Thursday, December 31, 2015

First Meal

The weather continues cold.  A little of snow still on the ground. Decided to cook my first breakfast at the rental house - cheesy eggs, hash browns, sausage, toast & coffee.  Was an adventure, as the stove here is gas and the range at home is electric!  May no look pretty, but tasted good.

I have not felt like venturing out in the cold to ride my bike. Was out for a little, picking up a couple things I wanted.  Rest of the day was basically playing on the computer, which Y have been doing a lit from getting here.  Great to have the internet without paying satellite rate.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Settling In

Woke up about 5:30 Sunday morning.  Was thinking of finding tte local Panera Bread for coffee.  After a trip to the bathroom, I decided going back to bed sounded better.  Finally, I got up and dressed.  Not having any food in the rental house, I made my list and headed out for supplies.

When I ventured out, I was surprised the snowfall was not as much as predicted on Saturday.  Had less than an inch in the top of the car.  Temperature was 27 degrees.   Could see the streets were icy.

On the road for shopping about 8:30.  There were basically no one on the streets of Albuquerque.  The stores are open, but only a couple customer (at a Walmart SuperCenter!)

After putting groceries in the car, drove over to Big 5 sports, looking for "Lobos" (University of New Mexico) gear.  The sent me to a shop specializing on fan gear.  On the way there, stopped by Barnes & Noble for magazines and check out bargain books.

Back at the house, stowed groceries and checked out my new Lobos gear.  Took a selfie and posted on facebook,  By then, I was ready for a nap.

I was awakened by a knock on the door.  Cousin Don.  Was not able to contact me by phone.  (I did not hear the phone in the bedroom).  Anyway, we visited a little, I got dressed, and we headed out for dinner.

Went to O'Neills in Central with cousin Don.  They had an Irish band.  Door was open to the other bar in the same place.  A sports bar with football games.  The Phoenix Cardinal fans in the bar where pretty noisy at times,  The Packers played terrible.  But we had a good burger, brew and conservation.

Mostly a chilly week is the forecast with more snot Tuesday.  Think it will be a good week to do stuff like opening a local bank account and such.  No plans for New Year Eve.  Probably leave it to the pro-partiers and spend a quiet night.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Change of Plans

Woke up about 2:30, nature calling.  Checked my e-mail and the weather forecast.  Not good for traveling in the East side of New Mexico.  MAJOR storm in that part of the state starting Saturday afternoon and continuing to Monday.  Cousin Don had talked with his friend (owner of the house I am renting) saying if I could get to Albuquerque by middle of the afternoon, the weather should cooperate and I can change plans and start into the house tonight.

Calculating miles and times, It would work if I just showered, packed the car, and head toward ABQ.  That, I did.  On the road out from Dodge City a little after 4am CST.

Pretty lonely across SW Kansas and a section of Oklahoma at tat time of a Saturday morning.  Not even a place to get breakfast until I had been on the road for over 2 hours.  Found a place in Clayton, NM.  The sun was just up when I got there.

After breakfast, I started looking for abandoned building and ruins (see upper photo).  Helps keep my mind on the road.  Strong wind from the NNW and temperature dropping across the high plaines of NE New Mexico.  Even saw some blue sky!

As I got to Las Vegas, NM, it started snowing.  Mostly blowing across the road.  Drove with that until about Glorieta Pass.  Once again, some wind-driven snow as I get into Albuquerque.  Stopped quile at a Verizon Store on the way to the house.

Found the rental house and got keys from the owner.  He grabbed the wring keys, so a little delay getting into the house.  Cranked up the heat and started unloading the car.  While taking breaks to that, I checked e-mail, facebook, and processed the photos from the day.

Called Don about eating, but he was in for the night,  Actually, I was a bit tired from the driving, so not looking forward driving for a brew and burger.  Satisfied my cravings with some of my snack I had in the car.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas on the Road

Thursday, between napping and checking the weather, I was able to get the bag pack and the car loaded for my trip.  Was able to get some sleep.  Did not need to make a early start, only about 450 miles to Dodge City.

Had some concerns when i headed out from the driveway.  The gravel road was icy under the snow.  I was not able to back up from the mailbox to drive down to RT 92.  Had to take the alternate rouse via US 6.

Once i got on the road, there were some unusual sounds from the front end of the car, specially when turning.  Everything had been fine until the car sat in the driveway during the snow storm.  Figuring there is nothing majpr wrong with the car, I took it easy as I headed out.  As i drove, the noise was abating.  Leaving Omaha, it was gone.  Think it bust have been some snow/ice accumulation giving the problem.

Was foggy this morning.  Not too cold (in the upper 20s).  The route for today was I-80 to York, NE, then South into Kansas and Southwest to Dodge City.  The temperature strated dropping after I went through Lincoln.  At about the Nebraska/Kansas line, it was down to 18, 

Salina, the temperature started to rise again with hints of sun to the Southwest. Did stop for a couple photos along the way.  Checked in my Dodge City hotel at about 3;30.  Temperature was a reasonable 47 deg.  Spent some time on the computer and then off looking for some food.  Opted for sub, chips and Gatorade from a convenience store.  Wanted to pick up a new water "go" cup, so one stop was all I had to make during my shopping trip

Checking, it seams that the southern storm is intensifying.  At last check, Roswell is expecting about a foot of snow and traveling is not advised from Saturday afternoon until Monday morning.  Looks like I will have to skip Roswell in this trip.  Thinking of driving to Santa Rosa and re=checking the weather and roads.  Stay in Santa Rosa or drove on to Alamogordo.

A White Christmas

I have been bust getting ready for a trip (month long) to Albuquerque.  Goal is to see how it goes, living in the city, in a house, for a month in the Winter.  Decided the best schedule is to head out Christmas Day. Only bringing the hybrid bike with me on this trip.

Had most stuff sorted that I want to bring.  Just pack the car.  Wednesday we had rain with forecast 1" snowfall for early Thursday.  Surprise, we got a major snow - reported 7 inches. With the freezing rain under the snow, I had problems getting up the hill off Rt 92 to head back to the house.

I still planned to get on the road Friday.  Just was not fun packing and loading the car in a first major snow storm of the season.  Forecast is showing another storm hitting home Sunday/Monday.  I needed to get on the road - with some cushion for getting to Albuquerque on the afternoon of Dec 30th,

Set tentative itinerary for stops in Dodge City, KS, Roswell, NM, and 3 nights in Alamogordo, NM.  Have to watch the weather because forecast is for South routh storm through El Paso, Roswell, and Amarillo over the weekend.