Saturday, December 26, 2015

Change of Plans

Woke up about 2:30, nature calling.  Checked my e-mail and the weather forecast.  Not good for traveling in the East side of New Mexico.  MAJOR storm in that part of the state starting Saturday afternoon and continuing to Monday.  Cousin Don had talked with his friend (owner of the house I am renting) saying if I could get to Albuquerque by middle of the afternoon, the weather should cooperate and I can change plans and start into the house tonight.

Calculating miles and times, It would work if I just showered, packed the car, and head toward ABQ.  That, I did.  On the road out from Dodge City a little after 4am CST.

Pretty lonely across SW Kansas and a section of Oklahoma at tat time of a Saturday morning.  Not even a place to get breakfast until I had been on the road for over 2 hours.  Found a place in Clayton, NM.  The sun was just up when I got there.

After breakfast, I started looking for abandoned building and ruins (see upper photo).  Helps keep my mind on the road.  Strong wind from the NNW and temperature dropping across the high plaines of NE New Mexico.  Even saw some blue sky!

As I got to Las Vegas, NM, it started snowing.  Mostly blowing across the road.  Drove with that until about Glorieta Pass.  Once again, some wind-driven snow as I get into Albuquerque.  Stopped quile at a Verizon Store on the way to the house.

Found the rental house and got keys from the owner.  He grabbed the wring keys, so a little delay getting into the house.  Cranked up the heat and started unloading the car.  While taking breaks to that, I checked e-mail, facebook, and processed the photos from the day.

Called Don about eating, but he was in for the night,  Actually, I was a bit tired from the driving, so not looking forward driving for a brew and burger.  Satisfied my cravings with some of my snack I had in the car.

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