. Still have a good ride. Cut the ride short due to the head cold - didn't want to press my luck!

I wanted to get out, ride, and check my newer riding gear. Last year, the riding clothes were good down to about 45 deg. Now, my goal is to be able to ride down to freezing. Today was a day to check the gear at 46 deg. The additional layer on my legs worked well. The new helmet (Giro 540 freeride style) kept my head warm. I will need to get a jacket that breathes better - I was getting alternating warm and chilled.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Kettle Moraine State Park

Yesterday I took a drive to scope out singletrack trails in the Northern Section of the Kettle Moraine State Park, Wisconsin. This park is about 20 miles from where friends live. Originally I was hoping to bring my bike for Thanksgiving, but the weather was not good for riding.

Anyway, I walked some to look at the trails in the Greenbush and New Fane trail area (the 2 mountain bike trail areas). What I saw, it sure looks like some sweet singletrack - specially in the Greenbush area.

Looking forward to riding there when on my way to my Army Reunion in June.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Swanson Park Trail Day

Great job, Martin. Thanks to everyone that participated in the T.H.O.R. Trail Day. I counted at least 30 members and friends (many came after this photo was taken). AWESOME!

Watch the T.H.O.R. web site for photos of the trail day.

Friday, November 16, 2007

A Rough Ride

For something different, I decided to ride the mountain bike/horse trail on the Wabash Trace. Last year, I rode a couple short (flat) sections. Today, I wanted to ride to ride from the trail head to Margaritaville.

I did pretty good for the first 3.5 miles. Then the trail changed to steep climbs and descents. I had to walk my bike many of those steep sections. A mile before Margaritaville, I gave up. My body was not wanting to push up the hills. Rode the last mile on the limestone.

I got my heart rate a little high at one point (155 bpm), so slowed things down. I could see that my riding has improving greatly. I can ride much like at Manawa - becoming one with the bike and trail. And that makes riding SO much more fun.

Took it easy on the way down, riding on the limestone. I needed a relaxing ride down.

Some sections of the singletrack is badly eroded. Not sustainable trail.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Me, My Bike, and the Trail

I was going to title this post "Back to Normal". But that is not really the case. Yes, my ride today was about the same as my ride Saturday. But since the awesome ride Sunday. there is no more "normal" for my riding. I headed back to Manawa this afternoon.

My first lap today was slow (picking up downed branches, getting back riding after 3 days off, etc). By the time I made my second full lap, I was back in the groove - just not "everything clicks" ride.

As I rode and was critiquing my ride, I felt that I am starting to be one with my bike. I lift up off of the saddle when riding through a dip - my legs becoming a part of the suspension. My mind registers roots, branches, and trail surface then just ride on. I do not look at the bike tire or the trail right in front of me - I see the trail but do not ponder it.

Now I like riding paved trails and limestone trails. For one thing, I need riding them so that I do not get bored with singletrack. But I do not feel one with the bike when riding pavement or limestone. Guess my mind has time to wander, my eyes watch other items around the trail.

But when I ride singletrack, it is just me, my bike and the trail. My mind finds such peace, comfort, and relaxation in the wooded singletrack. Nirvana!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Smokin' at Manawa

Perfect riding day today. Upper 60s, light wind, flat light. Decided to ride at Manawa again today. I am happy I did. This was the best ride I have had.

Everything seemed to click. I rode wood chopper (2x), both Sidewinders (3x), Fast Track (2x) and Long's Loop (2x) for 12.6 miles. My average speed was 9.3 mph! A new record for me. (Yesterday the same ride was at 8.5 mph.)

Soon, its time for me to get my skills area set up. I have the timbers, just need to move them, flag a course, and start riding.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Singletrack Mind

At breakfast this morning, a friend of mine described me as having a "singletrack mind". (Thanks Dave - I like the term.) Let my try to explain.

I tend to work to find the root of the problem and bring up with single, working solutions. No wandering or waffling. Lets get to the point and can the extra garbage. No "one track" mind, but a "singletrack" mind.

There's another way to look at things. At least here in our area, mountain bikers (that breed of cyclists that have a passion riding in the dirt - singletrack) seem to get things done. No long, protracted discussions. No endless tabling of issues. They/we seam to just "get it done". Maybe that's why I like working with T.H.O.R., Psycowpath, and others.

Please, folks, don't take this the wrong way. Some times it takes hitting up on the side of the head with a 2x4 to get attention. But damn it, once they/we realize something needs to done, it gets done at lightning speed.

On another subject, I rode at Manawa today. Great to be in the dirt. Rodes over 12 miles today. The trails are in awesome condition. The only problem is that lots of leaves have finally dropped. Now, I ride almost every week at Manawa, but today I missed one turn in the trail. From the photo, it looks that I am not the only one that missed that turn! (The trail turns to the right there).

Get out and ride!

Friday, November 9, 2007

November Riding

It sure doesn't get better for November. The last 2 days it has been about 55 degrees, sunny, and almost calm winds. The trees are mostly bare because of the hard freeze and strong winds last week.

Yesterday I took the FX out for a spin. In 2 years, I have ridden about 1700 miles on the FX. In contrast, over 2400 miles on the mountain bike (in 1.5 years). Gee, can you guess which I like to ride more?

Anyway, it has been a couple good days for riding. Logged over 40 miles in the last 2 days. Yesterday was on the pavement (Wabash Trail Head to Ameristar). Today rode one the Wabash Trace - Silver City to Malvern & return. Easy pace on both rides. Wanted to take it easy since I had been off the bike for several days.

Next, I need to ride some dirt - probably tomorrow.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Trek 69er Demo

Today was the ride I was have been anticipating. The Trek Demo tour make it to Omaha with a 69er dual suspension mountain bike. The Trek 69er has a 26" rear wheel and a 29" front wheel.

