Sunday, January 6, 2008

Solo Sunday Ride

My legs were sore last night from the ride yesterday. Slept VERY late - the body needed some recovery time. I was thinking of just taking down lights from the eaves of the house.

When I got out the weather was pretty good - nice, "filtered sunshine", mids 40s day. I did my work removing the lights (climbing up/down the stepladder). Found that my riding mower had been repaired and returned, so stowed that in the garage. It was time to change clothes and RIDE!

Started from the Trail Center, rode to the trailer park. I was hoping Indian Creek trail might be clear. From the trailer park connector - is sure did not looking like. With that, I returned to the Trail Center.

My tires were still soft from letting some air out of them yesterday. With the trail clear, I pumped up the tires and headed toward Ameristar.

Was thinking of going on up to Harrahs, but that section of the trail was still snow covered. I rode that section 4 times yesterday, not wanting to do that again.

It was not a long ride, and I did not push it. I rode a "recovery" ride. Just what I needed.

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