Thursday, June 7, 2007

Epic Ride Day

After 2 days out of the saddle, I needed a ride. The place to ride (on pavement) is the River Trail. Anyway, I had to see and ride over the "Big Dam Bridge". Climbing the approach got my heart rate going.

After that, it was a relaxing ride on the N. Little Rock trails.

Stopped at some bike shops - finally found on that could tell me about mountain bike rides. Luckily, there was a C.A.R.P. ride on the Camp Robinson trails. The ride was lightly attended (It was a funeral to one of their riders). The trails area not well marked, and I was left to ride by myself. Otherwise, I had a good ride. The trails are rocky - I was able to adapt and build some rock riding ability and lots of climbing. Think I rode very well under the circumstances. After I get home there will be some helmet cam clips on my web site.

Today gonna scope out some other riding places.

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