I have looking at this bike for several reasons:
1) considering a dual suspension bike - with all the different places I ride
2) the larger front tire rolls over roots, rocks, etc.
3) keeping the 26" rear wheel gives me better acceleration and climbing. (takes a lot to move my weight)
4) I rode enough that I could justify another bike.

The trailer had a medium frame Top Fuel 69er. This was my first test ride of the day. The M frame is a small for me, but I was still impressed with the handling. I was able to climb easily (seemed better climbing than with my Trek 4300). The roots of Swanson Park did not bother me. I exchanged the bike for a large frame hard tail 69er. That is the size I need.

Not ready to purchase a new bike, yet. Maybe when I demo the large frame dual suspension 69er. Oh yeah, need to save some money. The bike is a LOT more $$ than my 4300.

In other news: For me, this was the last Friday Night Mountain Bike Ride for the season. With the time change, I want to ride in the daylight. It was a great season. catch everyone on the other trails (or in the Spring).

On my way home from Swanson, I decided to do a lap (my shortened lap) at Manawa. After all, I had my bike with me. Beautiful day for a bike ride. I know I need to work on some of the more technical aspects of my riding. For now, I am enjoying the riding and I know my non-technical riding is getting better.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Steamboat Trace

Dennis and I headed to Nebraska City today to check out the Steamboat Trace. Now, we knew it might be windy, but with the trees and the bluffs, figured we would be sheltered. For about the first 6+ miles we were sheltered. The ride was pretty good, considering we were mostly riding into the wind. Our goal was riding to Peru.

All that changed. We came out of the woods into the open. Over a mile we were riding right into the wind - guessing about a 20 mph wind (more on that later). The map that was retrieved on the web site lead us to believe the ride from the Nebraska City trail head to Peru would be about 8-10 miles.

In the woods, we were riding at about 10-13 mph. Out in the open, at times we were down to 6-7 mph!.

When we reached 10 miles, still riding into the windy and mostly in the clear, we gave up. For what we could gather, it would be another 2+ miles to Peru, we did not have the energy to do that in the wind.

The ride back was a "breeze". On the open section, I clocked the wind at 20 mph. That's the speed I was riding to get the point where I could not feel any wind.

A note about the Steamboat Trace - it needs a lot of work. The crushed limestone trail bed is badly eroded in areas. I was happy that I rode my mountain bike rather the hybrid with the rigid fork. It would have been nice to have a full suspension bike!

Once I have time, there will be more photos of our ride on the Steamboat Trace. (Check my NaugaBike web site.)

Yesterday, I rode the Wabash Trace from Silver City to Malvern. Beautiful day for a bike ride - 70 degrees, light wind, sunny.

Now I need my dirt fix!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Full Moon Ride

Unfortunately Friday was a cloudy evening. We did not see the moon. Still had a good ride. Over 40 of us rode from Xtreme Wheels, to and around Lake Manawa, and to the Spillway Bar & Grill.

Whenever BLOGGER gets its act together (same problem last week - cannot upload image) I will get a photo one this blog. The photos I took are on my web site:

Saturday, I decided it was time to get a ride in the dirt. Headed of to the Manawa mountain bike trails. Got a good, 10 mile ride. Took the year up to over 1600 miles.

Sunday was a day of rest. Needed the day out of the saddle.

Photos and report of my 60th Birthday Ride are posted on my web site.

Update: Blogger now allowed me to post the photo.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Riding Weather!

With the crazy weather we had this year, this week has turned out to be great riding conditions - temperatures in the 60s, sunny, light winds. Middle of the afternoon has been best.

Tuesday I took a ride on the Trace from CB to Mineola. My mountain bike remains my preferred steed for the Trace. Yesterday I took the hybrid out for a spin. Don't want it to be feel neglected. Just a easy ride - mostly to get some miles/exercise.

Wednesday I went to Swanson to check out the remains of the CX course. I still prefer single track in the woods.

The forecast is for more good riding weather. Get out and RIDE!

Xtreme Wheels Full Moon Ride tonight.

BTW - I am experimenting with screen saver software. Here's one built with some photos of the Psycowpath races.

And, here's the link to the Psycowpath 2007 video/slide show Tim W put together (using many of my photos).

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More Iowa Counties Consider Banning RAGBRAI

KCCI - Channel 8 in Des Moines is conducting a survey regarding RAGBRAI.

The poll asks: "More Iowa counties are considering banning RAGBRAI from passing through their counties, do you support the bans."

Please read the article, pass it out to cycling friends and please vote in the survey.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Cyclo-Cross Race

This was a busy weekend. After Bike Bash Friday evening, I took pictures of the cyclo-cross races Saturday and Sunday. Swanson Park is a great venue.

What a switch in the weather! Saturday was sunny and 80. Sunday was low 60s and cloudy.

Shooting a cyclo-cross race is great. The course is out in the open. Endless possibilities for vantage points. The sunny day Saturday also helped - specially for action shots. I caught some really awesome shots.

The photos from the Saturday race are on my web site. Watch for posting of the Bike Bash and Sunday race later today or tomorrow. Thanks to Omaha Velo for putting on a great event (and taking the picture of me ready to ship a few pics).

BTW - I was able to get out and ride a little at Manawa Saturday afternoon. A week without a ride, much less a dirt ride, was toooo much. At least 35 minutes was better than none.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bike Bash

A great finish of the road and mountain bike racing season. The hall was filled with people attached to that 2-wheeled machine called a bicycle. I just wondered what took me so long to rediscover the joy of riding a bike.

I was surprised to be recognized for the work with T.H.O.R - serving on the board, working on trails, and being Webmaster. That was enough, but the floored me when they presented me with the PsyCow-Spririt Award! The photo is me with my award. Roxzanne allowed me to pass on mike time (I was tongue tied). Martin, thanks for grabbing my camera to take the photo.

The evening ended with a video montage of photos with a "Thanks" for the photos I took during the races.

Update 10/22 - Photos and commentary are now posted on my web site.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Thank You

WOW, what a day. Good friends, good bike ride, good food, and good times. I thank all of you for making my day special.

