Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More Snow

You think I have abandoned my blog - just no riding. Nothing much to report.

The last couple days, I got out to ride. Friday evening was Full Moon Ride. Urgh, the trail was clear/snow covered/icy. The temperature dropped when the sun set. Just not fun riding. I made about 4 miles. Cellar 19 was too crowded and noisy - so I headed home.

Sunday was a nice day. Time to get the bike out and ride. Riverfront trail was slushy to clear & dry. One spot was icy. Rode up almost to N 25th St.

Yesterday, I was a little tired and not sure about riding. But getting that metal between my legs was all it took, and there was not way I could lose a beautiful 55 degree day!. I was ready to ride! When I got to N. 25th, I decided to try riding the "mini" Tour de Bluffs. From N 15th, when down through town, over to S 16th Ave, on to Indian Creek trail. Wheel spray got my butt a little damp and had to walk the bike on the trail connection to the trailer park. Still had a good 14 mile ride.

Good timing. Today dawned cold and windy - 10 degrees and 40 mph winds. Snow (1-2") in the forecast for later today. Spinning @ Xtreme Wheels tonight.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Ride

Just HAD to get out and ride this afternoon. Thin clouds, little wind out of the SW, temperature in the lower 30s. Took a ride form the Trail Center, up to N 25th St. and back. Got a good cardio work-out on the way back (into the wind). Was careful though, to make sure it did not got too high (got up to about 145).

Still one section is mostly snow covers - and was very icy over that little rise between Ameristar and Harrahs. Should have wore my hiking boots instead of cycling shoes, my feet (specially left one) was getting a little cold by the time I got back to the Trail Center.

Still, always good to get back on my bike.

Have been working on a mount for my camcorder. Have to get a different or additional pieces between the clamp and the camera. I would like to mount the camera above the top tube - need something longer to get the camera up in the air more. Hope to have a chance to get over to Rockbrook Camera in the next couple days.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Solo Sunday Ride

My legs were sore last night from the ride yesterday. Slept VERY late - the body needed some recovery time. I was thinking of just taking down lights from the eaves of the house.

When I got out the weather was pretty good - nice, "filtered sunshine", mids 40s day. I did my work removing the lights (climbing up/down the stepladder). Found that my riding mower had been repaired and returned, so stowed that in the garage. It was time to change clothes and RIDE!

Started from the Trail Center, rode to the trailer park. I was hoping Indian Creek trail might be clear. From the trailer park connector - is sure did not looking like. With that, I returned to the Trail Center.

My tires were still soft from letting some air out of them yesterday. With the trail clear, I pumped up the tires and headed toward Ameristar.

Was thinking of going on up to Harrahs, but that section of the trail was still snow covered. I rode that section 4 times yesterday, not wanting to do that again.

It was not a long ride, and I did not push it. I rode a "recovery" ride. Just what I needed.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Xtreme Winterfest Ride

Beautiful day for January - sunny, with a light wind. Great weather for a bicycle ride! Luckily, today was the Xtreme Winterfest Ride.

We met at the Western Heritage Trail Center. The ride was up the River Trail to Riverside Grill. Hot dogs and chili were available for a small fee. Some rode back to the Trail Center for a presentation by Ron Hopp - CB Parks & Recreation. Ron talked about the CB trail system, history, present, and planned.

Met up with Todd & Dan (THOR) and I joined them with a longer ride. The trail between the 2 casinos was mostly snow packed. Later of the afternoon, the sun began to melt the snow - making sections the trail difficult to ride. Sure glad I have my fat, knobby tires!

All-in-all, it was a great day to be riding a bicycle.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Happy New Year!

Well, I made it to the New Year's Day ride. It was about 12 deg, with wind chill well below zero. I managed a little over 4 miles, 50 minutes. That was enough.

The thing is that I ended 2007 with a bike ride and started 2008 with a bike ride.

With the warmer weather coming the next few days, the riding is just about over for a while. Looking forward to the Xtreme Winterfest Ride (forecast mid 40s) Saturday.

At the evening, I went to our Edwards campaign headquarters since Edwards was schedule to stop by. I just could not stay -- the office was just tooooo crowded, and more were still arriving and trying to get inside.