Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Ride

Just HAD to get out and ride this afternoon. Thin clouds, little wind out of the SW, temperature in the lower 30s. Took a ride form the Trail Center, up to N 25th St. and back. Got a good cardio work-out on the way back (into the wind). Was careful though, to make sure it did not got too high (got up to about 145).

Still one section is mostly snow covers - and was very icy over that little rise between Ameristar and Harrahs. Should have wore my hiking boots instead of cycling shoes, my feet (specially left one) was getting a little cold by the time I got back to the Trail Center.

Still, always good to get back on my bike.

Have been working on a mount for my camcorder. Have to get a different or additional pieces between the clamp and the camera. I would like to mount the camera above the top tube - need something longer to get the camera up in the air more. Hope to have a chance to get over to Rockbrook Camera in the next couple days.

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BigWheelRider said...

Giants enjoyed some frozen cheese...sorry Brett, guess you'll just have to retire without seeing the Super Bowl.