Even the weather cooperated. Any rain held off until we were packing up and ready to leave the park.

I even got in FRONT of the camera! I would like copies of pictures you took for my web site.

Now, I need to rest and go to bed early - getting tuckered out. More later.

Birthday Ride update

Well. best laid plans... As this writing, we have had a storm through about 10pm and not another at 4am. No riding on dirt today :(.

As long as the weather clears for a while early afternoon, we will try to get in a pavement ride. Congregate at by shelter 2 about 1pm. Head out to ride by 1:30.

If things work out (and if my legs cooperate) we can ride from Manawa to Big Lake & back.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Night Ride @ Manawa

Overcast evening, no moon, Riding at 6:30 and later. Hmmm - night ride. This was an experience.

I found that I need to concentrate on the trail, not look at or worry about the light. No steering so that the light shines on the trail -- ride my lines, the light will follow.

It is better riding solo with a light. Otherwise ride in the trailing position. When leading the ride, the other lights are a distraction.

During our ride, the sky started dripping on us, not enough to stop riding. Was over in no time. See what the weather has in store for us tomorrow.

I will not be riding the Friday Night Ride the next two weeks. The 19th is the Bike Bash @ Platte River. The 26th is Xtreme Wheels Full Moon Ride.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

It Doesn't Get Much Better Than This!

Have you ever had a day when you just did not want to stop riding? Today was one of those days.

If you didn't get out and ride you bicycle today, you should have! We don't get weather like this very often. Was 60+ today, sunny, very light breeze. WOW, what a great day.

I was going to ride at Tranquility with the TNR group this evening. But, when I went out to get the mail, I decided the weather was just too good to miss. I changed clothes, put the bike on the car and headed to the Wabash Trace.

No intention to push the ride, but while riding up the hill, I noticed that I was up to 10-12 (one time 13) mph. Now this is pretty good for not pushing it! Stopped at Margaritaville for a granola bar and flew down the hill. Riding time 52 minutes! That's a minute under my previous record.

For cool down, I rode over to Xtreme Wheels and visited for a little. Still not ready to stop riding, I headed up Valley View to College Rd, then back to the Trace trail head. A GREAT ride!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Monitoring the weather

The weather here can be fickle. So far it looks like no rain the rest of the week (until Sunday). Cloudy and in the 60s on Saturday. That would be OK for my birthday ride.

Just as a reminder... I am planning to park near Shelter 2, riding my bike over to the trail area.

Lake Manawa State Park, Council Bluffs, IA
Saturday, October 13th, 2007 Start gathering at 1pm
Ride the trails for 1 1/2 to 2 hours
Food and drinks to follow (at a shelter at the Park)
No charge. I will have burgers and buns - bring what else you want to eat/drink

I will try to head out from Shelter 2 about 1:15, then over to the MtB trail area. Ready to ride about 1:30.

Come out and help me celebrate in mountain bike style.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


The morning was overcast and threatening rain. I was planning to attend a ham fest. By the time I was heading home, the sun was shining bright and the temperature was raising. Zach (Xtreme Wheels) said that people are riding the Manawa mountain bike trail. I hightailed home to get change and get my bike.


The trail is in pretty good shape. Just a couple (the usual) soft spots and muddy areas. Rode for just over an hour. Could tell that I had not ridden much the last week - the hour was enough. But, the ride did get ride of my headache from the noise of the flea market.

Friday, October 5, 2007

No Dirt Fix this week

Weather and trail conditions kept me from getting my dirt ride "fix" this week. Last dirt ride was Saturday except for the short 2 mile ride yesterday.

Tried to ride at Manawa yesterday. I rode W Sidewinder with some soft spots. E Sidewinder was a different story. From the Kiosk to the construction is muddy and with standing water. The exit straight-a-way was muddy, building up on the tires.

That was enough - did not to damage the trail. Any other trails at Manawa would be in worse riding condition.

Weather forecast last night was for scattered shower for a couple hours. Well, it rained off and on for over 5 hours! And the winds are kicking up. No Friday Night Ride this evening. URGH!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

FORUM on T.H.O.R. Web Site

Over the last couple days, I have been working on adding a blog and/or bulletin board on the T.H.O.R. web site. Success - at least partially.

First, I installed a blog using software by our web site hosting provider. Not really pleased with that software - in both function and appearance. So, opted for a Forum / Bulletin Board. At least we will have a 2-way communication with the Officers/Board and the members/mountain bike community. The bonus is that the bulletin board software lets up setting up bulk e-mailings!

Please take a look at the new T.H.O.R. Trail Boards. (Link on the T.H.O.R. web site HOME page). Definitely a project in works.

Headed off for a pavement ride yesterday. Need to get some saddle time. My body was not cooperating. Could not get the energy for a good 20+ mile ride. Maybe it was all that garbage food I ate Sunday. Anyway, still got in 14+ miles at over 12mph.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Relaxing singletrack ride

Wind was starting to kick up this morning. Decided to take a relaxing dirt ride at Manawa. Met Ryon and his sons, asked me about the Manawa trail. Gave them a tour of some of the trails - Both Sidewinders and Wood Chopper. After that, I headed out for my normal route. Construction equipment were removed what I was riding there.

Talked with one of the workers. One area of the trail is soft/muddy from the construction. They will be back in 2 weeks for more work. In the mean time, ride around the taped off area.

After my ride, I headed to the UP Museum to check out the Photo Contest. I don't know how to figure out what they want. True, art is subjective. but I don't know why some of the winners even placed! Some sure don't seen to depict their subject matter. Others look like they were categorized wrong. There were several much better photos ( in my opinion) than the "Best in Show".

I will have to take a hard look whether I want to enter next year.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Success on Wood Chopper

Usual Friday Night Ride at Manawa.

Not riding that well on warm-up. Heading up the East side the trail is blocked by construction equipment. (See photo) I was able to ride through the area, blazing a reroute.

