Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More Snow

You think I have abandoned my blog - just no riding. Nothing much to report.

The last couple days, I got out to ride. Friday evening was Full Moon Ride. Urgh, the trail was clear/snow covered/icy. The temperature dropped when the sun set. Just not fun riding. I made about 4 miles. Cellar 19 was too crowded and noisy - so I headed home.

Sunday was a nice day. Time to get the bike out and ride. Riverfront trail was slushy to clear & dry. One spot was icy. Rode up almost to N 25th St.

Yesterday, I was a little tired and not sure about riding. But getting that metal between my legs was all it took, and there was not way I could lose a beautiful 55 degree day!. I was ready to ride! When I got to N. 25th, I decided to try riding the "mini" Tour de Bluffs. From N 15th, when down through town, over to S 16th Ave, on to Indian Creek trail. Wheel spray got my butt a little damp and had to walk the bike on the trail connection to the trailer park. Still had a good 14 mile ride.

Good timing. Today dawned cold and windy - 10 degrees and 40 mph winds. Snow (1-2") in the forecast for later today. Spinning @ Xtreme Wheels tonight.

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BigWheelRider said...

Go see BLUEIF for some fenders...your back side will thank you!