When we started group ride, I lead the group to the West side. This evening it was the first time I was able to ride the blue section of Wood Chopper without stopping to get through those 2 tight trees. Success! Now, if I can now ride the reroute at Wood Chopper exit and climb the ditch...

It is getting dark very for our ride. Within the next couple weeks will have to stop the rides or ride with lights.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Frustrating Computer Problem

It has been a while since I rode the "Trace". Don't think that I had ridden to Malvern this season! Beautiful day for a bike ride. Sunny, 80, some wind.

I needed the ride. Had been getting frustrated with my computer network. It was just not working right, specially since installing the router and satellite modem. I finally found a solution. The network here is a peer-peer network (as opposed to Server-client network). The configuration file on my XP Pro computer showed the mode to be peer-peer. BUT, the mode needs to be "mixed", "unknown" or other - specifically NOT peer-peer. Once I changed the registry - problem solved. Go figure. You gotta "love" Microsoft.

BTW - Today topped over 1400 miles for the year.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Smokin' Ride

I was the only one on the "slower" ride on our Tuesday Evening Ride. When I started off, I found I could/wanted/needed a ride that pushes me. Around ISD I was smokin' (for me and on my mountain bike) at 18-20 mph.

Made my personal best time for shop and around Manawa. Pushed most of the ride - heart rate at 130-150. A real workout. Felt great after the day off yesterday.

Info: B-day Ride

Some information about my planned 60th birthday ride...

Saturday, Oct 13th. Start to assemble about 1pm - Lake Manawa Mountain Bike Trail

Figure we should be able to start riding by 1:30. Now, I can only ride about an hour and quarter to hour and half. That is enough for my legs, etc. Others may want to ride longer.

I will fire up a grill (working on that). Planning to pick up burgers and buns. Bring what else you want to eat/drink.

In the next couple days I will contact the Park about reserving a shelter. If the trails are not rideable, we can take a ride on the paved trail around CB. Lets hope for good weather and trail conditions.

Rumor has it another of our riding friends will be celebrating his birthday a day after mine. (He IS a few years younger than me.)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Driving my bike

"Mastering Mountain Bike Skills" talks about becoming one with your bike. Now I have not "mastered" mountain bike skills, but I can feel that I am beginning to "driving" my bike rather than being a passenger.

Let me say it this way -- I was feeling that a ride was my bike and the trail, me taking a ride. Now I am feeling more that it is me and the trail - the bike is just a conveyance. I hope this makes sense!

I feel that riding/driving is becoming easier - in that not taking so much concentration - more intuitive. Now I navigate the trail without looking at each and every root, stone, turn. I look up the trail and drive the bike.

As I am getting better at riding the trails, maybe I can concentrate learning how to negotiate logs, rocks, bridges, etc.

OK, enough philosophy.

The photo is on Fast Track - my favorite trail at Manawa. I like the way the vines hang over the trail -- looks what I would imagine as Fodor's Middle Earth forest.

Made a 23+ mile ride Wednesday. With being off the bike so much the last 2 weeks, I was starting to hurt at about 18 miles. Slowed down the pace and finished the ride as a recovery ride.

Thursday I was debating Taco Ride or TNR. Once I heard that Rusty wanted to ride at Swanson before he moves, I decided to do the THR and take some photos for the T.H.O.R. web site. Legs were a little sore/tired so only ride about 4 miles.

Friday Evening Xtreme Wheel ride - short ride as it was getting dark while finishing 1 lap.

Beautiful weather today. Had a great ride at Manawa. This ride caused me to talk about driving my bike.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Manawa 12 Hour

Little cool this morning (37 when I headed out). After breakfast, I went to Lake Manawa Mountain Bike trail. Visited, shot some pics of the race, ate some "THORBurgers".

I did not stay for the whole race. Went home for a little and picked up mattes for the Bluffs Arts Council Photo Contest.

The sky started spitting some rain, just enough to settle the dust. As it was nearing sunset, I decided to head home - was getting tired. Ended up processing the pics I took.

9/17 - My race photos are on my web site.

Friday Night Ride?

hmmm, where was everyone last night? I guess if Blueif is out of town no one else rides?

Anyway, I had a great ride. Weather (a little breeze but who cares in the woods) was great and the trail condition in prime shape. I logged 10 miles.

The folks of MidWest Cycling Community were out marking & taping the course for today's 12 hour race. There were a couple other rides on the trail. A good ride.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sex is over rated

It has been a week and half since I rode my bicycles. Basically 2 weeks since a singletrack ride. "Why?" you ask. I was on a trip and could not bring a bike. URGH. Yes, I was suffering from withdrawal.

This afternoon, I got out to the Lake Manawa MtB trail. Damn, it sure felt good to have that metal between my legs. I have been saying that riding sweet singletrack is almost as good as sex. Well, today, I decided sex is over rated. Nothing made me happier than heading out on sidewinder.

I was able to ride about 9 miles and a little over an hour before it was time to do trail work. I tried ride holding on a lopper. Success! I felt good about that accomplishment. Rode another 50 minutes and 5 miles while lopping.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

60th Birthday Ride?

On October 15th I will turn 60. Now, I can't just let that go by. How about a bike ride/mountain bike ride?

One thought is to ride a Lake Manawa then have some grub at one of the shelters. Thinking of Saturday or Sunday early afternoon.

Another idea is a pavement ride (on CB bike path) Monday evening (bring your lights) and end at Cellar 19.

Ideas, comments?

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Xtreme Wheels Century

No, I did not ride the 100+ miles today. But I was up bright and early to take some photos. A good turn out, great weather. Hope every had a good ride.

After the Century Ride start, I took my normal Sunday Morning Ride with Dennis. Was a gorgeous day - Was in the mid 70s and no the light wind. We got stuck by a train - waiting about 20 minutes. Made it was a long ride. The rest kind of rejuvenated me.

After the ride, I headed home to process the photos. Left a CD at the bike shop.

Backing up a couple days, we had a good Friday Night Ride at Lake Manawa. The trail was in mostly dry (just some slick/soft/muddy spots). The sunset is starting to cutting into our riding time.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

A GREAT day to be Alive!

WOW - clear, calm, cool day - specially after the heat we have had. My mountain bike is still in the show (waiting parts) so I loaded up the hybrid for a ride. Talked with Dennis and we decided to ride from the Mall to the Trail Center.

Our middle of the day ride was under cloudless skies and upper 70's. About 5 miles into the ride I had to choke back tears of joy - I was sooooo happy to ride, to ride to live, to be alive.

The ride really energized me. I have been walking on air. The ride felt almost as good as sex.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

XC State Championship Photos

My photos (some 320 of them) are posted on my web site. Enjoy.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Two rides in one day!

This morning the weather was saying HOT and humid today. Decided to ride early at Manawa. Got in over an hour of riding - part of my singletrack fix.

Started getting used to Zack's bike - still noticed that it is "skittish", tending to over steer. I have been told that it is in the geometry and will be different next year. Still good ride

The usual spots are slick/wet/muddy. Some dead falls will need to be cleared before the Metro Challenge.

It cooled off at the house, taking the opportunity to process and post the photos from yesterday's "Remembering Tony" ride. Check out the T.H.O.R. web site.

After a nap, it seems that my battery was recharged. I had wanted to ride at Tranquility to check out Zack's bike with climbing. So, I trundle over to the Bike Master's Cycling Club ride.

Climbing at Tranquility was where I noticed the most "skittish" handling. I had to work at staying in the track at the very slow speeds. After an hour of riding, I had enough riding for one day. Mostly my mind was getting tired. I was making more mistakes. Time to call it a day.

"Remembering Tony"

I never met Tony - wish I had. From what his friends say, he was a great guy.

Yesterday, about 20 mountain bikers gathered at Lake Manawa and rode to Lewis & Clark. My apologies, but wires got crossed regarding the route, so I missed seeing the group at LNC, and their visit to Tony's Bench.

More friends arrived after the ride for a picnic. Today or tomorrow I will get the photos on the T.H.O.R. web site.

For now - it looks like a good morning to ride, too hot to ride this afternoon.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

And They're Off

Luckily, today dawned clear and dry. Perfect weather for a race (upper 70s to lower 80s). After breakfast, I gathered up my camera equipment, stopped at Xtreme Wheels to demo a bike, and headed to Swanson Park.

The Nebraska State NORBA championship race was held this afternoon. That was the last of the Psycowpath 07 races - and I got shots at each one. Looks like I took some 1775 photos, which are on my web site (today's race probably will be posted Thursday).

With all the rain the last week, it was touch and go it the trail would be dry enough for the race. Thanks to Martin, Christine, et al, the course was in great shape.

One of the racers told me that my photos have been getting better -- happy to hear that. I know they are appreciated. After retouching today's photos, I have one remaining item to work on - that's making DVD(s) of the photos from the Banquet.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Enough of this #$%@# rain. We really don't need any more for weeks. Let the place dry for a while - PLEASE!

This weather is really getting me down. Tomorrow it will be a week since I was able to get out on singletrack. (I can't count the short ride when the seat clamp broke). MBTOmaha TNR did not happen at Swanson. Xtreme Wheels Friday Ride is canceled. Saturday's Psycowpath Race is in Jeopardy.


A small consolation, lots of others on the blogs are feeling it, too.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

To the Bike Shop

The weather was cool this morning - surprised! Headed out to Manawa to checkout the trail conditions after the work and take a ride.

Not too much debris on West Sidewinder. Rode to the East side - saw the erosion repairs the Rox and Josh made. Then I started over to ride Fast Track (my back way - to skip River Front Real Estate). At the dip, the saddle fastening bolt broke. Time to head back to the bike show.

This is the second time that has happened - told Zack the first time that if it happened again - it would be time to install a stronger seat post. (Guess just price I pay for my weight).

When I got home, mowed some of the lawn - another way of getting my exercise (but not as much fun as riding!). About noon - the rains came - AGAIN.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Manawa Trail Work

This evening I helped trail work. The work day was scheduled last week, in preparation for the Memorial Ride Sunday. I started manning a weed whacker. Made it through "No Second Chance". The heat and humidity in the woods was stifling. No air moving. Called it quits after a little over an hour.

The storm last night really wreaked havoc on the trees. In addition to myriad of branches, I came across one large tree down.

Would have liked to work more, but the heat had taken out it of me (though I was feeling better out in the air).

Figured the trail be too wet to ride, but walking back to work, I found it ridable - and saw some riders (Hi Rich). How, if the weather can reroute some of this rain forecast for this week...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday Morning Ride

I was planning to ride yesterday, but did not feel like riding - so came home after Ham Radio breakfast.

No way missing the weekly Sunday Morning Ride. The morning was clearer than it has been - we even saw downtown Omaha from Indian Creek Trail - rather then the haze accustomed to! Neither Dennis nor I were riding as our best. My legs were getting "heavy" within the first 5-7 miles. After walking things out a little I was ready to go again.

Still made the ride at an average of 12.5 mph. And, went over 1200 miles for the year.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Where was everyone?

This afternoon I HAD to get my fix of singletrack. No word from anyone else riding the Friday Ride - headed to Manawa to check out the trails.

The day was cloudy, not good drying condition. The grass was still damp at 6pm! Sidewinders are in pretty good shape. Other trails have some areas greasy with spots of mud. I was able to skirt those areas without damaging the trail.

The weather is not promising - more rain in the forecast. Looks like more time on the pavement.


Yesterday I was debating - Taco ride, Mtb Bike ride, stay home. I opted the mountain bike Thursday Night Ride. It was a nice evening (compared) - in the 80s and light breeze. With the rain earlier, the ride was moved to the Keystone Trail.

Now I knew I would not keep up with the others, so headed out with them, then rode at my pace from Culvers up to Cass St and return. Ended up with 19.5 miles in about 1.5 hours. The otheres arrived back about 10 minutes after I did - good timing.

Dinner at Li'l Burro in Bellevue after the ride. It was a good night - though a little late before I got home.

Today - lets see what happens. Blaine is not riding this evening. Sent a shop blog comment -- "Anyone else riding - weather permitting?" Sure hope since I need some singletrack. I heard that Tranquility is in good shape. --- hmmmm

Thursday, August 16, 2007

More Rain?

Finally I got out to ride yesterday. The weather has been miserable - hazy, hot, & humid. I rode from Wabash Trace trailhead to Indian Creek. Took the opportunity to check out the trail condition at Lake Manawa MtB. Rode West Sidewinder (usually the first to dry). Trail was mostly dry - needs another couple days of drying before the other trails are dry.

Now, that means it will be just about right for Friday Night Ride --- but there is rain coming (forecast) today -- URGH.

Looks like still more riding on pavement, dodging the storms, weathering the heat.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Not Good Riding Weather

Did not get out much to ride the last week. Last Sunday we cut short our Sunday Morning Ride - just too hot. Most of the week it was hot, humid and rainy.

I DID go out and ride Friday morning - Nice, cool morning but quickly warmed up. I woofed down so food (mostly some cookies) and headed out to rode. Mistake! I did not let the food digest before I rode. On the way home a tossed my cookies (literally). Urgh. Hope there was a good turn out for the Friday MtB Ride.

Early start on Saturday. Drove to Stanton, NE for the Maskenthine XC Classic mountain bike race. I brought the bike hoping to ride a little to check out this new singletrack trail. But, by the time I arrived and checked in with the host club, it was time to get ready to take photos. And it was just TOO hot to ride later. Got up to about 99 that day. Hoping to get the photos processed an on my web site Thursday.

This morning I prepared for our Sunday Morning Ride. Dennis wimped out on me because of the heat and humidity. No word from John. So, I headed to Manawa to ride some singletrack. The trail is mostly dry with a few sticky spots and a couple greasy areas. Found on dead fall over the trail in Wood Chopper - reported it to our trail leader. Forgot my camera so no pics today.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Manawa Trail Work

Whew - Yesterday was a hot and humid day. Steve, Martin & I tackled the job to remove some dead falls. Steve & Martin manned the chain saws. I moved the debris.

The only riding I did was to/from the work area.

See how it feels this morning for the Sunday Morning Ride.

In other news -- I check the Dirt Rag Magazine blog for my "What's Your Mission" entree. (

It is posted, so figured I can post to my web site. You can see my entree at:

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Friday Night Ride

I started mowing the lawn yesterday. Bought a new mower - the last was on its last legs. Weather pretty good - not too hot and we did not have the humidity earlier.

OK, what does that have to biking -- usually after mowing the lawn, I am too tired to ride. But, I really wanted to get out in the dirt. Forgot my heart monitor (should keep 1 in the car all the time) so when back for it. I could have ridden without it - I ride easier without it. I was glad that I got it -- I pushed a couple times (got my heart rate up to 140) and had a good ride. My riding is getting smoother, cleaner lines.

Last night was the largest group for the Ride -- great to meet the others - welcome. Look forward to the ride next Friday.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

4000 miles

Some time over the last week, I surpassed the 4000 mile mark since I started riding 25 months ago. The old Trek made 400 miles - now at a new home, the Trek 7200 FX at over 1600, and over 2000 (in less than 16 months) the Trek 4300. While totaling miles, now over 1100 miles so far this year.

Made the Tuesday Evening Ride from Xtreme Wheels. Just 2 of us recreational riders. The 13+ mph pace was what I needed after pushing it on the Sunday Morning ride and my first ride at Tranquility Park.

The weather forecast has been threatening rain and needed to get in some dirt time. Went to Manawa for some mountain bike riding. I was surprised by the broken branches, dead falls, and debris over the trail. I will send a note to the Lake Manawa Trail Leader - see how I can help to clear the trail (need a chain saw - I don't have an operating gas powered saw).

This morning, I heard from Dennis that Indian Creek Trail is bisected by road work on 92. Need to check what that will do to our Sunday Ride. Reroute or move to the Wabash Trace.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Tranquility Park

Needed to get out of the house this afternoon. Decided to check out the Bike Masters Monday mountain bike ride. Was my first time riding the Tranquility Trails. I forgot the heart monitor so felt better to fore go the big hill - the other hills were getting my heart rate up.

Good weather (not too hot, nice breeze). Just what I needed. Not happy to have forgotten the monitor. Also forgot my camera and armor. :(

After the first hour, I was starting to get tired. Part of it was my legs, most of the head. Riding a unfamiliar trail look a lot out of me - though I was doing going. End of the ride I could tell my riding was suffering.

Still a good ride. Thanks Dale, Dan & Robert for the ride.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Damn, it felt good!

Weather yesterday did not cooperate to ride. Even was not sure about riding this morning for our Sunday Morning Ride. The 2 of us (one wimped out on us) headed out under overcast skies. The paths were damp/wet in some areas, but we did not get any rain.

This was the first time in the saddle some Wednesday, and "Damn. it felt good!" No record breaking pace, but steady. When I got back to HyVee, I was really feeling good. Just what I needed.

The pedestrian bridge across the river is starting to take shape. I am anxious to be able to ride over to the Omaha side of the river.

Saturday, July 28, 2007


No Friday night mountain bike ride (yuck!) - ground a bit sticky yet at Manawa after the rain. I took the opportunity to go out for a while and see some of friends.

Ham radio breakfast/coffee this morning - starting to feel some singletrack withdrawal - will have to get out today. Would ride on the pavement before breakfast, but need the singletrack. And with the Sunday Morning Ride on the bike paths of CB -- that will be enough on the road.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Back in the Saddle

No "slower" riders for the Tuesday Evening Ride. So, I headed over to Manawa singletrack. Really glad for the change. After the road rides last week - I relished the thought of some singletrack. And how sweet it is - to get back in the dirt.

No speed records - just really enjoying the ride.

Yesterday (Wednesday) I headed out on a road/path ride. Only went a little over 10 miles. Was getting hot and I have not been sleeping well. Still made about 13 mph on the hybrid.

Will have to see what the weather is this afternoon - think it might be wet for the Taco Ride.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Family Reunion

Was off the bike for a couple days last week - URGH. Yesterday morning I headed for a little (20mile) road ride.

I took my Trek 4300 to hopefully get in some mountain biking in Missouri. About 40 miles N of Joplin - found there is some in Pittsburg, KS - but with all the rains, I opted for riding on pavement.

Heading out for a short ride this morning, a visit with my mom and other relatives, then head u North home.

The "Party Pond" got a workout over the weekend!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another Record Ride

This morning I decided to ride after breakfast and fore go the Tuesday Evening Ride - after all, the Temp got up to 100 today! Anyway, I rode the Wabash Trace up to Margaritaville. I felt great so pushed it up the hill. Most of the time I was riding at almost 11 mph up the hill.

It only took my 32 minutes to get up to Margaritaville. Fasted time for me. What the heck, might as well fly down to the trailhead and see what a round trip time I can make. And fly I did - riding about 18-21 mph. That was really exhilarating.

All done, I made the trip (not counting the stop at Margaritaville) in 53 minutes! My earlier record was 57 minutes.

In other news - I finalized my entry for the "What's Your Mission" contest. Wish me well. My entry should be published at:

Oh yeah, I made my 1000 miles for the year!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

A New Record Pace

Dennis and I set a new record pace for our Sunday Morning Ride -- 14.04 mph! And that was on my mountain bike - how I love riding that bike!

The conditions were perfect -- light/calm wind, sunny, mid 70 when starting out. We made our normal stop (off the clock) at the Western Heritage Trail Center. The rest of the time we flew (for our ride) up the trails.

Lots of traffic on the trails this morning. noticed that the Wabash Trace trailhead parking lot was full. Lots out riding and walking this morning.

Friday the 13th

URGH - the gremlins were at work. The car's "Check Engine" light came on. Then heading out for Friday MtB ride, I got "Low Tire Pressure" light. Checked out the tires but none need air - so went on to my ride.

Great ride - thanks for the ride group! The last section, I lead and had made a fast (for me) lap over East and West Sidewinder. Really energized with that ride. Just have to watch the heart rate doing that - got a little high.

The Sidewinders have been my favorite trails at Manawa, but thinking Fast Track is getting to be the best fun. The photo is of Fast Track.

Backing up a little - God ride Tuesday Evening - 3 of us went to Dumfries and flew back down the hill.

Saturday, I overslept (could not sleep well after the ride Friday night), so did not get my morning ride before breakfast. My friend Chuck came by to visit, check the surplus store and had lunch. Went over to Manawa in the late afternoon for my ride. Good ride, even if not as pumped as on the Friday ride.

I just completed processing the photos from my Army reunion - will get the CD's burned. Now heading out for Sunday Morning Ride.

Thanks for Chamois Butt'r, I could ride this morning.

Monday, July 9, 2007

LOTS of photos

Well, thanks to photos that did not have much touch-up, I got caught up with mountain bike race photos.

MMBC Swanson Weekend -- my apologies, I screwed up with my memory cards. I lost the last 14 pics -- basically the awards. Me bad - flog me with a wet noodle.

Manawa MtB Mayhem - over 250 photos.


With a little breather before the next race, perhaps I can work on the rest of my photos from the Black Hills. Then start on my reunion trip to Florida.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sunday Morning Ride

Supposed to be a HOT morning today so Dennis and I decided to start our weekly ride a little early. Took a leisurely pace to Manawa. As we neared the road to the river boat ramp. Dennis suggested we check out the mountain bike trails.

Now, we are riding our hybrids, but I was ready to see how far we go. We stopped a the entrance to West Sidewinder, to show Dennis what a singletrack looked like. He said he was ready to try riding it - so we did. He remarked that he sees what I like about riding there, but he doesn't have space for another bike.... hmmm

Anyway, we continued our ride. The short singletrack ride energized me (and riding with the wind helped) - flew up Indian Creek Trail.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

A Busy Week

Well, I got it done. The Special Anniversary Issue of "Dirt Tracks" is out. Thanks for all that sent copy and photos. There's also new content on the T.H.O.R. web site.

During the week, managed to ride the Thursday Night Ride (mountain bike - not taco ride). Good turn out. I rode "my own" course, meeting up with others at several spots. Here's a couple pictures of the group coming out of West Sidewinder.

We passed on Friday Night Ride - just too hot. Instead I got up early this morning and rode the Iowa River trail before breakfast.

We (T.H.O.R.) were very visible in our new orange Trail Crew t-shirts! Some times I get frustrated, but it sure is a good group. (And they probably get frustrated with me!)

Another over 250 photos of a race -- will get them posted when I make it.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Behind in my "work"

Whew, I have gotten a bit behind in posting my photos. I think I have a good reason - been spending a LOT of time creating and updating the new T.H.O.R. (Trails Have Our Respect) web site. Still lots to do on it, but I think we are getting what want -- and lots more information on the web site.

I have been getting out to ride - keeps my sanity and keeps the weight down. Not lots of miles - a lot of mountain biking. Rode 53 miles on pavement and 28 in singletrack - guess that really isn't too bad for 1 week.

Missed our Sunday Morning Tour de Bluffs - was riding at Swanson before the race. Took another 200 photos at the race. Demo'd a Trek FuelX8 mountain bike. That is a ride I could get used to!

Started processing the Ponca pics. Will get to the others one of these days. I had to do something different on the computer - played some of my "Railroads!" game.

Oh, yeh - the picture was on our Friday Night Mountain Bike ride at Lake Manawa.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ponca's Revenge

After my ham radio breakfast, I headed to Ponca State Park to watch and photograph the mountain bike race. The morning started overcast and 73 deg -- sure looked like nice riding weather. In the afternoon the sun came out and up went the temperature.

Now I have to process them (after the ones from Badlands & Black Hills, Little Rock's Big Dam Bridge, and my Army reunion).

Here's the Men's 4 Hr winners and Women's 4 Hr winners.

Friday Night MtB Ride

It sure was good to see Lake Manawa trails ridable again. Couple re-routes - cut out a couple of the dips (and they were soooo fun).

Wore my new chest protector. Took some getting used to -- but within an hour of riding, I hardly noticed it.

I could notice that I was riding better since my trip to Florida - perhaps it was the new trails or negotiating the rocks in Little Rock. The 3 of us had a good ride - until it was cut short with the rain.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Home Again

Got home last night. Stopped by the bike shop and grocery store on the way.

Last night it really felt good to be back in my own bed.

Today picked up my new chest protector. Ready for the mountain bike ride Friday!

Monday, June 18, 2007


Decided not to ride this morning - probably should have, but was not up to it. Ready to head to home. Screwed around driving through Florida & Georgia. The night found me in Kentucky - near Ft. Campbell. Hmmm - where I was for basic training - almost 40 years ago.

Hope to be home tomorrow night.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Heading Home

Well, it was a GREAT reunion. Good to see all the guys and wives, welcome to the first timers. Lots of wet eyes with the "good-byes".

I would not resist making at least one more ride on the Santos trail system. After checking in a hotel in Ocala, lunch, and a nap - I was ready to go. Explored some more trails. Really likes Twister.

Now - I will see how I feel and what the weather looks like -- perhaps a morning ride before heading back on the road.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Disney World area is not very bicycle friendly. In spite of that, I saw cyclists on the streets and took 2 good rides. With all the tourists, you REALLY watch everyone.

Tuesday I toured the Kennedy Space Center. Took 23 mile ride Wednesday. Thursday it was out to Epcot. Needed a day off - so did nothing special Friday. Another ride day - 22 miles. Felt good to be back on the bike.

Been busy taking photos of the reunion. Here's a sunrise shot.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


WOW - really nice trail system. Rode for nearly 2 hours yesterday morning. Sure was relaxing. Rode both yellow and some blue trails. The whole trail system is awesome.

I see why it is rated EPIC. Nice "skills" area. Saw some of the free ride area from the Dog Bone trail. Planning to be back on my way home.

Watch for more photos on the way back and on the web site when I get home.

Now visiting the "Mouse". Not much riding arouind here. Will have to get out someplace tomorrow.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Out of Little Rock

Last night I got a nice mountain bike ride in Boyle Park. Will add to my web site with photos and trail info.

This morning I rode with 700 of my closest cycling friends in the CARTI Charity Ride - great ride.

In Jackson, MS en route to Ocala, FL.

Friday, June 8, 2007


This morning I went out to prep the bike before my ride. Found a broken spoke. Now I have to wait until a local shop opens, hope they can get me in to0 the repairs.

I should have checked the bike AFTER the last ride, instead just before today's ride.

Rain on the way so not sure if I will be able to ride today. Charity Ride tomorrow.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Epic Ride Day

After 2 days out of the saddle, I needed a ride. The place to ride (on pavement) is the River Trail. Anyway, I had to see and ride over the "Big Dam Bridge". Climbing the approach got my heart rate going.

After that, it was a relaxing ride on the N. Little Rock trails.

Stopped at some bike shops - finally found on that could tell me about mountain bike rides. Luckily, there was a C.A.R.P. ride on the Camp Robinson trails. The ride was lightly attended (It was a funeral to one of their riders). The trails area not well marked, and I was left to ride by myself. Otherwise, I had a good ride. The trails are rocky - I was able to adapt and build some rock riding ability and lots of climbing. Think I rode very well under the circumstances. After I get home there will be some helmet cam clips on my web site.

Today gonna scope out some other riding places.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Photo Posting

OK, the photos from Kanesville Krusher are on the NaugaBike web site. Select the Kanesville Krusher link or the other races I have shot.

Also, the photos I took at the Black Hills Fat Tire Festival are at:


Great Day

What a good day. Started out with a ride before breakfast (did 14 miles). Talked cycling with the ham radio guys, then headed to Lewis & Clark to take in the race. Weather held on until the awards.

Used the flash for most of my pictures. The trail at L&C is all in the shade. Urgh - the flash could not re-charge between shots. Still got some more good pictures.

Ready to post the pictures --- tried to do this at Hy-Vee --- but looks like the port is blocked. Means a trip over to Panera.

Today I'm planning to stop by The Bike Way - checkout riding armor.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Feeling Better

Nice Friday evening ride from the shop, to Dumfries and back. I am feeling better - got my ride. Ready to tackle tomorrow. Getting back in the saddle felt almost as good as....

Thanks for the ride Randy & Blaine

Enough rain!!!

What's with all this rain?! I was hoping the trip to Rapid City would break the streak of wet weather --- no such luck. At least we had good riding weather for the Festival.

I'm already getting withdrawal - not getting in my saddle time.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Home Safe

WOW, what a GREAT weekend. Stopped at Xtreme Wheels on the way home - too tired to do the Tuesday Evening ride.

Now, pick up the mail, wash clothes, and work on my web site update.

A thanks to Jerry & his Parks & Recreation Crew, Dirk and the members of BHMBA, and the ride leaders. See you next year!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Playing Tourist

Was signed up for a ride yesterday morning. Ever had one of those days that now way you can make it -- what you should be able to ride but you can't. That's what happened. So, I turned back. and went to Plan B.

Time to play "Tourist". Checked out, took pics - Iron Mountain Road, Mt. Rushmore & Needles Highway.

Met Rich and Debbie (Omaha) for dinner. A bicycle with side car?